Rush Limbaugh's Twisted Sick World

Rush Limbaugh's Twisted Sick World
by capt_ayhab

Rush Limbaugh, the NEW leader!! of Republican Party says that Democrats MUST be stopped at any cost, by all means.

Source: The Young Turk TV


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Mosques Make Great Targets

by Terry Withers (not verified) on

Make sure all of you wanna be persians are back home in Iran to witness the big flash! But before you do, make sure you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Amen.

A Proud American and Jew Loving Infidel and Zionist!



by capt_ayhab on

You said[ Rush Limbaugh is a good man and understands the freedoms we are losing
under our Constitution. It is not about democrats or republicans, it's
about freedom or slavery.....]

Are you talking about the same constitution that GW Bush and his gang pissed on, wiped their rear ends with?

Are you referring to the[phone tapping] freedom they stuffed down our throats?????

Are you referring to economic disaster Republicans and ilks such as Rush The Druggie brought upon the world?

Man you are certainly in lala land. I bet you are among the 15% who still think that past 8 years was GOOD old day??? Aren't you?

There are other sources than Rush Limbaugh, and entire Faux[Fox] news cast. Give them a shot, you might learn thing or two.




You say Rush's rhetoric will

by dobbs (not verified) on

You say Rush's rhetoric will grow thin? No, what will grow thin are the sheep like yourself. I was embarrassed for you as I listened to your commentary and your self proclaimed righteousness. You should take a good look at what you are advocating and compare that to anything you think Rush has done that is, in your mind, "wrong". You try and point out, through imagery of a pill bottle, the hypocrisy of Rush being addicted to a pain killer that he was legitimately prescribed. Rush, as a private citizen, fully admits he was wrong, but even if he did not, the Obama administration is appointing people who also made mistakes, yet they are not willing admit they were personally wrong in doing, and will now be in charge of the very laws they themselves broke!


You people who are so

by NH (not verified) on

You people who are so willing to give up your freedom to a communist dictator like Obama are shameful and should leave the country NOW!

Rush Limbaugh is a good man and understands the freedoms we are losing under our Constitution. It is not about democrats or republicans, it's about freedom or slavery.

Why do you like slavery to the world bankers? SHAMEFUL.

Why did Obama send 17,000 troops to Pakistan? He's a war monger. And he is controlled by international criminal George Soros.


Limbaugh is a fat, draft

by desi on

Limbaugh is a fat, draft dodging, drug addicted college dropout, who's been married 3 times (an example of Republican family values).  If he's the spokesmodel and face for the GOP,  all I gotta say is hell yes!!



by capt_ayhab on

What I always say is without guys like him, who challenge the [INTELLECT], in a negative way of course. Who designs the subjects aimed at [dummyfying] the naive listeners, freedom of speech will be so meaningless.

Let him rant and rave till his intestines come out of his big fat b----t! The only people who buy into his carp are just like him. 

Talk about brain washing

capt_ayhab [-YT]


LOl Agha Majid

by capt_ayhab on

You are so right...... 

kheir pessh agha majid

capt_ayhab [-YT]

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Days before the election

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Rush and Sean were begging their listeners to not vote for Obama. Begging them also, to not BOYCOTT the vote or punish Sarah Palin because of John McCain being a democrat lol. 

How did he beg? He used the Fairness Doctrine. I am so f-ing bubbly that Presidente Obama Wama said "NO FD." As if. Rush - you are not so important except during elections when you sound like a lunatic.

I also don't think that Rush won the 2004 election for Bush. But that's not the issue here.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Two things about this obese maniac

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

1. He is not an entertainer as he says. It is a way to dodge or mitigate the bullsh*t he says on a daily basis. The only thing I like about his show is the music and it has nothing to do with him. I wrote a letter once to Media Matters explaining to them that what he said about Iran - that Ahmadinejad is not the most powerful or highest leader (PRE-ELECTION) was a lie. Rush doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He said that Biden's statement in the VP debate that Ahmadinejad may not be the right negotiator or the highest authority was boloney.

