Crown Prince Reza Responds to Shahram Homayoun on German Magazine Interview Controversy


Crown Prince Reza Responds to Shahram Homayoun on German Magazine Interview Controversy
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza responds to Shahram Homayoun and other collegues in regard to the recent controversy regarding his interview with German FOCUS Magazine.


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Thank you for this interview

by persianone33 on

Really enjoyed it, yes he did seem a bit frustrated for a second but I really appreciate his transparency. Truly think anyone who looks at this conversation objectively without preconceived notions against or in favor of him would completely get where he is coming from. The only question that I don't understand and still remains in my mind and I dont know if truly it wasn't asked or he is not comfortable answering yet:He was saying at the very end there is or there is going to be, a group that deals with compensating the works, group that will deal with connecting with people in terms of marketing etc etc and all these things are being considered.question: These things are already in place and under wraps? or they are working towards them, in a nutshell delemoon abshod, what timelines are you looking at? When?? :)Thanks again for absolute transparency




by Shemirani on

Please delete the previous comment ! ! Thanks


Avec votre permission :)

by Shemirani on

The full video of the interview


Seemed frustrated

by JustAnIranian on

Hang in there Mr. Pahlavi. We are on your side.  


Suprisingly candid

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

At 17.30 he admits he was received by the Germans as Persona non grata to meet with activists & supporters, the same German Government that does nothing without USA approval.  I worry about the Kings Life after the USA seems to have given the okay for his brother to "committ suicide as a result of depression."  and his police report is officially closed to the public and not at the request of the family, as the USA elects the MeK which it has been backing the Kings security and Irans Future becomes even more worrysome than with the IRI.