Mission Possible: A time to Act


Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

United States decision to impose another round of unilateral sanctions for what Secretary Rice described as “threatening behavior by Iran” is yet another example of how the current administration conducts its so called international diplomacy which is defined by a coordinated demonization campaign designed to prepare the public, Congress and the media for yet another pre-planned military adventure.

Were you to ask this writer only 12 months ago if this administration would be willing to escalate its tough rhetoric into actual hostile action, the answer would have been probably not based on the assumption that after the Iraqi fiasco there are enough rational heads inside the government to recognize this new folly and would reign those wacky cuckoos back into their nest. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case.

This past Friday, I attended the National Iranian American Council’s (NIAC) "No War on Iran" fundraiser in DC and was encouraged by the respectable number of attendees at what became a standing-room-only event despite the inclement weather outside.

Guest speaker Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) delivered an outstanding speech which was both frightening and inspiring at the same time. In his words, the war-mongers' agenda has gained a lot of momentum since the passage of the latest Defense Authorization bill with the Lieberman-Kyl amendment on Iran. He specifically highlighted the act of designating the Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terror group both unprecedented and extremely dangerous.

He warned that unless Iranians like those present in that room acted now by speaking up and engaging the political system like the other side, we are all headed toward another catastrophe. By the "other side" of course, he meant the AIPAC and other neo-conservative political action committees whose numbers are in the hundreds inside the beltway working tirelessly to portray Iran as a global threat that must be stopped by military force despite the disastrous consequences.

NIAC currently has only two full-time staffers dedicated to countering those attempts and the event was essentially one to raise funds necessary to double those efforts. I strongly urge all who care about Iran and its people to unite at this most critical time in our history and lend your full support to NIAC now.

Here is the link to member sign up page: //www.niacouncil.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=275&Itemid=41


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Thank you

by Amir 3000 (not verified) on

Thank you Daniel,

Here is how we find the difference between Iran-lovers and Israelis’ puppets. We will not let our country down,...(cho iran nabashad tane man mabad)



Dear Professor Mohammad Apologist Ala

by ex-Pasdar (not verified) on

It is good to have you in this forum as for a balanced debate we need to have a regime apologist in our midst. I can see that you insist on being known by your academic (?) title to make sure that we do not forget who you are: a retired professor of business who now spends his time between LA, Tehran and Bejing. Didn't you know that "Atr anast keh khod bebooyad." I am sure having been positively vetted by the regime's security and so having the right to teach in Iran, you should have a number of contacts in the ministry of Information and in the IRGC, where I used to work many years ago. Clearly, as a regime apologist you need to defend your paymasters as much as you can but please do not go too far as this ex-Pasdar knows more about the IRGC and thier activities than a regime lobbyist who finds no problem to cooperate with the regime. I have paid a heavy price for my past activities as when I decided to leave Iran, I had nothing in my possession apart from a few hundred dollars that I used to pay my way out of that hell to which you frequently go back.
I only need to remind you that while your views are interesting to hear, they have no value as facts for they are the same type of stuff the we in the IRGC used to give to our agents to distribute among the Iranians abroad. So please don't stop writing on this site as whenever I read your pieaces, it is as if I have given you such instructions to publish under your name. Thank you for reminding me of some of my mixed memories of the past. Obviouly, the fabrication factory of the regime is not out of steam yet.

Please give my regards to my former bosses and co workers in the disinformation unit of the Pasdaran Corp. They know who I am as my style speaks for my identity the same way that yours does it for you.

(with thanks to Fred for reminding me)


Mission Team (in the style of Mission Impossible)

by ex-Pasdar (not verified) on

Dan walks down the steps of his luxury two-storey apartment in LA, while carrying a large balck folder under one arm and a cigarette in his other hand; pauses for a moment in front of his tropical fish aquarium and with a wry smile proceeds to sit on the large balck leather chair in the middle of the dining room. He is about to select the members of his team for the mission which its brief he had received the day before. With the theme music being palyed in the background, he opens the folder and throws away the first picture. The he selects the team:
*Soraya Ulrich(femme fatale and model)
*Mohammad Ala (in charge of electro-mechanics)
*Trita Parsi (man of many faces)
*Ari Saletz (brainless bully and heavy loads carrier)
* and of course Dan himself (team leader)
Dan closes and throws the big black folder on the pictures of the team with the gold colored acronym printed on top of the folder, reading Impossible Mission Force, while the background music plays a high beat part to mark the end of this act.
(the act ends). To be continued ...