2. He is very fat and all the dogdamn liberals who comment on him, as well as the stupid radio stations who broadcast him are using OLD photoshopped pictures of him where he is 100-150LBS lighter than he is. THis is fraud. Not that he is sexy either way. This Cenk fella on the other hand hubbba hubbaa woo! Liberal Islamist Socialist Pinko takeover = hotties on tv I am so voting Democrat if this is the new trend. Yehaw.

P.S. If  


Cap'n and M.Mazloom

by Majid on

The blog you two want to start is already hijacked even before it starts....LOL

This is what's gonna happen:

There's a blog about  "recent election in Israel, by capt."

One or two comments later M.M replies.

  A.....N......D!! before you know it...............

Holy Moly! what in the world happened? where's the original dialog?

Arreh biaar, tisheh bebar! 

C'mon guys! you two have been here long enough to know how things work on IC....LOL

Save yourselves time and energy, you both are registered members, e-mail is the answer!

Az maa goftan!

Mehdi Mazloom

capt_ayhab By all means

by Mehdi Mazloom on

go ahead and open up a blog on the subject of Israeli elections, I will be happy to give my input on it.

all the best.



by capt_ayhab on

Thanks for your answer, I enjoyed reading it. 

As I said, although a registered democrat, I have been more toward  the center than anything.

Mehdi, one of these days, knowing that how our views differ when it comes to ME, I like to get into a constructive dialogue with you regarding your thoughts on latest Israeli election. In particular to Mr. Shimon Peres' decision on picking Netanyahu to from the government, despite the fact that centrist Kadima party won one more seat[majority] than Likud party .


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Tell me  with the honorary Kudos , may I assume you are a democrat as well?

I am a registered Independent. The silent majority. The reason is simple. I have big problem with 2 party system. In fact I stopped taking active role in US election. Campaigns have become a joke, staff for Comedy Central. No rational debate about political or even ideological discourse. It is all about label, blame game and outright personal insultss. (tax & spend, NeoCon, Borrow and spend. Liberal, conservative. etc.). Suffice to watch the Presidential debates to see what I mean. All is staged,  pre-ordained. Candiates (,mainly the GOPs repeat the same rehersed rubbish slogans). No free flow of opinions. When one candidate is not allow to ask his opponent an open and honest question, we have a problem with our value system in this country. Political candidate posit themselves just like another merchendise to be advertised on TV - througgh 30 sec sound bites, and slogents

I view them as just another TV entertainment which comes and goes every 4 years. Enjoy them while they last.



by capt_ayhab on

Sady enough, this guy has become rather the official leader of GOP. Although I am a registered Democrat, I honestly can say that there are many modern, honest and honorable women and men in the party, to name a few, Sen McCain, Dr Ron Paul and etc.

The party has lost its core value, and the only tactic they have been using are cheap shots by likes of Hanitty and Limbaugh.

Tell me  with the honorary Kudos , may I assume you are a democrat as well?


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Mehdi Mazloom

capt_ayhab - Now you are cooking

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Kudos, for the post. This bIMBOUGH who RUSHes to cut down anyone who disagrees with his sick and twisted ideology, he is the one whom MUST BE STOPPED. His central theme is, blame the democrats and labels. 

If you examine his alleged 20M core constituency who listen to this idiot. You will find 99% of them are those Joe-Six-pack crowds, the high school dropouts, who order their meal by the pictures, or vote for the nices looking guy in the ballot boot.

These stupid red necks support this guy, and follow his words like zombies, because he (and hannity for that matter) provide them with false sense of elite. "Yeah baby, if you agree with me, then you belong to an elite group of highly educates and the wasp conservatives".

These morons are so dumb that, they don't even realize that, a) he does it for the money ($50M a year). b) He couldn't care less about their falling wages and diminishing jobs.

They are supporting policies (advocated by Rush) which directly go against their own economic and political) interest.

If you take away their labels and blame game, these idiots have nothing else to stand on.

Who said you can't fool some of the people all the time.



Don't bother

by Abarmard on

There are many crazy people and some of them have the microphone to express themselves. Let them, best treatment is to ignore them.