BBC Documentary: The Fall of the Shah (11 Parts)


BBC Documentary: The Fall of the Shah (11 Parts)
by Darius Kadivar

A New documentary of the BBC (2 Chapters) on the Fall of the Shah with numerous interviews of prominent historical figures and politicians that played a major part in this history. A Second Episode is to be aired soon on the final part of his reign, exile and death.

Chapter I:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Chapter II:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV:

Part V:


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Maziar Bahari

by Farhad Manchester (not verified) on

The series were produced by the same brilliant producer who did Taste of Iran: Maziar Bahari. I'm so happy that BBC a knowledgeable and professional filmmaker like Mr. Bahari to make these series. The series is much better than the Iran and the West which was shown on BBC in the UK.


To: Alborzi

by Aboli (not verified) on

Ok I just have to address you once and for all:

For years (or at least the last couple of years before your magnificant revolution) people like you, asked, requested, demanded, wanted, the Shah to go.

You wanted it, and expressed it by saying, yelling, screaming,shouting, your great Leader's famous slogan "Baayad barah".
The Shah finally said:"Fine. I'll go", and left.

Deev raft o fereshteh beh dar amad...
Our dear Imam came and did to us what he did.
Sh*t hit the fan and the rest is history.

Now, of all people, you, pedar-amorzideh, are coming forward,and have the nerve to bitch , and call him "coward Shah" for leaving?
100 rahmat be sangepayeh ghazvin...

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Not sure if the DVD will be out but I suppose it will given that there have been an entire series dedicated to the history of the Revolution for its 30th anniversary.

Hope it will. So keep an eye open on amazon and your local DVD store. The first who sees it should inform us all.



Ali P.

Thank you DK!

by Ali P. on

Very interesting series.

Kaveh Nouraee

Darius jaan

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Do you know if this documentary available on DVD?


Fascination with the Shah

by Mehrban on

Learning about the past specially when it comes to our country's history has a lot to do with understanding ourselves at the present and where we may want to go from here.  I very much welcome any bit that may put together a more cohesive picture of what really happened in the last few years before the Iranian revolution.  The simple convenient explanations from across the political spectrum may not tell the whole story.

I agree that one has to try to be analytical and careful and weave together what may be the truth and separate what is at best bias. 



BBC Farsi Radio helped get rid of him

by BBC's got a lotta nerve (not verified) on

Now they mischievously make documentaries on his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

baba whatever he was, monster or saint, let the poor soul rest in peace and drop this charade of pretending ignorance.

The Brits had better think about the future of their beloved protégés, the ruling mullahs of Iran.

btw, the Queen just sent Seyyid Ali, her loyal subject, a congratulatory note on the 30th anniversary of their beloved revolution.



by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its interesting, the fascination with Shah is not an Iranian thing, even the BBC can't let go. Its like Elvis, people love him more than when he was alive. Even the rednecks grow sideburns and pretend they love Elvis. Yet these same rednecks would kill the gays in a blink, they hate liberals. So what makes them think he is so good. They go and kill all the Iraqis in the name of Christ, when you tell them Christ was socialist they get all miffed. In fact they like a different Shah, the Shah that did not torture, the Shah that was not coward (left Iran when Challenged twice), Shah that was not coward, he left his most loyal subjects in jail to be executed next day. You know talking about Shah is stupid, go see Iran its very very very different than the way it was. Next time, some one talks about Shah, I will talk about Elvis's music, I think jail house rock has more relevance than the coward idiot.


can we just leave this

by bob (not verified) on

can we just leave this subject alone because he is dead and iran is in a lot of problems now. we need to solve iran's problems. the past is the past. just leave it. help iran now!