One Islamist lobby promoting another

by Fred (not verified) on

Islamist CASMII recruting for NIAC, what else is new? BTW where is their globe trotting cheer leader the very " professor Mohammad Ala"


Thank You Daniel, I will join!

by Gita (not verified) on

I hope its not too expensive!



by Mash_Ghasem (not verified) on

NIAC is nothing but a loby group for IRI. Recently there were more than enough articles urging Iranians to join this group. Seems like pressure is asserted by IRI to show something for money spent so far.



by B (not verified) on

Hi Ari: are you the same Ari who does book reviews on this site? the latest was Iran Agenda I think?


Evalla baba...

by Q on

Daniel, Ari, Anonymous8, you all said it beautifully. These pro-War thugs are living in a dream world where Bush is actually exporting democracy to Iran. They should ask themselves where Ahmad Chalabi is right now? What did he get for selling our his country? I don't consider these people Iranian and thank God, they will not be returning to Iran any time soon.


To; Ex-Pasdar

by Ari (not verified) on

Mr. so called "ex-Pasdar" you are no "ex-pasdar". Unless of course you have been bought by the U.S. - if this is the case, then stop saber-ratelling this Administrations point of view. Not only are we, the Iranian-Americans fed up with all of the lies and propaganda of this Administration so are the Americans!!

I suggest that you start watching the news and read the basic headlines published in various U.S. and international news papers. There is not one day, that the discussion about a bombing campaign by this Administration is not mentioned. Iraq infact seems to be forgotten, and Iran is what everyone is speaking about!! Just sit in front of CNN or any other news outlet for 1/2 hour!

The author of this article is not the one who is creating fear in the minds of the Iranian-Americans. Mr. Bush and others in this Administration (as well as many in Congress) have used every tool of fear to remove the Constitutional rights of the American people so that they can continue bombing one country after another in the Middle East for their greed of oil and power.

I suggest that you tune into the media and start reading.. you have alot of catching up to do.


Thanks for your thoughtful and informative article Dan but ....

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

Thanks for your thought provoking and thoughtful article. But please be aware of Israeli agents (pretending to be Iranians and trying to demonize you), and the "$75M Club" members who do the same as Israeli agents..



Bad news for Danny Boy and his et al thugs...

by Anonymous^ (not verified) on

Soon, America will bomb the Islamic Republic and there goes your source of income as its informants!? You have to get a real job like the rest of us and work for a change!? The era of thugging is over!/


shut the hell up, ex Pasdar, you understand nothing

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Why would the Mullahs pay someone to "stirr up fear" when they themselves are too stupid to even acknowledge that war is a possiblity?

Stop reading so much paranoia into things. War is on schedule against Iran, because that's how Bush thinks, period. Of course there is no "invasion plans", who the hell do you think you are fooling? It will be a massive bombing and missile campaign, much more devestating with much less American casualties, but just as bad for Iranians.

And in case, you're wondering: the regime will not go anywhere. In fact, it will be strengthened.

You are the pro-Mullah one here, ex-pasdar. War will help the Mullahs stay in power for another 30 years.


Mission brief (Mission Impossible Style)

by ex-Pasdar (not verified) on

Good Morning Mr Pourkesali,

Recently there has been an upsurge of speculations on the possibility of war against your country of origin, Iran. While Pentagon has no full scale plans to attack Iran, we need to stir up maximum fear among the Iranian community in the US and have that fear communicated to the Iranians inside of Iran so the pro American reformists like the former presidents Kahtami and Rafsanjani can retake the power in Tehran. To spread such bogus fear you need to bring on board the services of all th agencies that are currently operating under the US protection, meaning NIAC, CASMII, AIC, iran-heritage.org, persiangulfonline.org and iranalliance.org. ... and any other regime apologist person or organization that you deem suitable.
Your mission Dan, should you decide to accept it, is the make sure that Rafsanjani and his allies come back to power. As always if you or any of your IM Force members get caught or killed, the Head of Black Ops will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck Dan!


attack on mullahs yes

by no mullahs (not verified) on

no sanctions on Iran but attack and change regime yes ,


Fully agree with the Author

by Ari (not verified) on

This is the time for all Iranians to put aside their different views and unite for the sake of their mother land and the people of Iran. If you truly love Iran for the sake of Iran only, then we have to unite to prevent the destruction of our native country and the lives of the millions of innocent Iranians.

I have heard similar comments from other U.S. Congressional Representatives and in fact presidential hopefulls. When they say that it is dangerous and Iran will get bombed, "unless you Iranian dissidents raise your voices and do something", obviously they know more than we do. They are within the U.S. political system.

We can sit around and think that this Administration is not crazy enough to attack Iran with the fiasco that they are in with Iraq and wait until it is too late. Or we can take action now!

For once in our life time, let's show we are united against aggression or interference in the affairs of Iran. Let's act as proud Iranians that we claim to be!