We know Iran is the Next Target


Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

Brazil and Turkey are on the high moral ground regarding Iran's right to enrichment, their right to a civilian nuclear power generation capability, and their right to insist the Great Powers get off their case. Great Powers seem to have a thing for Dual-track approaches to issues they determine are in their 'spheres of influence'. The Dual-track 100 years ago were the stated policies of Great Britain, Russia, and France. The inside track was a number of secret treaties and agreements whereby these 'great powers' carved up the world for their own greedy rapaciousness. On the outside, they were bringing 'order' and 'civilization' to backward countries (they said). On the inside track they were in reality the equivalent of international organized crime gangs.
Ironically, where 100 years ago the US attempted to be the champion of the 'little guys' like Persia, and step up to the plate and challenge those Great Powers who simply wanted nothing to do with helping ordinary Persians, but rather to squeeze them unmercifully, the US State Department facilitated the hiring by Iran (Persia) of a very special American gentleman by the name of William Morgan Shuster, who with a team of Americans helped the Persian fledgling democracy, (with Islamic overtones, just as in those days we were a democracy with Christian overtones), to get their fiscal house in order so that they could be their own country. Mr. Shuster and his team started to succeed at the job, taxes started to flow to the Persian treasury rather than to the Russians and Great Britain, and they forced him to leave. See "The strangling of Persia" William Morgan Shuster, (digitized by Google) for an eye-opening read.
Today the US/Israel, Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany are the modern 'entente' bringing devastation and destruction to the 'little guys', with no conscience whatsoever, with no care for apparent contradictions or hypocrisy, just as those other guys were doing a hundred years ago, and the people of Brazil and Turkey, and their leaders, are looking at realities with common sense, openness, fairness, and a sense that international law exists to be followed, not trampled upon, by those who think they can, with impunity.
For more information on what went on with those Great Powers running the show, take a look at "the New Map of Asia 1900 - 1919" by Herbert Adams Gibbons, another digitized book.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dan Huck

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I assume that you are a genuine non Iranian American left winger. I have many friends like you. I spent time in some of the most liberal places of the USA. Including Berkeley CA. The problem with your point of view is you think opposition to America is somehow heroic.

I had a long discussion with a friednd the other day. It was about Amy Goodman's report on the Turkey Brazil brokered deal. He was livid that the USA had rejected it and how "innocent" IRI was going to be punished unjustly. Being reasonable he was open to my point of view. I explained to him and he agreed that bad intentions by USA does not translate to good intention of IRI. They are both acting in bad faith. USA has its own interested. IRI is totally evil and is also interested is pursuing a radical Islamic path. 

I showed him proof of how they treat non Muslims. How they force religion on unwilling people. How they stone people. How they treat Jews; Bahai; atheists. My friend being a secular Jew finally came to his senses. Proving there is hope.

With people like the Iranian diaspora the world is being awakened. To the dangers os Islamism and the lies of Islamic priests. Yes, USA has a terrible foreign policy. But that does not excuse Islamists and their utter intolerance ot others and bullying.

Irani Irani

"Dan Huck"

by Irani Irani on

Almost every nation is governed by a regime with massive shortcomings. 

No sh*t Sherlock. But in Iran's case the "shortcomings" are that the Leader-for-Life of the country is a cleric who is not elected by the people and holds dictatorial powers. Iranians have virtually none of the rights that citizens of democracies have. The theocratic dictatorship stones adulterers to death and has executed an exponentially larger number of its opponents (20,000--and some estimates are quite a bit higher than that) than any other Iranian regime, including the ones you consider "subservient". But, oh well. As long as the regime barks "Death to America", it doesn't matter that it kills men, women, and children in droves. 

Dan Huck

Thanks Maziar!

by Dan Huck on

The likelihood the people of Iran have been targeted to be the next group to be war victims, and the re-establishment of a subservient regime in order to re-establish control over the nation's natural resources, and to effectively muzzle potential disruptive neighborhood behavior, challanging status quo hegemony - these are the things I was trying to talk about!

target. n. A goal. objective, aim, purpose, end, destination, mark. Bull's-eye. point, spot, butt, mark, dummy. A prey. quarry, game, scapegoat; see victim ...

A prey
quarry, game, scapegoat; see victim 1, 2.
Victim : 1. a person or animal killed as a sacrifice to a god in a religious rite
2. someone or something killed, destroyed, injured, or otherwise harmed by, or suffering from, some act, condition, or circumstance: victims of war

A note to the people who are upset I apparently was ignoring the tyrannical and brutal behavior of the current leaders of Iran: You are much closer to these realities than I am, and you know the facts. 

The people of Iraq were governed by a brutal despot; in the name of helping, I don't think we helped. I think our helping was motivated by the same greed and desire for domination that drove Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany to bring peace and civilization to Asia 100 years ago.

