CANDID INTERVIEW: Mohammad Ali Abtahi before the Elections

CANDID INTERVIEW: Mohammad Ali Abtahi before the Elections
by Darius Kadivar
Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Ali Abtahi gives a candid and outspoken interview to a journalist on different social and political issues including his opinion of the different candidates running in the elections. Abtahi was arrested on June 16, 2009 and apparently forced to confess of plotting against the regime.

Mohammad Ali Abtahi served first as President Khatami's chief of staff, then his Vice President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and finally his advisor. He was the first cabinet member in Iran to write a weblog or have an Orkut account during his membership in the cabinet. In this video he speaks about different aspects of culture, politics, religion and technology in Iranian society.






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Kourosh Aryamanesh

DK Jaan

by Kourosh Aryamanesh on

بسيار لذت برديم، حتی خودش اعتراف کرد که بی عقلند.

با سپاس


Gool o Akhoond nakhorid

by fozolie on

I enjoyed Darius's post and was going to just say thanks till the subject of good Akhoond came up. There is no such thing. It's an oxymoron, like a  moderate moslem. 

 Darius started the title with his plain name which was fine. What is this nonsense Hojat ol Eslam? There is no such thing in Islam, this charlatanism is all made up by Iranians. Seyyed nagoo SHAYYAD begou.

The people in Iran know this that is why they use the expression: in dozakh az afie be mar e ghashieh......  Are we that gullible?

Baba basse deege... key bidar meeshavid?

Mr. Fozolie


I hope no harm comes to him.

by Princess on

Thanks for sharing, Darius!


He's the only akhond that I

by azadi55 (not verified) on

He's the only akhond that I consider someone who understands and cares about the youth of Iran, and Iran as a whole. I hope he makes it alive out of the torture house.