COUSINS, COUSINES: Ari ‘Logue’ awkward query for Reza Shah Dovom


COUSINS, COUSINES: Ari ‘Logue’ awkward query for Reza Shah Dovom
by Darius Kadivar

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This is not about Monarchy or Republic

by JustAnIranian on

It doesn't matter what Reza Pahlavi says. This man just showed us that people will find ways to critisize. 

1. I don't have much contact to my cousins either. Immigration took care of that. Nothing against any of them, but I have no contact with them. They live in different countries and are all busy with their own lives. I haven't even added them to my facebook account and I have 130 friends in it - and by the way my friends are 90% Iranian.  

2. It's very positive that Reza Pahlavi distances himself from his cousins. i have met people who talk about his cousins and aunts and uncles more than they do about Mohammad Reza Shah.

Ooooh please, people like Ari Siletz finally need to realize that Iranians are diverse. And nowadays most of them don't have contact to their cousins -- for your information even if they are all living in Tehran. 

Find another subject to critisize about. This one doesn't hold water