Almost every nation is governed by a regime with massive shortcomings. America is a great nation which is in the process of losing it's democratic underpinnings. Because of campaign finance perversions, our ability to deal with our serious problems has come almost to a standstill.For example, due to the inability of people to afford medical insurance sufficient to cover all contingencies, more than one million American families a year have been forced into bankruptcy, lost their homes and everything, due to the rapaciousness and callousness of our elected officials and those of the medical establishment who are unwilling to see their gravy train come to an end.

Some might say we have lost control of our foreign policy to 5th columnists from other nations who want to use the might and influence of America to accomplish their own agendas. At the least, our policies are devised and implemented by people with serious conflicts of interest or loyalty.

For countries to not only have to deal with problems  like these internally, but also to have to live in fear the Great Powers are going to come after them as well, is something the world should no longer put up with!


No Fear


by No Fear on

Come again?  " Tell me something i don't know? " was the heading of my last reply..  I rather leave you in your own mickey mouse world.

maziar 58

About promise of delivery

by maziar 58 on

Only in Iran they still are waiting for the original promises of FREE GAS,WATER,HOUSE (MASKAN-e- MAJJANI!!) By that BIG LIER .

Back to Mr. Dan I personally think he meant IRAN THE NEXT TARGET .                             Maziar



by Doctor X on

The interferences of foreign powers in our politics is nothing new to us and we have accepted this as a reality since our country is strategically , the most important country in an energy rich region.

If Something is "accepted" as Reality, Then using that same concept to fight and raise objections and redicule the party that has introduced that reality is Highly oxymoronic.

Irani Irani

When an Islamist speaks, an Islamist lies: the case of "No Fear"

by Irani Irani on


both are considered meddling in a sovereign country affairs and is non of your business.

When the IRI dispatches teams of assassins and murderers to kill its opponents in Austria, Germany, France, and the U.S., that is not a violation of sovereignty. Nor is it a violation of sovereignty to attempt to export your lousy "revolution" to other countries to make them into mirror images of the IRI. Just imagine the whole world looking like the IRI. Yikes. I'm not sure there are enough cranes, nooses, and stones for killing the Enemies of God to accommodate that may Islamist Utopias.

Just leave us alone. We are not interested in your cheese burger democracy with freedom fries. Get it?

Unless, of course, "we" live in YOUR country with its cheese burger democracy with freedom fries. "We" live in YOUR country, but we proclaim the rottenness of YOUR country and the glory of our beloved Islamist Paradise. Because "we" cannot actually be bothered to settle down in said Islamist Paradise. Rapist Regime Groupies don't do irony well, do they? 

No Fear

Tell us something we don't know , Dan.

by No Fear on

The interferences of foreign powers in our politics is nothing new to us and we have accepted this as a reality since our country is strategically , the most important country in an energy rich region.

Its ironic and a contradiction when you admit to the interferences of foreign powers like britain in Iran a hundred years ago, but you don't consider the American attempt to introduce democracy ( yeah sure ) at the same time, meddling in our affairs?  Who gave you the right to do that , anyway?  Isn't this the same crap that you are still at it, today?

Whether you want to introduce democracy in country with a team of good intended americans ( highly doubtful ) , or you want to introduce it with smart bombs, both are considered meddling in a sovereign country affairs and is non of your business.

Just leave us alone. We are not interested in your cheese burger democracy with freedom fries. Get it?



Thank you "Dan Huck" for the enlightening article.

by fooladi on

For years, I,  like most Iranians felt that what you just taught us today was a load of clap trap (bollony for you) which Islamic regime had been trying to feed us with in order to deflect our attention from the real source of the problem -themselves- to an imaginary external enemy, jews, americans, etc. Now having read  this illuminating article from you, an "american", not any "american", but one with a white anglo sounding name like "dan huck", I am converted to the cause of islamic fascism, anti jewry, anti secularuism, anti humanity, you name it. I am ready to go to Qods tomorrow ro 'liberate" it. But I hope the road to Qods does not still pass through karbala. Because karbala is now owned by US and we do not want to upset US anymore, we want to be friendly with them, no more hostage taking, non of that. You know what I mean dont you "Danny Boy"???




by Cost-of-Progress on

I agree that the "Great Powers" are the agressors as their interests dictate. For the record, and for what it's worth, I disagree with US foriegn policy at leat 90% of the time. BUT they do what they do for their national interest and the key is "NATIONAL" as in putting country first; something the Islamist and their socalled intellectual supproters are cluless about.

It is not the great powers who keep us in the dark - it is us who keep us in the dark.






by Onlyiran on

To those who think that it is the business of these nations to have their military all over rich and weak countries, one needs to make them understand that the aggressor is the one that comes to your door and points a gun at your face.

Sooooo, why is the "independent" IRI so "weak"?  Didn't we have a glorious revolution thirty years ago to cut off the hands of the imperialists?  They have had three decades to turn Iran into a world superpower.  So, what happened?  Why is "the man" (the imperialists) still holding us back?  Why hasn't the IRI deliver on its promise of utopia?   

