Canadian Documentary on IRI Crimes by Yusef Akrami

Canadian Documentary on IRI Crimes by Yusef Akrami
by Darius Kadivar

Directed by Iranian Canadian Director Joseph (Yusef) Akrami this film is a documentary showcasing some of the Crimes attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran and features painful interviews of several surviving victimes of torture.

Watch Entire Documentary Online here :

Joseph (Yusef) Akrami is an award-winning independent filmmaker, Director of Photography and a human rights activist who has worked on numerous television documentaries and dramatic short and feature films.

In 1998 he established Article 19 Film Production and has worked closely with leading film and HD production houses in Toronto, Canada. His recent controversial feature documentary, A Few Simple Shots, caught the attention of international online media outlets such as Voice of America, Front Page and Weekly Standard; and has prompted the exhibition of his film in three European human rights-based film festivals.


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Darius Kadivar

Thank You Quebeqi

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A Must See Documentary...

by Quebeqi on

Last winter, Mr. Akrami was in Montreal for the screening of A Few Simple Shots at Concordia University. There, I had the priviledge to meet and sit beside Ms. Minoo Hameli who was the main person portrayed in the film. As we watched together the movie, I turned my head toward Ms. Hameli as she saw herself testifying about the tortures she endured from the IRI agents who arrested her. On her cheek, I saw one tear drop. To this day, I am still haunted about what I witnessed on that evening.

During the screening, I remarked that none of our non-iranian local Iranshenazi, nor our caviar-left wing Québécois intellectuels branchés du quartier Plateau-Mont-Royal were attending. Usually, you can see them in great numbers attending demonstrations for Palestine beside those who fly the illegal in Canada Hezbollah flag.


Mes distingués "collègues", où diable étiez-vous? Où est donc passé votre conscience? Koja boudid?



There is another documentary from the National Film Board of Canada on the IRI's human rights abuses.It is called The Tree Remembers, by Masoud Raouf. You can also contact Mr. Raouf on this link or through the NFB to obtain a copy of his film.