COMIC RELIEF: Horrible Histories of the World (bbc)


COMIC RELIEF: Horrible Histories of the World (bbc)
by Darius Kadivar

A Funny Way of Learning about World History from the British Series Horrible Histories. All you want to know about Alexander the Great, The Awful Egyptians, Groovy Greeks or Terrible Tutors. Enjoy ;0) 

In Chronological Order ... Well Sort of ! ... LOL

It's not true! :

The Mummy Song (Awful Egyptians):

Alexander The Great

Christians vs Lions (post match interview):

Wife Swap: Spartans and Athenians:

Helen of Troy:

Crazy Caligula:

I'm a Knight:

The Wives of Henry VIII (Terrible Tudors):

The Tudors Song:

Awful Egyptians: King Pepi's Super Sticky Anti Fly Honey Slave:

The 4 Georges: 'Born 2 Rule' :

Prisoner of War Escape (Woeful Second World War):

Shouty Man: Ancient Egyptian Mummy:

Historical Hospitals: Georgian Doctor:

Shouty Man: Victorian Child:

Stupid Deaths: Edmund II:


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