Think Tank or Hate Tank?


Think Tank or Hate Tank?
by capt_ayhab

Just finished grading some papers, I always liked doing it. You get to know young minds that you have been working with for past few weeks/months. Some breeze through and some struggle, but eventually all move foreword.

What you end up with, as a teacher, is the feeling of fulfillment, and a feeling that you might have been an instrument in  directing  few young hopeful and anxious men and women in betterment of their future.

BUT That is not what I like to talk about.

As I finished my task, one of the first comments I checked was of  gentleman called Mardom Mazloom in THIS thread, where he notes [On this site, I'm among those who fight against AIPAC think-thank and I've never seen you in action!!]

This statement made me think. I know some may find it hard to believe that THINKING and an old Azari dude might not go together well. But hey we all get one chance or the other!

The gentleman/hamvatan Mardom Mazloom referred to the entity called AIPAC, the most notorious, the most blood thirsty, the most racist, the most rightwing/Likud paid/ policy dictating / America selling/ Middle East plundering/ World Endangering/ warmongering/ the most heartless bunch ever walked this earth as Think Thank?

My problem is though: Why not call them what they are?

How are they different from IR’s  Ahmadinejad? What sort of peace and harmonic platform do they represent? You mean to tell me that mere fact of them calling themselves The Sane World, while being the instigators of the bloodiest wars on human history for past 60 years entitles them to be called THINK TANK aka Sane World?

What is this THINK Tank doing besides coming up with fabrications, lies, deceitful propaganda, genocidal THOUGHTS to keep the world in bloody illegal war after war? What has this so called THINK Tank  done since their inception, besides causing fear, misery, war, bloodshed, and chaos in the world?

Name some accomplishments of this foreign agent organization also known as AIPAC, which has been operating and undermining the integrity of this nation called America and putting her in perils of national security endangerment  for the sole purpose of its own criminal and genocidal survival.

Name ONE please.


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hate tank!

by Q on

AIPAC does not even represent American Jews (some of the most right wing in the world) anymore. They are so afraid of being contradicted on their core policies by the mainstream Jewish pulic that they have stopped fielding polls.

Thanks for the article.


Let me add my voice to yours and Mola to expose AIPAC

by Bavafa on

and what it means for all of us and the world as a whole.  This group may single handedly be responsible for next war in ME and maybe the world.


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

This cartoon is a classic. Republicans and Democrats are racing to kiss the big fat ugly lady's ass who represents Israel while waiting for AIPAC to give the go ahead. It's a shame how we are being played by AIPAC in this country. We as Iranian Americans are 3 times losers, you may ask why?

1. As American citizens: Israel has created many new enemies for us and we are afraid to travel to many parts of the world as Americans. Our tax money is being sent to Israel (3 billion dollars a year) to destroy and kill the native people of Palestine and their neighbors.

2. As Iranian Americans we are under constant bad publicity for being from a muslim country by AIPAC and other bigots.

3. As Iranians worrying about what would happen if Iran is attacked by Israel or United States.

This is happening to us because AIPAC is the mouthpiece and the fifth column of Israel here, an apartheid regime whose goals are " to divide the population into groups based on race, and to give the jews preference in terms of rights, services and privileges. Secondly dividing up the country into geographically segregated areas and transferring the population into these based on race. In addition, a person from one area could not access another area. Third, a combination of security laws and rules created to oppress and suppress any resistance and which also strengthened a system of domination based on race.

Thanks for the blog.



Blue Haired one

by capt_ayhab on

With all honesty, I so agree with you in respect to Reza Pahlavi.

Any Iranian who goes to bed with AIPAC, and has a 3 some with Likud Party and Neocons do not deserve to be calling himself a patriot, let alone having a claim on the crown which was worn by Cyrus and Xerxes.

I will vote for someone with your passion, you can bet on that. ;-)


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Great Jamshid. link removal = i am more qualified than RP

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You're welcome. That link removal success adds me to the list of millions more qualified than Reza Pahlavi to be moftarchy. Hooray. Enjoy the commenting. So happy the link is gone!


Mr. Mazloom

by capt_ayhab on

Many thanks for kind words I really appreciate you.

I make ]or at least always try my best] to make distinction between AIPAC, Israeli government and Nation of Israel.

My opposition has always been toward Israeli policies and the fact AIPAC has total control in US Congress and government. Every nation deserves peace and prosperity, including Israel. 


Mardom Mazloom

Captaine jan,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Good thoughts and a great blog. Let me clarify something; I've been in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel (Haifa& Jerusalem) and among Turks, Arabs and Israelis that I knew the ones that I found similar to Persians were Israelis. Did you know that children in Israel learn the history of Persia that Iranians are banned to know? Beside, all the hate propaganda in ME against Israelis and Iranians, these people like and respect us.

