Aziz Bahadori (1923-2012) Stage and Film Actor / Director dies in Paris age 89


Aziz Bahadori (1923-2012) Stage and Film Actor / Director dies in Paris age 89
by Darius Kadivar

Champion wrestler and Stage actor Aziz Bahadori passed away at age 89 in Paris, FRANCE.




Video clip of Aziz Bahadori at an event held in his honor at the Centre Culturel Pouya in Paris during autumn 2005:



Born in Garmsar, Iran in 1923, Aziz Bahadori started his career as an actor in the 1940’ mentored by Abdol Hossein Noushin:


1954 – 1958  travelled and studied in Prague, Czechoslovakia before returning to Iran in 1958 where he started his career as movie director in 1958 and directed over 16 films in Iran such as “The Blades Wound My Friend” (“Zakhmeh Khanjar Rafig”), “ Even Murderers Cry” (“Ghateleen ham Meegeryand”)


He left Iran for France in 1982 and started a new career on stage. “Dilalogue with the Phoenix” ( “Moshavereh ba Simorgh”), ” Zohreh and Manouchehr”,  “Curtain Reader” (“Pardeh Khani”) and performed in France and other Cities across Europe.


He died in Paris on 22nd of March 2012.


May he Rest in Peace




Film and Stage Critic



PS: Special Thanks to actor director Manouchehr Namvar Azad for informing me of this great loss


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