Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

According to Iran's Mehr News Agency, two Iranian MP's have firmly criticized French Star Juliette Binoche for her frequent Travels to Iran. Binoche is to Star in Iranian Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami's upcoming movie entitled "Copie Conforme" with another French Co-Star Sami Frey which is to be partly shot in Italy. She was in Tehran last December for a short visit.

Below is the article printed in Mehr News:

TEHRAN, Jan. 11 (Mehr News Agency) -- Two Iranian MPs are worried about the perhaps too frequent travels of Juliette Binoche to Iran. During the last parliamentary session the MPs jointly requested that Iranian officials be cautious about issuing visas for foreign actors to visit Iran.

"The appearance of foreign actors in joint productions would result in cultural destruction since they would turn into role-models for Iranian youth," the notice read.

"We have heard that certain consequences might result from foreign actors' trips to Iran – consequences which might lead to intelligence and security issues," said Jalal Yahyazadeh, one of the petitioners, who is MP for the cities of Taft and Meibod.

French actress Binoche has recently traveled to Iran, allegedly to widen her knowledge of the country prior to her performance in the movie "Certified Copy", which is scheduled to be directed by celebrated Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.

Oscar-winner Binoche stayed in Iran briefly in April 2006.

Binoche is the second foreign show biz celebrity to visit Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

In June 2005, Sean Penn traveled to Tehran as a journalist to cover the Iranian presidential election campaign for the San Francisco Chronicle.


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This video just in, shocking

by The Unassoicated Press (not verified) on

Your wishes finally comes true, you waited close to 30 years for a day like this:


Re: Gilani

by jamshiid (not verified) on

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Mort Gilani

Khak bar sare Kharet

by Mort Gilani on

Mr. M.D. Oghdaei,

As a mouthpiece of Islamic Republic can you explain why Allah created all Islamists (99.999999%) ugly looking (Kareeh)?  Go verify that with your family album.




by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

shortly after 1953 and the successfull CIA-Coup against Iranian nation begannn a fload of just alone travelling women from the "free western world" to iran. The message was clear. it was part of the imperialistic politic. These "innocent travellers" should show the iranian women how to offer themselves to the men. just as they did. They were suposed to be civilized, most modern they had - up to the warm weather in Iran - allways a very BAD HEJAB. t bothered both men and women. But it was not alloud to forbid a foreigner the unislamic dressing. more over they had much more rights than iranians themselves. It weas 1975 as one could read in ETTELAAT and KEYHAN: flatt, 300 qm, only for foreigner. It was a shame for the honorable iranian nation. After the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION - I hope so - get young foreign ladies VISA for Iran only if they travel with thier husbands. In case of Mr. Kiarostami there are no Informations about the idetails. There is a daubt about animosities againt the Artist. However i think one should better not make YEK KALOGH CHEL KALAGH and also not make AS KAHI KUHI. At least the MPs in the ISLAMIC PARLIAMENT know better what is good for Iran. otherwise they were not sitting there. The ones who even know what is better for Iran sit in the diaspora and write on "IRANIAN". I mean the ones as me. Greeting.


Cultural similarities!

by French Kiss (not verified) on

This reminds me another stupid statement by another stupid politician on this side of the world: "Freedom fries" instead of "French fries".


The word in art circles is she is dating Kiarostami

by farrad02 on

The word in Tehran and European film circles is that Binoche is romantically involved with Kiarostami! and that her main reason for these trips is to be with him, as well as to get to know HIS country!