Shut down RAJA news!

by choghok

Please fight Ahmaghi supporter from your PC open a browser and go to
these links and let your pc be on, you will be sending requests to IRI
servers till they are on their knees, the only site that is still on is



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American reporter seeks contact with hackers attacking Iran

by Benjamin (not verified) on

I am an American reporter working on a story for Newsweek International on opposition efforts to attack IT infrastructure of the government in Iran. I would like to speak with sources involved in this, preferably those physically in Iran. Sources may contact me anonymously, and remain anonymous. I am in Italy at the moment, and can be contacted through
or +39 0422 21 00 75 (all zeros must be dialed)
I can be contacted in the evening if necessary.


The is again up.

by Anti-AhmaghiNejad (not verified) on

The is again up. Please spread the word to get this one down too. Thanks