CHIVALRY: Boy Mirrors Swedish Guard


CHIVALRY: Boy Mirrors Swedish Guard
by Darius Kadivar

This mini guard practices for a potential future job! He's got the moves down. Boy Mirrors Swedish Guard.

      ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** Miscellaneous On the Royal Guards Sweden   ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** Blooper Changing of the Guards: Stockholm Royal Palace - Kungliga Slottet:
Male Guard Replaces Female Guard at Palace: Relieving Ceremony Of The Swedish Royal Guards:

About the Swedish Royal Guards:

The Royal Guards (Högvakten), the Main Guard at the Stockholm Palace is carried out by units of the Swedish Armed Forces. It is the King of Sweden's guard of honour and is responsible for the protection of the Royal Family. The Royal Guard is normally divided in two parts, the main guard stationed at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, and a smaller detachment at Drottningholm Palace. The Royal Guard traces its history back to the early 16th Century, and the unit has continuously guarded the Royal Palace in Stockholm since 1523.

The duty of forming a "Royal Guard" is bestowed upon all serving regiments and occasionally on other detachments of the National Forces (like the Home Guard). However, these detachments only serve for about 5-7 days in each rotation, so the main part of the year, the Royal Guard duty is being performed by the Lifeguards, with traditions and roots from the old Household Brigade and Svea Lifeguards.

Between April and August, the mounted squadrons of Livgardet can be seen in Stockholm and around the Royal Palace. Accompanied by the mounted band, they depart from the Cavalry barracks in Gärdet and arrive at the Palace around noon (1 pm on Sundays and public holidays) for the changing of the guards ceremony. These events attracts large numbers of tourists each summer.


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Sargord Pirouz

I saw this clip a couple of

by Sargord Pirouz on

I saw this clip a couple of weeks ago on a military forum. Pretty cute stuff. Good drill order by the guard, as well.