ALL THAT JAZZ: jazz pieces on Iran's pre-revolution national TV (1972)

ALL THAT JAZZ:  jazz pieces on Iran's pre-revolution national TV (1972)
by Darius Kadivar

TV presents performances of jazz pieces by Kourosh AliKhan, Roger Herrera along with traditional pieces with Dr. Lloyd Miller on Iran's national TV during the Shah's Era (1972).  

Oud Blues and Perso-Turkic bass & cello improvs by Oriental Jazz originator Dr. Lloyd Miller on National Iranian TV in the mid 1970:

Persian piano played in Segah dastgah by Dr. Lloyd Miller:

Persian classical dastgah (modal system) Shur performed by Lloyd Miller on oud with Azar Hashemi on santur on National Iranian TV in the 1970s:



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Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

DK: You are a treasure seeker and finder! God bless you!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

These are great clips. We were too poor and too backward a family to be able to watch and appreciate these shows when they were aired in Iran.

But, with my limited access to vacuum tube and transistor radios and TV set I was able to listen to pop, Jazz, and classical music when I was growing up in Iran. I wish I had the opportunity to play an instrument, any instrument .

Thank god for the Radio Television Melli Iran! I remember from mid 70's the radio program called, "Film Music!" And the opening piece was from the movie, " The Midnight Cowboy Theme!"

Now, I encourage my son to learn  multiple instruments to sort of compensate for my shortcomings!

Again thank you for your dedicated search for lost treasures of the Pahlavi era!


Red Wine

Lovely pieces

by Red Wine on

Oh Thank you so much Sir ... Dariush i needed those stuff.. thank you again and God bless you .


Thanks DK

by benross on

I remember those shows. If I recall correctly, Kourosh Ali Khan himself also was a multi instrumentalist and of Afghani origin I believe. But he was more focused on Jazz and not much into mixing it with traditional Persian flavours.