Irani Irani

Abarmard: empty anti-imperialist rhetoric of scoundrel dictators

by Irani Irani on

The likes of Mugabe, Kim Jong-Il family of rulers in North Korea, Castro Brothers in Cuba, Assad family dictators in Syria, and of course our own People's Democratic Islamic Republic of Iran have been spouting this empty amti-imperialist rhetoric decades before you.

Shame on those who openly encourage dictatorial mentality, or self censorship, because they think living in the West means agreeing with the foreign policy of these countries.

And you say this all the while that you implicitly endorse the foreign policy of the IRI for being "independent" of the U.S., etc?!?! I disagree with most of U.S. policy (e.g. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, support for Israel, etc.), but the IRI has sought out confrontation with the U.S. and Israel, so it is not innocent either.

Anonymous Observer

The Turkish - Brazil deal was a farce &

by Anonymous Observer on

giving the dishonest, lying, conniving nature of the IRI, it would have never worked.  Here's why:


The IRI is not interested in a deal.  It just wants to buy time, and any neutral person who doesn't see that is as dumb as a door knob.   

PS-I'm going to wait for Abarmard to come out and dismiss the Slate piece on account of its author being Jewish. :-)) 


Can I predict or what?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Resonates with the anti west folks residing in the west.....Its magic baby! 

No, it's not arrogant and stupid, Hypocracy is arrogant and stupid. Like I said before, you should go and help the regime change their "harsh public policies".

you people are really a piece of work and you're the an-tellectuals who got us here to this point - Nice going.

The Great powers have sex with us, because... WE LET THEM!





Well said

by Abarmard on

Right to the point.

Those powerful nations who have taken the leadership role to decide who can do what and when are living in imperialist past. All the wars in the past several decades, if not all in the past century, was started and encouraged by these powers. They have no rights to be thousands of miles away from their own borders bugging the events in another region.

To those who think that it is the business of these nations to have their military all over rich and weak countries, one needs to make them understand that the aggressor is the one that comes to your door and points a gun at your face. This is norm and we have to deal with it? I don't think so, and those who proudly accept this kinds of forceful and bully action or even go further to support it, are the ass backward crowd who have kept ass backward mentality that it's OK to have this kinds of treatment, because we deserve it. We are not worthy.

And still preaching that if you live here, you got to say, hey, it's great no matter what. That's idiotic. That's arrogant and stupid mentality. 

News for some, if you are in a free country, take advantage of some books and read them rather than relying on TV shows to teach you what political ideology is right. Shame on those who openly encourage dictatorial mentality, or self censorship, because they think living in the West means agreeing with the foreign policy of these countries. It's shameful backward mentality (or recently known as Patriotic). Sad. 

Idiots are not those who have bad governments, but those who have bad education. "If you let them, they will come and take advantage", really? they otherwise won't come? 

The problem is that these American groups from different background either forgot knowingly or ignoring history. They think that people have not struggled to reach a better system and don't understnad that in times when our system was friendly, or similar to now pusuing their own goals, the power's reaction has been the same. Carrot and stick policy.

Thanks again Mr. Huck. It's easier to be a part of the larger crowd than stand for what's right. And that's admirable. 



Dan....buddy.....I feel ya

by Cost-of-Progress on

This resonates with the anti west folks who...reside in the west!

Dan...buddy....I feel the pain in your words, you bleed for us, don't ya?


When the "victim's" own ruling parties opress, murder, torture and all out hold back on their people, the "Great Powers" see an open invitation to take advantage of the assbackward mentality - and they do!

If you give free rides, people will ride you - So, educate yourself, reject superstitous junk perpeterated by religion, and you'll prosper. Simplified, of course, but that's the recipe. CoP 





The word

by Raoul1955 on

'victim' is technically reserved to describe an adverse condition imposed on humans.
To label a country as 'victim' is analogous to the liberals' use of the term 'racist' whenever and wherever they encounter opposition to their programs.
Cheers, :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are wasting time taking us for fools. We know that IRI is the real victimizer. The nuclear thing is a diversion. Iran does not need nuclear power or weapons. Iran has vast regions of desert ripe for solar. But that would be too easy and non aggressive. 

If IRI really wanted to help Iran with energy they would tap the solar. Maybe not give away the Caspian Sea oil and gas. Not to mention there could be huge amounts of tidal energy from the Persian Gulf. But that is not the point. The IRI wants trouble not progress.

The USA will oblige and IRI will be gone: thank god. The sooner the better. 

Then we will go back and Iran will move back to modernity.

Darius Kadivar

C'est Cela Oui ... Now Let's All Sing Along Your Tune ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Ahmedido Domingo (aka Ahmadinejad), Erdogano Pavarotti (aka Erdogan) and Assad Carreras (aka Bashar Assad)



A great blog and read... thank you.

by Bavafa on


Irani Irani

Questions for "Dan Huck"

by Irani Irani on



Since you invoke the word "victim", I have a question for you: The current Iranian regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has executed tens of thousands of Iranians since its inception in 1979. Do you consider the Iranian people to be "victims" of the IRI? Do you even care?