Belated Movie Review of 300


Belated Movie Review of 300
by Darius Kadivar

I got some interesting comments from foes and friends alike in regard to my views on Hollywood and particularly in regard to my abscence of comments in regard to the now infamous B-movie 300.  

Without dwelling on this eternal debate between those who see Hollywood either as an Industry and those who see it as an Artform which are equally interesting and equally defendable through rational arguments, I will simply say that I actually wrote about this theme in my first article for the back in August 2000 and even mentioned the movie project 300 which was in developement under the title "Gates of Fire" to be directed by Michael Mann before Zach Snyder took over with his own proposed version :

Persia ? Ancient Persia's virtual absence in Hollywood By Darius Kadivar
August 28, 2000

It just happened that my view on the film 300 was never published in the due to the fact that at the time of its submission, JJ was understandably overloaded with work in order to reorganize the website as we see it today with its new format. But for those who signed the petition against the movie 300 created by the talented Siamak Baniameri and those still interested in the controversy surrounding the testosterone driven Horror/Gory Zach Snyder/Frank Miller movie here is my review published on payvand and other websites:

The Persian Empire Strikes Back ! By Darius KADIVAR (payvand)

Also about the upcoming Escape From Tehran to be produced by George Clooney in a year or two. Clooney was supposed to initially play the role of King Xerxes in the aborted version of the movie adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae:

Read George Clooney's Great Escape by Darius KADIVAR

Warm Regards and VIVE/ZENDEH BAD LE CINEMA ! ;0)




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