Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi speaking with Piers Morgan


Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi speaking with Piers Morgan
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza Cyrus Pahlavi says Egyptian protests speak to a new era of people that seek to be heard. Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi to Piers Morgan on CNN: "I have always been for people power and the right to self determination". More Here


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Darius Kadivar

comrade jaan you too have some explaining to do ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

After all you fellows supported this regime from: Day One                
Khrushchev shakes hands with Nasser, shakes fist at UN, pounds desk, Brezhnev to take over, "the red in the gray flannel suit",          

Khrushchev Resigns! 1964/10/15


So Up Yours Tovarich !

Ernst Lubitsch's Ninotchka (1939) Long take








by Shepesh on

You are a typical sentimental Monarchist whose logic is to work backwards. You start with what your required outcome is, which is Monarchy, then you apply misinformation and and outrageous allegations to try to justify your preference. You are a disgrace. 


Disgusting disguise

by comrade on

To be honest, if I were a so-called monarchist, make it constitutional monarchist, I would have found RP too much of an opinionated future king. You know what I mean?  After all it would not be kosher to say: "Shut up, Your Majesty; just sign it."  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Piers Morgan

by statira on

is way better than Larry king. He is giving a new life to CNN.. His guests since starting his show, one is better than the other. I'm sure his rating will be even surpass Farid Zakaria.

About Eygpt no one, even God  knows what's gonna happen next. It might get  worse than Iran or maybe beginning of a new democracy.


Great Leader for Iran: Reza Pahlavi


Mr. Ramyar, you are truly misguided on two levels:

1. The 1979 Islamic revolution was NOT stolen. This Radical Islamic Revolution was brought for us by Mossadegh supporters, sons of Mullahs like Mr. Milani, Mr. Dabashi, and other intellectuals who backed Mr. Khomeini, a radical terrorist who spread blood libel about the Pahlavi Monarchy.  Khomeini succeeded with help from  the international community -- Carter Administration, British Monarchy, and Israel.


2.  Mossadegh has been proven to be a traitor and British mercenery for Iran. Mossadeg was a Khajar Prince who routinely sent post through his Indian driver to the British embassy. Mr. Mossadegh was the product of a syphilitic father and suffered from a nervous disorder. He did not write his own PhD dissertation, someone else wrote it for him. It was on Islamiic laws. Ayatollah Kashani's slogan at the time was: Whoever is the enemy of Mossadegh is the enemy of Islam. Reports from Mossadegh's inner group intercepted numerous telegraphs back and forth between Mossadegh and the British in which the British instructed Mossadegh to push/force nationalization of oil -- break the oil contract -because it was in the economic interests of Britain. This was Mossadeg's biggest treason to Iran. The previous two prime ministers, Mansour and Razmara were assassinated, Razmara while praying in the mosque by a radical muslim from lebanon - Navab .Safavi..because Razmara was in favor of allowing the oil contract to expire.   Before being appointed Prime Minister by our King, the late Shah, Mossadegh had been arrrested twice for treason by Reza Shah and each time, the elder Ayatollas intervened on his behalf. Mr. Mossadegh despised Iran and Iranians. He was a British agent through and through and lived to be an old man. Whereas, our patriotic prime ministers and ministers were being assassinated by radical/communists. Finally, when Mr. Mossadegh was arrested for committing treason, our late King, intervened on his behalf to reduce his sentence to three years.   So, please refrain from mentioning this tainted figure as a great leader of Iran. Mossadegh is a pseudohero propped up for us by the British and Qajari.
Mr. Mossadegh was and is a disgrace to Iranians and Iran.

The real brave heros and great leaders of Iran are Reza Shah Pahlavi the Great, His Father, and now his son, Reza Pahlavi. 


God Belss the Pahlavl Kings and Family. 



the oldest son of a king is always referred to as Crown Prince


 Crown prince refers to the oldest son of the King who is in line for succession. All the oldest princes in Europe are referred to as Crown Prince.

Read a bit about it here:





Kamran Ramyar

To my compatriot(s)

by Kamran Ramyar on

Afshinazad Jan

I am not offended at all when someone, especially an Iranian compatriot, has a different opinion.  How else would Iranians be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong for their country if there was no dialogue.  Finally, I whole-heartedly agree with your assesment of the likes of Mousavi who is from the same lot ruling our beloved land today.      


