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Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

As a one-time U.N. administrator and ex-health minister, Bernard Kouchner played crucial roles in international humanitarian efforts for more than 30 years. Frustrated with the strict codes of neutrality and reliance on the permission of the host governments to give assistance, he co-founded the Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) also known as Doctors without Borders which in 1999 received the Nobel peace price for its charitable work.

One would think that a person with such reputable humanitarian background would be strongly opposed to sanctions and illegal wars of aggression. But contrary to popular French and world opinion, Mr. Kouchner did in fact fully approve of the U.S. administrations plan to force regime change in Iraq.

Again one may argue that people do occasionally make poor judgment calls and that he shouldn't be singled out for having not envisioned the fiasco and the resulting tragic human catastrophe that has befallen the people of Iraq; except that four years later, as newly appointed Foreign Minister of France, he is writing the same flawed prescription for Iraq's eastern neighbor Iran [1]. A country with three times the size and four times the population which has so far managed to escape the chaos and massive human suffering on both sides of its borders as a direct result of foreign interventions.

Time has come for the rest of the world to see through this Western façade and their opportunist hypocrites like Mr. Kouchner. We must drown their genocide inciting megaphones and repeatedly let it be known that Iran is in breach of no international conventions or agreements. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repeatedly confirmed that all fissile material have been accounted for and none diverted to any prohibited activities and on August 30th it issued a statement to the board of governors praising Iran for its cooperation [2] with that agency.

In closing remarks to the board [3], IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei said: "We are not swayed by subjective political considerations and we will not thus be swayed...We are part of the United Nations system and our primary responsibility is to find peaceful solutions… At the end of the day we need to move in a much more positive direction than that of confrontation". The latter being a direct rebut of his critics in Washington and their new found partners in Mr. Kouchner and Mr. Sarkozy who are working hard on behalf of France to restore the glorious old name of "French Fries".


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Thanks for the pic body...

by khashmgin1 on

We'll keep it in file until the day the hunt for the IRI lackeys like yourself starts. That day is sooner than you think. Your US citizenship won't help you either pal.

Daniel M Pourkesali

Dozd Geer's identity revealed !

by Daniel M Pourkesali on

Dozd Geer, I bet you work for H&R Block or perhaps even the IRS itself. In case you need my picture to help you with those arrest warrants you can find one here: //


Thank you

by Danial (not verified) on

As the spokesperson for CASMII, I am proud to support the Support the Islamic Republic. Just see the price of oil today, $82.51 per barrel.



Re: Anonymous-2, thanks god...

by jamshid on

Anonymous2, thanks god that I am not in Iran and in YOUR court. I would be executed by morning.


You wrote: "Mr. Jamshid it seems that your hatred against Iran is so great that you are blinded by the truth..."   Where did you read my hatred towards Iran? Do you take the readers of this site as fools? Or do you think than anyone who hates the IRI also hates Iran?


Here is another piece of your comments: "you (jamshid) hate the IRI so much that you have forgotten about Iran and its 70 million citizens." Yes I do hate the IRI but I have not forgotten the 70 milions Iranians. It is YOU and your IRI regime that has forgotten all of those 70 millions, excluding its own lackeys. You really think the readers in this site are idiots, don't you?


Then you say this: "Western powers ... has brought death to over 1 million Iraqis, displacement of another 2 million, destruction of their country, and death to over 4000 American soldiers." And what did the IRI brought for Iran? Death to over 1 million Iranians and Iraqis in the worthless Iran-Iraq war, displacement of another several millions due to that same war, destruction of Iran, and execution of thousands upon thousands of dissidents. Do you see the parallels, clause by clause? You dare talk about what West had done, when your own IRI had committed so many crimes against its own people?


You are accountable for all the misery and killings taking place in Iran. You are accountable.


Danny boy don’t confuse

by Fred (not verified) on

Danny boy don’t confuse the issue. There are those who are not in favor of the former Monarch, MKO or in any shape or form want a military attack against anywhere most specially Iran. But that does not mean they want the status quo in Iran, meaning they want regime change by Iranians for Iranians. That is where you and your bag man of a boss Pourzaal and your front CASMII and sister organization NIAC and “professor” Ala’s many front organizations are there to avoid. This patriotic mask of you all is transparent and your true intentions are evident. After all patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels


Thank you

by Daniel (not verified) on

Thank you dear Mehrdad and many others in this column for all your supportive remarks. As for the other "contributors" you've correctly identified, I ignore rants coming from these mostly die-hard monarchist cowards who while hiding behind pseudo names, hurl the same familiar accusations and insults at anyone who dares to openly defend Iran.

For these poor pathetic dreamers, nothing short of restoring their 'Royal Hollowness' Reza Pahlavi back on the throne will do and they frankly don't care how many people die in the process so long as they can return to their old parasitic existence when as "Jenaab Sarhang, Timsaar, Mohandes, etc." they got the respect and adoration they never deserved.

