CANNES: Kiarostami Interview on La Croisette (France 24)

CANNES: Kiarostami Interview on La Croisette (France 24)
by Darius Kadivar

Tomorrow Night's Grand Jury announcement of the Winners of the Palme D'Or and other catergories will conclude a week long competition of the most glittering Film Festival in the World. Will be crossing fingers for Crossing Fingers for Juliette Binoche who is mentioned by some critics as possible winner as best Female Performance and Abbas Kiarostami as possible winner of a second Palme D'Or. However NOTHING in CANNES is Definitive and the Jury is Often at Odds with the Audience and Critics Choice.

All we can do now is pray for Our Lucky Stars ...

I saw Certified Copy this afternoon and I was surprisingly seduced both by the performance and the storyline with the wonderful settings of the Tuscan landscape. A MUST SEE 


Kiarostami interview in French on France 24: 




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