THE CRITICAL CARDINAL: Carlo Martini embarrasses Pope by saying Church '200 years behind'


THE CRITICAL CARDINAL: Carlo Martini embarrasses Pope by saying Church '200 years behind'
by Darius Kadivar

"The truth is something that cannot be hidden". "Feigning wealth, power, confidence, good health or activism is simply a way to exorcise the fear of time slipping away from us."

- Cardinal Carlo Martini (1927-2012)

« The child sex scandals oblige us to undertake a journey of transformation”

- Cardinal Martini

Pope Benedict is now faced with a difficult choice: whether or not to attend Cardinal Martini's funeral in Milan on Monday - which many leading Catholics say would be a powerful affirmation of Church unity. (Source:

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini passes away at age of 85:


David Willey BBC’ Roman Correspondent writes :

« Cardinal Martini was a renowned academic and biblical scholar, as well as a prolific author of popular books on religion.

But it is highly unusual for a leading member of the Catholic hierarchy openly to challenge Church teaching - or rather to criticise the way in which the Church often expresses its teaching with negatives and prohibitions rather than encouragement to believers.

Pope Benedict is now faced with a difficult choice: whether or not to attend Cardinal Martini's funeral in Milan on Monday - which many leading Catholics say would be a powerful affirmation of Church unity.

The Pope has rarely awarded red hats to Catholic leaders of any nation who dare to question traditional doctrine. »






A Moral Tightrope:

 Scene from the Shoes of the Fisherman :

In this most poignant scene from 1968's "The Shoes of the Fisherman", Cardinal Kiril Lakota finds himself under the spotlight, wading into deep philosophical/theological waters. During a brief respite from the papal conclave, the priest who had spent 20 years in a Siberian labour camp is asked how he reconciles the justification of violence with being a bishop of the very church Jesus Christ established. While his reply runs the risk of leaving many of his peers incredulous, possibly bearing the brunt of being ostracized, it actually serves to be the defining moment of his rise to the See of St. Peter... the moment when prisoner 103592R dons the Shoes of the Fisherman.

In The Shoes of the Fisherman (Last Scene):

The last scene from the 1968 movie with Anthony Quinn. Great scene from a great movie. MGM copyright.







Cardinal Carlo Martini says Church '200 years behind' (bbc)

Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini has described the Roman Catholic Church as being "200 years behind" the times.

The cardinal died on Friday, aged 85.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has published his last interview, recorded in August, in which he said: "The Church is tired... our prayer rooms are empty."

Martini, once tipped as a future pope, urged the Church to recognise its errors and to embark on a radical path of change, beginning with the Pope.

Thousands of people have been filing past his coffin at Milan's cathedral, where he was archbishop for more than 20 years.

 The cardinal, who had retired from the post in 2002, suffering from Parkinson's Disease, is to be buried on Monday.

'Old culture'

Martini, a popular figure with liberal stances on many issues, commanded great respect from both Pope John Paul II and his successor Pope Benedict XVI.

The cardinal - a member of the Jesuit religious order - was often critical in his writings and comments on Church teaching, says the BBC's David Willey in Rome.

He was a courageous and outspoken figure during the years he headed Europe's largest Catholic diocese, our correspondent says.

Cardinal Martini gave his last interview to a fellow Jesuit priest, Georg Sporschill, and to a journalist at the beginning of August when he knew his death was approaching.

The cardinal had returned to Italy from Jerusalem, where he had settled on retirement in 2002 to continue his biblical studies.

Catholics lacked confidence in the Church, he said in the interview. "Our culture has grown old, our churches are big and empty and the church bureaucracy rises up, our religious rites and the vestments we wear are pompous."

Unless the Church adopted a more generous attitude towards divorced persons, it will lose the allegiance of future generations, the cardinal added. The question, he said, is not whether divorced couples can receive holy communion, but how the Church can help complex family situations.

And the advice he leaves behind to conquer the tiredness of the Church was a "radical transformation, beginning with the Pope and his bishops".

"The child sex scandals oblige us to undertake a journey of transformation," Cardinal Martini says, referring to the child sex abuse that has rocked the Catholic Church in the past few years.

He was not afraid, our correspondent adds, to speak his mind on matters that the Vatican sometimes considered taboo, including the use of condoms to fight Aids and the role of women in the Church.

In 2008, for example, he criticised the Church's prohibition of birth control, saying the stance had likely driven many faithful away, and publicly stated in 2006 that condoms could "in some situations, be a lesser evil".

Corriere Della Sera plans to give a copy of his last book entitled Speak From The Heart to all its readers.

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Darius Kadivar

Vatican concern over Savile award

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Vatican concern over Savile award (bbc)


The papal knighthood given to Jimmy Savile "should not have been bestowed", a Vatican spokesman has told the BBC.

The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales confirmed it has written to the Holy See to ask if the honour can be posthumously removed.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, called for an investigation, recognising the "deep distress" of Savile's alleged victims.

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Darius Kadivar

Church of the future? The unfinished business of Vatican II

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Church of the future? (bbc)


The unfinished business of Vatican II


This week the Vatican celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (often known as Vatican II), called by Pope John XXIII in 1959 to reform and breathe new life into the Catholic Church as it prepared for the beginning of the third Christian millennium. Pope John said the idea had come to him "like a flash of heavenly light".



by Rea on

The only Mary I believe in is Mary Magdalene. ;o)


Oh My God, Rea How DARE YOU ! Mary the Queen Of the Universe

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Was not a Virgin???? Are you really suggesting this, jehdi?  You must be one of them believers in Science, shame on you.  With thoughts like that you could mislead those of perfect faith, for example did you not know the dinosaur skeletons are a test by god, the dinosaurs never existed, just because we find a bone here and there.  And you insult the faith and non existent suffering of those who supported the well thought out and democratic revolution of the wise among Iranians, that Savak was an organization used to harm human rights not defend them, by torturing people!

maziar 58


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F A khan

Pedophilia exist in all cultures and religions.

And YES ; FYI we Do have Akhond Bache baaz Too.


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Still friends, though.........

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Don't insult my intelligence or yours for that matter ...

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Overall, Church reformed itself

by Rea on

But not voluntarily, not because it had wanted to. Rather, because it's been forced to reform.

Is the Church as an institution still behind its time? Of course, it is.

Take for ex. celibacy of catholic priests forcing them into hiding their partners and their children and living in perpetual sin and fear of punishment (according to church dogma). 

Then, divorce. The same thing, out of touch with reality on the ground.

As for the church teachings (say, the virgin birth of Jesus among other things) being well behind time, woudn't go into it for it is a matter of faith.

Darius Kadivar

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Sadly this is not one of the times to be proud to be a muslim

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While corrupt islamic authorities are harming Iranians, their peace, human rights, freedom and progress.  In Iran the Church is 800 years behind and this is nothing to be proud of either as a muslim.

First Amendment


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I don't know of the exact number of the years...........but pope knows better than most, that for so many years the church has been behind the boys.....

There're times that you have the right to be proud of being a Muslim......