Iran's internal problems are their own business and not the monarchists, MEK terrorists, Bush, Sarkozy, Kouchner or anyone else's.

Payandeh Iran


Daniel, I enjoyed reading

by Bavafa on

I enjoyed reading your article and completely agree with it. I am a donor to "doctors without borders" and it is surely sad to see the founder is now advocating yet another criminal act against another nation/people. I am a true believer that these war crimes will not go without answer and justice will be served some day.

And a few words about our new friends on this site:
Through out the past few years, has had a few contributor which have cast themselves very well in a well known group - morons. Hajiagha, Azam N. and now the new member Jamshid and company. An old Farsi expression comes to mind "khoda kharo shenakht ke behesh shakh nadad" If these people were in charge, they would be far worse then the thugs of IRI (chamagh zana).



I think we are probably all

by Anonymous235435345435 (not verified) on

I think we are probably all in agreement on these points:

- We do not support the Islamic regime and we do support freedom and democracy in Iran

- We do not support the mullahs

- No one wants a war in Iran and civilan deaths and a similar situation as Iraq's

This article was to the point because it expresses what international organizations have said about the atomic situation. So that cannot be used as a pretext to war in Iran.

The fact that a regime change or some sort of change in iran is necessary is undisputable. We just can't agree on how to do it. In my opinion, last thing we want is another Iraq with each ethnic group seperated in a different camp and people dying left and right and no future for iran. Obviously mullahs need to get the hell of the planet but we need to find the right way.


Know your IRI agents...

by Dozd Geer (not verified) on

A barrel of oil reached $80 last week, highest ever! The thugs
of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs (IRM) are jumping up and down since
the increase in the price of oil means more money for them!

The IRM plunders the wealth of the Iranians based on as much as $80x 365x 4.5 M barrels per day = $131.4 B a year!

If IRM paid 1% of this to its thugs in Europe, Canada, and America, that would be equivalent to $ 1.3 B (Billion) a year.

Of course, IRM pays according to skills and years of experience of each thug:

1) Hoder and Danni Pourkesali types get paid: $100 K a year since they have to travel around the world to spread regime's propaganda.

2) Dariush Abadi type:$ 20K to spread Muhammad's message of violence.

3) Foad type: 10K to spread anti Pahlavi venom

4) Elmo69: $5 K to bark at innocent people.

5) The brainless thugs: 1K to beat people.

6) The Friday prayer imbecile crowd : A bag of sugar and a bag of rice to chant death to America.

Well, as Bush has told them we will bring them to justice or bring justice to them! The choice is ours.

PS -- Danni is a US citizen but he is loyal to the Terrorist Islamic Republic of Mullahs. These kind of people must be arrested, their US citizenship revoked, and put in jail.


Some minor facts

by MeyBokhor ManbarBesuzan (not verified) on

When leaders of all sides of a nation's political system have their allegiances somewhere outside their own countries, you cannot expect better:

Sarkozy is half Jewish (mother's side).

Kouchner is half Jewish (father's side).

Segolène Royal, Nov. 2006: Socialist presidential candidate clarified her position on the Iranian nuclear program on Sunday, claiming that it was “a danger to Israel, to peace and to the world.” “We must do everything to prevent Iran from getting military nuclear” facilities, said the Socialist leader on Jewish radio Radio J, stressing that although military options “could not be overruled”, it was still too soon to openly examine them.

Soheil Samouhi

well said

by Soheil Samouhi on

Jamish Jan,

very well said


They are all a bunch of fanatics

by Alborzi (not verified) on

There is a very interesting article that I invite you to read, it turns out the fanatics are not all in Iran and people who are
otherwise commendable act very strange and its driven by their religious superstition.The article is here


Thank you always for your courage in speaking the truth

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Mr. Daniel Pourkesali has been amongst the true Iranian-Americans who has fought hard to bring peace and unity for the benefit of all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or country of origin. His credibility needs no defense from anyone.

As a true citizen of the world, he is pointing to false allegations, manipulations of facts portrayed by the media and this warmonger Administration and Western powers who led this nation to a devatating war which has brought death to over 1 million Iraqis, displacement of another 2 million, destruction of their country, and death to over 4000 American soldiers.

Mr. Jamshid it seems that your hatred against Iran is so great that you are blinded by the truth. No regime ever defines a people and a nation. Iran will be Iran with or without the Islamic Republic, as the United States and France will remain U.S. and France without Mr. Bush and Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. Regimes come and go but the nation remains!! Mr. Pourkesali is absolutely right in demonstrating the hypocrisy and double standards used by Western powers to once again falsify information to drag another innocent country and its people to war. A country three times the size of Iraq, who has not violated the NPT, who has not invaded any other country and who is the sole peaceful nation in the Middle East.

