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by Darius Kadivar

French Oscar winner and last November's PLAYBOY égerie Juliette Binoche is in Tehran for the second time, she says to know Iran and Iranians better.

French actress Juliette Binoche, who is working on a new film with celebrated Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, is visiting Iran in order to deepen her knowledge of the country, the ISNA agency reported Wednesday.

"When you work with someone you have to know them," Binoche told the agency about Kiarostami, who won the 1997 Palme d'Or at Cannes for his "Taste of Cherry".

"I have tasted being in Iran but I wanted to perceive it deeply," she told ISNA. "I want to know Iran, Iranians, their life style, history and philosophy. I had the chance to be a guest in some Iranians' house and that was the opportunity which I wanted to use to have direct contact with Iran's history and philosophy." Binoche asserted that the East and West's cultures are not in conflict with each other and went on to say that years ago Iranian started coming to west and now it's time for the West to start coming to Iran in order to know this country. "Reading Maulana Rumi and Ibn Arabi's writings helped me to get close to Iran's philosophic tradition," she said. She pointed to her upcoming team up with Iranian prominent filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami noting another reason for this trip was to know the director. Also regarding Kiarostami's project on Iran's great poet Hafez, she said "we have talked over the issue but the only problem is that I don't know Persian." She added she had read Hafez' poems almost 20 years ago and has been inspired by the lyrics while acting in "Breaking And Entering" by Anthony Minghella.
The Iranian auteur is working on his new picture "The Certified Copy" in Italy and has cast Binoche as a gallery owner enjoying a brief encounter with a British writer. It will be his first feature since 2002's "Ten".

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by MRX (not verified) on

Kiarostami going to bang her? what possible good going to come out by another euro trash visting islamic paradise?

persian westender

Even in my wildest dream I

by persian westender on

Even in my wildest dream I couldn't imagin one day Juliet Binoche (as one of my favourite actresses) visit Islamic republic of Iran, assuming for a female french celebrity there are very few reasons to do this (even regardless of the playboy background). Her second trip to Iran, makes me more curious to know whether some personal reasons is behind this decisions or working with Kiarostami and the plot, necessitates visiting Iran. Whatever the answer is, to me she is a unique celebrity who looks good even in hijab (though it is exceptionally a loose one!).  


Excuse My French....

by WhoCares (not verified) on

Excuse my French, but Fuck Binoche and any film she and the middleman Kia Rostami may produce. While Iranian women are harassed, supressed, and killed on a daily basis by the thugs of the Islamic regime, (see a sample of daily life here:, and while students are being beaten, jailed, and killed, and while Iran with tens of billion dollars in oil and gas revenues does not even have a safe road and thousands of people are killed and wounded in road accidents every year (see the latest example here:
Binoche's trip and Kia Rostami's cinematic games serve nothing but the interests of the Islamic regime and its European business partners. Mr Kadivar, please, please think, and think and grow up! If Pinoche cares, all she has to do is stand by the Iranian women and openly protest. I do not think she cares the slighest bit while they spread the red carpet for her in Tehran. I hope and wish that she is harassed and arrested by the thugs in Iran, just like Hale Esfandiari was, so she can get a taste of what she is promoting.