by Darius Kadivar

I just got an email from this ANONYMOUS Blogger capt_ayhab ( Signed JJ in Capital letters) accusing me of threatening his ANONYMOUS SELF and his UNIDENTIFIED family on a PUBLIC FORUM after he started making Insipid Remarks on my Mother ( On Mothers Day of all days ) and other derogatory comments in relation to my family which had nothing to do in the blog in question ( Guess What Blog ? on Reza Pahlavi Of Course ... Who Else ?   ). This is Truly becoming Silly ... and Pathetic ...

Judge For Yourselves :

You threatened my life? Name your place and you time ...........

De : J J <>   

Ajouter dans les contacts À : Darius KADIVAR <>

You are here by being placed on notice that you will be put in jail for threatening the well being of my family.

Every threats that you have made including this one is being refereed to local FBI office for further investigation. My suggestion to you would be to hire a English speaking attorney since US laws does not treat kindly any threats against her citizens.

I have all the rights to defend safety of my family, and since you threatened me with and my family with bodily harm, I will take up your challenge and ask you for date and time in order for me to eradicate your threats from my family.
Your words

Otherwise If I ever see YOU in Person ... By God ... I Promise will Give You a Lesson YOUR ANONYMOUS Family Won't Forget !

You Pompous Little Piece Of SHIT !
Hopefully Mr. Kadivar you have ample defense funds at you disposal.

Have yourself a great evening and never again threaten people with bodily harm that you are incapable of delivering!



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kheylee khandidam ...

by Fatollah on

man, this was funny! DK jaan I love your blogs and always follow them ...


happy guys abound

by peeshi on

enjoy each other boys.



well, he's gone and blocked again

by Onlyiran on

which is perhaps one of the best things that JJ could have done for his site.  This guy was a menace.  He was an instigator.  He came back after being blocked and immediately created an "enemies" list, trying to pick a fight at every opportunity that he got.  See, just like the IRI that he emulated, he would instigate the conflict, and when the subject of his abuse responded, he would become a "moosh mordeh" and cry foul, blaming others for their "incivility", and would go on and write a blog about how everyone should get along!  I always thought that allowing him back on the site was a mistake, and the tension that he created during his short re-introduction proved that suspicion.  

Look, we all are abused one time or the other on this site.  The trick is not to engage in back and forths and a lot of "Khale Zanak bazi".  Just state your opinion on the subject, debate it with others if you wish and move on.  If some words are exchanged, then hey, it's part of the game.  Get over it and move on.

Hopefully, this will be the last that we will hear of the   "professor".  

Iran Paidar

Dear DK

by Iran Paidar on

Don't worry about this piece of crap Capt_Arab. He feels that his and his favorite regimes' time is coming to an end so he is getting frustrated and nervous. This IRI thug kept flagging several of my comments until I was blocked.

Marg bar Islamic Rapist Regime in Iran and its prostitute cronies.

Azarin Sadegh

Dear humanbeing,

by Azarin Sadegh on

I'm here for now, but I could disappear on any other thread soon...:-) But I'd love to hear those stories!

But you can always find me through my contact info on my profile, dear!  



by humanbeing on

there you are! i was going to answer you about tehran children. when i cool down a bit, maybe later today. (i blue a fuse yesterday.)

good week to all

Azarin Sadegh

Dear Darius,

by Azarin Sadegh on

You should take it easy my friend! I think many of us had similar experiences and I'd say the best way to deal with these poeple is to ignore them.

In my case, after JJ posted my first article on about the taste of hatred, I kept receiving emails (with sexual profanities in Persian and in English) for months...I just ignored that sick guy and I guess he got tired of reading my writings!

Take care! Az. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I like humanbeing take DK very seriously. He is a lot smarter than the 60's intellectual frauds.'

Just because you don't agree does not make it wrong.

pastor bill rennick

Brother Darveesh- I used to

by pastor bill rennick on

preach words of gospel on Jamshid St. right behind Share-No! I implore you not to provoke me to use stronger language here, please! ..."What we have here is failure to communicate ...Some men you just can't reach" i.e., likes of brother Capt Ayhab!




pastor bill rennik

by Darveesh on

I just wonder,

Do you sermon with that mouth on Sundays?  As a Christian-Armenian- myself  I can not imagine such a filthy mouth preacher as you.

May be your parishioners are some mobile home duelers much like yourself.

Not judging here but do not use the name of the Lord in vain by impersonating a pastor.


pastor bill rennick

Dear DK

by pastor bill rennick on

Brother Capt Ayhab can't eat Heech Gohie!


I apologize for my poor Persian since I lived and spread the words of gospel in Tehran in the early 70's!


Yours truly,

Pastor Bill Rennick



by humanbeing on

sargord, some of us do take dk seriously. i urge you to have a look at some of the clips running on tonite's threads.  was shazde's clip also 'boring'?


Dear Rea, you made me laugh!

by sag koochooloo on

I can tell you are not Iranian. Koochooloo means Little in Iranian. "kookooloo"! You mean "Cuckooloo"!    :-)))))

By the way, I love your new avetar of witches hat, it goes with the costume my doggie is wearing... Very Halloween. I can see we are on the same wavelength judging by our comments and avetars.  



by Rea on

We need to work together to make a better world.



by sag koochooloo on

We need to work together to make a better Iran. And stop taking out our frustrations on one another.

Sargord Pirouz

Hey, look at it this way:

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, look at it this way: apparently there's someone who actually takes you seriously! :)



by Rea on

Funny thing is I had an email from somebody the night I'd been "outspoken" about stoning of women.

But who cares ? ;o)

The world is a global village.


chin up

by humanbeing on

just saw this. i'll be back in a day or two.

try to keep sang-froid. unfair advice coming from an impulsive person such as myself.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Darius, this was funny and sad

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear DK, so sad that these people with fake IDs rather than using the fact that they have fake Identification so supposedly, they can write more biting pieces against IRI, instead no many users with fake names, use this to attack those of us who use our real names. Every day it is getting more tiresome dealing with these bunch but then in midst of this tiring saga, there are funny moments. This message to you reads like a notice people would send to each other couple hundreds years ago.


Oh well

by benross on

This will be in the paper of tomorrow:

An anonymous person was hurt. FBI suspects Darius.

Next time, please don't sabotage your own blog. You will deserve being punished for that.

We should be extremely vigilant about the respect that a subject matter deserves. There is always a proper place for fooling around.


You are right DK. This was a complete waste of time.


Little Tweet

House is never a waste of my time :D

by Little Tweet on

So which one of you is the "people person"? I can't tell ;-)

Darius Kadivar

And the Worst is that I have to blog about this ...

by Darius Kadivar on

What a Waste Of My and Your Good Time !