Obviously you hate the IR so much that you have forgotten about Iran and its 70 million citizens. France under Nicolas Sarkozy has replaced the British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair as the lackey of the Bush Administration. Last time the U.K. was part of the Coalition of the Willing along with the U.S. in the invasion and destruction of Iraq, and this time Mr. Sarkozy, and his administration,which includes France's Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner,are replacing that role for a potential military attack on Iran. If the call to bomb Iran by France, and other Western powers does not bother you, I can't believe that you are a true Iranian.

Shame on any Iranian, inside Iran or outside who wishes the destruction of this great country and the killing of the innocent people.

As Sa'adi said, " you are not befitting to be called a human being."

Thank you again Mr. Pourkesali that despite all these opposition forces and traitors you dare speak out so that another innocent nation and its people are not subject to what we are witnessing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere. It takes guts, and courage to stand up and voice the truth. Obviously you are not part of the "silent majority" exactly what we need in our world today. If many other people had done the same maybe we would not have been in the mess that we find ourselves in Iraq.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Bernard Kouchner threats to Iran should be set in a different context that what most observers have echoed in the Press. Kouchner's comments were made in a clumsy way and has been indeed refered to as a "French Gaffe", however Kouchner lately has been unjustly put under attack ever since joining the government of Nicholas Sarkozy in the aftermath of his landslide victory that has put the Socialist party (to which Kouchner's political convictions belong)to Array. If accused of oppurtunism could be justified, it was nevertheless a risk that Kouchner took to join the newly elected government in an attempt to fill in the vaccum created for the Office of Foreign ministery for which Kouchner and another Socialist Hubert Vederine were conveyed to occupy. Sarkozy has no real experience in foreign policy since he had only occupied domestic ministry offices before his election.

Also it is important to realize that Kouchner major reason to accept the ministery of Foreign affairs was to guarantee some constructive dialogue with Turkey that is trying to join the European Union.

Sarkozy had made it clear that he firmly would oppose Turkey's joining the EU but since Kouchner's appointment he immediately set back on his attacks against Turkey, given the complexity of this countries situation both as a member of NATO and a secular State in the Middle East confronted to a rise of Islamic militancy and the election of an Islamist President.

Kouchner's Threats on Iran as clumsy as they may appear were intended to secure his "portefeuille ministerielle" aka ministerial office, given that he has basically been overshadowed by Sarkozy's initiatives lately like sending the First Lady to negotiate the liberation of Bulgarian Nurses with Colonel Ghaddaffi.

In Short Bebekhshidesh ... Kouchner is less to blame than Sarkozy's staunch Pro Bush foreign policy meant to reassure his American Allies as to France's support on the Nucleare developements of Iran. Kouchner has been the unwilling and unfortunate Scape Goat in this affaire and it is a shame that such a great personality with great accomplishments has been instrumentalized in such a clumsy way by the current French Administration.



Persian idiot

by IraniIrani (not verified) on

If you look at what Jamshid wrote, you will see the fine example of a iranian habib idiot whom the right wing neo cons in the US use to show that "iranians want freedom, so lets bomb the revolutianry guard! The persians will give us candy and flowers in return!"

Your a moron Jamshid, please dont open your mouth, because when you do, you give support for the right wingers wanting to blow OUR country up.


since when defending Iran

by Anonymous-v (not verified) on

since when defending Iran from foreign invasion means that you are supporting the Islamic Republic?

I am utterly disgusted with Kouchner's remarks. If he thinks Iranians will sit by and watch France destroying their land, then he is truly stupid


Danny boy is at it again. Oh

by Fred (not verified) on

Danny boy is at it again. Oh Danny Danny are you working overtime for bonus from your favorite Islamic regime? Your ever present cheerleader “ Dr. Mohammad Ala Dr. Ala is Professor of Business who teaches in Iran, China, and the USA “ could take time off advising the Islamic regime and CASMII and help you invest the blood money


Save your breadth...

by jamshid on

You sound like an IRI lackey. I am more concerned about Iran being occupied by the foreign forces called mullahs. The mullahs are not Iranians and therefore Iran is an occupied country.


And please refrain to use the word "Iran" and "we". If you are trying to make people think Iran=IRI and We=Iranians, you won't fool anybody. In your article when you say "Iran", you mean IRI, and when you say "we", you mean IRI rulers and lackeys.


Have you people noticed how paid IRI lackeys are so active in their anti-war campaings? The IRI must be really scared about what will happen soon. Unfortunately, cheh jang va ya na jang, mardome badbakht va asire Iran na raahe pas daaran va na raaheh pish.

Mohammad Ala

Thanks for your time and efforts.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for your time and efforts.  I appreciate what you are doing.

Dr. Ala is Professor of Business who teaches in Iran, China, and the USA.  He is a Board member of,, and