1944 film: Iran during WW II


1944 film: Iran during WW II
by Darius Kadivar

Iran under British and Soviet Occupation shown in a Rare Black and White Film from the French Military Archives. It shows Iranian Military being trained by Allied Forces including the French Military personal in exile. France being under German Occupation at the time, the French government in exile is led by General De Gaulle who coordinates the French Resistance from London. (Circa 1944)

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Description of Video footage  in French:

L'Iran occupé par les Anglais et les Soviétiques depuis août 1941, est devenu un important corridor pour acheminer des troupes et des armements vers l'URSS. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi a succédé à son père mort en exil. Ce film propose des images d'un Téhéran majestueux où défilent des détachements de cavaliers iraniens et où progressent des colonnes d'automitrailleuses dans ses larges avenues.Le jeune Shah d'Iran escorté par sa garde et entouré de sa cour sort de son palais et va à la rencontre des officiers alliés. Dans le désert, des officiers alliés supervisent les manoeuvres de l'infanterie iranienne. Un important transport de troupes a lieu avec, à chaque halte, des démonstrations d'amitié entre les soldats français et soviétiques. Document muet

Photos description : (Left) Muhamed Reza Pahlavi succeeds to his Father Reza Shah as new King of Iran upon the latters forced abdication by allied british ( from the south) and Soviet (from the North ) forces which invade the country to guarantee supplies to Soviets War on the Eastern Front and guarantee a supply of oil to allied Troops in their fight against Nazi Germany. Iran becomes a Bridge to Victory for the allies. (Top Right ) Soviet Leader Stalin and foreign minister Molotov greet the Shah of Iran at the Soviet Embassy in Tehran. (Top Bottom) By 1943 US troops also join the occupying British and Soviet Troops. Russian pilots arrive by plane at Abadan, Iran, to take over U.S planes. On the homeward trip, pilots land at Tehran where a large number of Russians are stationed. At Abadan there are only a few Russian officials, mostly inspectors.

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great find Darius

by faryarm on

thank you


SP, does it strikes a chord with you when over a trillion

by Hovakhshatare on

from Iraq are ignored? never mind a wasted war and lives that is called 'moghaddas'.

Darius Kadivar

It was the Russians Fault then ? Go Ask Putin for Reparations ..

by Darius Kadivar on

Go Ask Reparation from Putin Not Obama, Sarkozy or Gordon Brown !


Sargord Pirouz

French, British, Americans

by Sargord Pirouz on

French, British, Americans and Russians- lots of Russians- occupying Iran.

Makes your blood boil- don't it?

A family story. When the allies invaded, a number of high ranking Iranian Generals in Tehran fled into hiding (embarassing, but true). The Russians sent a squadron of bombers over Tehran and bombed the city. It was left to my grandfather, who was a minister in Reza Shah's court, to inspect the damage and calm the citizenry.

As we all know, Reza Shah was forced to abdicate, and with his fall, my grandfather lost his position. The occupation was a particularly hard time for my father's family. When President Ahmadinejad makes claims for reparations, it strikes a chord with our family history. 

Darius Kadivar

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