Andy Warhol's Ashraf Pahlavi makes cover of French Art Magazine

Andy Warhol's Ashraf Pahlavi makes cover of French Art Magazine
by Darius Kadivar

Currently Andy Warhol's works are being displayed at an Exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris (From March 18th to 13th of July, 2009). Strangely French Art Magazine Objet de L'Art chose to Illustrate its cover with Princess Ashraf Pahlavi's portrait by Warhol. It is not the most famous of Warhol's Works and yet it was interestingly chosen as cover photo of this months issue. Known as the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol's works gained fame particularly for his serigraphic paintings based on reproductions of original photographs of famous or illustrious figures of the 20th century including celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Marylin Monroe or Grace Kelly to Royals like Queen Elizabeth II, The Shah of Iran and Empress Farah to Presidents like John F. Kennedy and Chairman Mao of China or First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy. The Museum of Modern Arts in Tehran is one of the largest and ecclectic collections of Pop Art in the world today and contains some of Warhol's famous paintings such as those of Mick Jagger or Chairman Mao to name a few. 

Visit Official Website of Grand Palais Exhibit:

Le Grand Monde d'Andy Warhol 

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