Kamran Jan

by afshinazad on

I never intended to question your love to motherland or the Iranian people if any way I have offended you I must apologize. Only I was making a comment. If we don't have a person that you would like to have like Mr. mossadegh, why not at least someone who could understand 21 century Era, personally I like RP not because he is a Prince, because he makes more sense than anyone know or I have heard till now and if there is someone could have his vision I will be open for anything that could make a difference, but at this moment I choose RP. Not someone like MOUSAVI or anyone talks about god or religion crap. My best wishes to you.


As a non-monarchist

by Bavafa on

I am very happy and proud to here RP on the side of the Egyptian people. It is absolutely astonishing to hear some people and governments not praising and supporting this movement, yet spewing the word "democracy" out of their fitly mouth.


Kamran Ramyar

Leadership for Iran

by Kamran Ramyar on

Dear Afshinazad:

As your name implies,  you must be a true patriot and freedom loving Iranian.  We both share those traits  As such, I would want a true nationalist leading Iran and our brethren.  Sadly -  and you have pointed this out yourself - at this time there is no one in the Iranian landscape who would qualify.  Without meaning to echo the past....There was someone unique in annals of modern Iranian history with impeccable qualifications.  But as our revolution was stolen, he too was taken away from us.  I am referring of course to none other than Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh.    


Actually Kamran

by AntiMozakhraf on

در جواب سوال شما...

تازه سگشون به از خودشونه!



by Shepesh on

Anyone could come out and say what he is saying. He is getting air time because he is the son of the deposed Shah, not because he is a notable politician or Leader. 


People on this site are Iranian too and can comment with their observations. In todays world even Shahzadeh can be examined with a critical eye.



by afshinazad on

He is a great leader who could keep our nation in right path for true democracy and unite the nation in the country which they want justice and equality and freedom and democratic sys to work for national interest of Iranian.



It would be great if you and I could help our people rather pick a fight over who is better leader, in my opinion there is no one at this moment could compete with crown prince REZA PAHLAVI when it comes for right path of democracy, he is someone who wants to see free and democratic Iran and either people will choose monarchy or not he has accepted that. choice is with Iranian and let Iranian make a decision, not you or me.


Our Prince is on the side of the Egyptian people



YOu must have missed it when our Crown Prince said he is on the side of the people. "I have been a life long believer in people's rights and democracy". Reza Pahlavi to Piers Morgan on CNN - Jan 31, 2011.  A leader must listen to his people. The tough question for Mr. Mubarak and Egyptian government is how to transition peacefully with minimal violence so that the will of the people is heard. That was my take on his responses.

When our Prince was pressed about the possibility of radicals taking over the Egyptian government like 1979 in Iran, Our Prince responded: "Have a little more faith in the people." "The Egyptian people are not following the example of the 79 revolution.
They are following the example of Iran's Green Youth." Reza Pahlavi.

I was impressed and pleasantly surprised with our Crown Prince's sensible and brave responses to the question, particularly since our Crown Prince is not a member of the Egytpian Government to know its shortcomings. Our Crown Prince has based his responses on the massive demonstrations of the people callling for jobs, improved living conditions, food, etc.

He has spoken with care and compassion for the Egyptian people and its leaders  particularly since his father, our King, was given refuge in Egypt by Anwar Sadat. In the subsequent years,  President Mubarak has allowed his mother, the Queen and the family to visit Egypt every year. 

Our Crown Prince  suggested that should President Mubarak listen to his people and step aside, his people would appreciate this virtuous act in the future. 

Our Crown Prince conveyed  a quality of leadership that organically brings people together and demonstrated a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.

God Bless Our Crown Prince Pahlavi.


A true statesman and democrat: Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi


This is a very critical  time for Egyptians as our Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi  emphatically stated and the world should faciliate help for the Egyptian people to obtain what they are asking - jobs, food, and better living conditions. Our Crown Prince has diplomatically stated that if President Mubarak has failed his people, then  Mr. Mubarak needs to step aside and by stepping aside, he will be helping Egyptians transition to a new government.

I found our Prince to give pragmatic response to the situation. He is an outsider looking into the situation.  I found his non-judgemental pragmatic and balanced approach admirable.






by ali_aaa on

When he got crowned that we missed it?

Kamran Ramyar

Reza trying to be a politician

by Kamran Ramyar on

I admire Piers Morgan for asking tough, pointed questions in this interview....."Which side of the Egyptian equation are you on?  Mubarak or Egyptian people?".  As usual and true to his cowardly nature, Reza tried to tip-toe around and dodge giving a direct answer.  Is this who monarchists want as future Iranian leader?  God help us!!!!!!!