My problem with AIPAC and any other organisations which put their ideology and money above human lives is that they kill or don't let see the epsilon of chance one can have to solve any ME problem peacefully. These guys are indoctrinated and don't hear reason unless it comes from their organisation. Just look how one of their members reacts on this site. I assimilate them to people belonging to some murky sect. There wouldn’t be any peace till vicious politics against human beings aren’t put aside.


Marge, I owe you my thanks

by jamshid on

On the lighter side of things, I think they did remove that hellish link above the Preview button, after you complained about it. I almost lost all my comment, by once again clicking just above the Preview button, but that hellish link wasn't there this time.

So now you'll get to read my full comment just farther below ;)


jamshid The Ex P

by capt_ayhab on

You are invited out of my writings.

Ex Pro............jamshid

are we in mutual understanding?


P/S next time you insist, a letter will be added to your ex ID



by jamshid on

I am as well bewildered in how to get you to understand that when you post a blog in a public forum, it is only natural to expect both positive and negative responses to what you have written.

For the 10th time, if you don't want to get negative responses, or if you are too sensitive to deal with them, please by all means, blog only in a private forum, not in a public forum like

Show me one blog in where everyone agreed with the author of the blog.

"I have asked you many times so far EX-jamshid. You are not welcome in my blogs. Hopefully you are capable of this mush comprehension before I refer you to the publisher."  

By all means, please do refer me to the publisher. I seriously doubt that the publisher of this site will give you or anyone else the privilege of selectively inviting only those people that you like to come in and participate in your blogs.

However, if you find profanities and such in anybody's comment, you can flag those comments. That's a privilege that all contributors have.

You wrote, "You do not posses the intellect nor the logic to debate but to slander, smear, and distract."

Is this all you can say in response to my criticism? Can't you respond like an adult and in a civilized manner using argumentation instead?

And what is this thing with Jamshid and EX P...? Are you meaning to say that I have another account with an ID that starts with the letter "P" and which was terminated by admin?

Ahyab, you might be passed your 40s, but you certainly behave very much like a spoiled child. Do you even realize how childish it is to make such accusations?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Actually, AIPAC is very responsible

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We're talking about a lobby that stifles even the most basic needs of Iran to make slow changes. Israel is a control freak, and its rottweiler group AIPAC takes orders very well to control the debate. 

What happened last summer is a small step among many others to come. The new generation in Iran is creative, bright, and Israel/AIPAC's worst nightmare. Unlike the Americans, Iranians have BS detectors.

AIPAC is an AGENT of Israel and it is going to be regulated as such by the DOJ as it ought to be.  Whoops I didn't say my quote "down with IRI" line. Here comes jamshid to give me a patriot ticket of suspicion. 

Like it even needs to be said. By the way, I wonder if sanctions are in order for nuclear, human rights hating China? Why is the USA even bothering? ISRAEL!!! Too bad for Israel that evil china is standing in the way.  


Mr. Jamshid

by capt_ayhab on

I am bewildered in how to get you to understand that I have no interest, energy and will  to engage a self proclaimed adversary of mine who used to log in with EX something or the other.

Allow me to be the most respectful... STAY off of my blogs. You do not posses the intellect nor the logic to debate but to slander, smear, and distract.

I have asked you many times so far EX-jamshid. You are not welcome in my blogs. Hopefully you are capable of this mush comprehension before I refer you to the publisher.

EX P....jamshid, are we clear?





by jamshid on

It is not Aipac who is torturing, killing and raping your people. It is the IRI who is. But I don't see you talk about them much, and instead in almost all of your blogs, you are (intentionally or unintentionally, I don't care which) diverting attention from crimes committed by the IRI thugs to crimes committed by other countries.

You do not know your priorities, or your priorities are malicious (again, I don't care which one.) 

And forget about me, instead just ask the innocent Iranian who at this very moment is sitting in the corner of a dark cell in one of IRI's prison, not Aipac, not US, but IRI's prison. He'll tell you what your priority should be.

And then elsewhere you wrote, "I am writing here to keep voices of my young sisters, my young brothers my prides and joys who are being beaten, raped, MURDERED and oppressed in Iran, alive and heard."

To which I can only say, sure you are Ahyab, sure you are. It's like an elephant trying to pass himself as a duck by walking like a duck and quacking like a duck, but won't fool anyone for a second.


Israel is in a war and as Nazis had their Gestapo

by Bavafa on

Israel has AIPAC to push and destroy any one who stands against the wishes and policies of the Zionist.


P.S. And to think of it that the US is an independent country and their politician are only to serve its own citizen.



by capt_ayhab on