Pathology of a Warmonger


Pathology  of a Warmonger
by capt_ayhab
Pathology  of a Warmonger

They come in all shapes and sizes.

From small petty characters who are paid by the number of keyboard strokes, unpaid yet zealous self proclaimed patriots , to full time agents of AIPAC and Israeli intelligence agents. From monarchist who are desperately trying to revise history by giving a face lift to the old tired and dictatorial regime, to MEK members who took arm against their own country and their own people during war with Iraq.

No matter what their motives, they share a one common and profound characteristic and that is an utter hatred of anything and everything Iranian.

For the paid group, be it piecemeal [by number of comments they produce] or the full time agents, agenda is pretty much clear. For them it is the war industry and what it stands for, being global domination and murder and misery that matters.

These groups have been shameless profiteers of war and bloodshed as long as human history. They profit from death and destruction. They serve one pay master, although at times it takes different name and nationality, but always remain the same bunches sociopaths whose leader is angel of death and misery.  These people through practice in their trade have become masters of lies and deceit. Manipulation, misinformation, forgery, terror, cold-heartedness and any other traits which is down right repulsive to any and every decent human being has become second nature to them. They create  wars and destruction in the morning, and go home at night to their families just like a common worker after a hard day work in the factory, without a shred of remorse and guilt for what they have done during the day.

The second group, the unpaid propaganda army, the so called patriots whom mostly, if not all, live in Diaspora, are the tools of the trade for the first group, the real professionals in the art of death and destruction. It is these repulsive groups that are manipulated, brain washed and played to the fullest like a well tuned violin without Inkling of realization . They have become mere puppets whose strings are pulled by the first group. These spineless groups often recite the talking points that they have absorbed through mass media, particularly biased media who serve certain imperialistic agendas of the first group. Relentless bombardment of lies, hatred and propaganda that are masterfully disguised under catchy and mouth filling slogans such as heritage, freedom, democracy and human rights are aimed at these group day and night.

This group, regardless of their political affiliations shares one commonality. They are an utter shame to humanity. They are utter shame for being Iranians and they are merely a expendable pawns in the game of perpetual and bloody wars, destruction and misery. They ever so shamefully call themselves patriots while propagating war and destruction on their own people. These people are even more dangerous than the paid agents, for they represent the ugliest and most repulsive trait in any human being, and that is high treason against their own nation and against their own country.


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Was Rosie

No Fear, I retract /IRI, I don't /ps Ayhab

by Was Rosie on

No Fear, I retract provisonally what I said about you being here to antagonize and polarize and not really communicate with these people. I remembered just now a blog I'd noticed months ago (when I wasn't reading, just looking at the site from time to time) called 'I Support Ahamadinejad. Ask Me Anything." And I thought that was really cool, so I just site searched it to read and hopfully give an example of how someone COULD come here in the interests of real dialog from that viewpoint. And lo and behold! The author was you.

That blog itself is incredibly civilized. So what gives with the confrontatonal Mahmood avatar? I'd drop it if I were you. Well, I shall read the blog thread now, all ten pages (and try to re-read your posts HERE more objectively, and see where it all goes; you see it's VERY HARD to with that damn picture...). Not that you may care what I do, but I do.


As for your little friend, I retract nothing. 'IRI', you are everthing I said and worse until proven otherwise. I saw just what you are very well already. You are: obstructionist, devious, demogogic, vulgar, anti-Semitic, and oh did I forget to say sadistic? And I truly find it hard to believe that with your attitude and presentation that you could expect to sway anyone except some disgruntled kid in Westwood rebelling against his parents. Are you serious? Do you really think you will? The mind reels.

Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalom, 'IRI'


p.s. Sorry, Ayhab, but there are millions of Ahmadi supporters over there, and not by any means all Basiji. As repugnant as he may be to you and me. And I have to draw my own conclusions about people, as I'm sure you respect. I'll be back, sweetie. 


I know

by capt_ayhab on

I know because I have already charged them with the crime and they know as I do that I have them on defensive.

Best offense is to let them know you are ignoring them.

You should know this by now.


Was Rosie

I know, Ayhab, but can't you see...

by Was Rosie on

other people are just going to call YOU a traitor and say, oh I dunno, that anyone who supported the Green demonstratons was a traitor by supporting 'foreign meddling' to overthrow the government. So then it becomes mudslinging back and forth, with same muddy word. 

To what end?

But that's just my opinion about using that particular word. It's kind of an add-on. The other points I made in my post to you are far more important.



by capt_ayhab on

[A citizen's  actions to help a foreign government  make war  against, or seriously injure the parent nation.]

I wish I could rewrite the definition,  but I can not.


Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

the first thing that struck me when I read this blog was exactly what Spear articulated early on,  and which fortunately I think you did grasp. That just because someone desires military intervention from another country (and you KNOW how TOTALLY against that I am, especially in the Iran scenario), that that doesn't necessarily make them a traitor.

In fact I'd go one step further and say that I really wish the entire language of 'traitor' and 'treason' were expunged from the discourse. It means whatever it means to whoever uses it and them's fightin' words, so ultimately it can't wind up being anything but a verbal pillow in a pillow fight in a teenage slumber party. Please excuse my bluntness.

And again, it was pointed out here that you made it sound like all Monarchists were warmongers, when of course you know it's not true, and you retracted. Of course there are lovely peace-loving Monarchists and several right here. A couple even Green. DK for example voted for Karroubi and truly supported him.

I said yesterday on Q's Flagging thread after the Marge misunderstanding--where people though she'd said the publisher discloses computer IP's to outside interests for a fee, when she meant that all IP's are accessible all over the Internet, causing unnecessary anxiety because her post was both poorly expressed and poorly read--that people must be VERY SCRUPULOUS with language on these threads, because--youtube links aside--it's ALL YOU HAVE.

Captain, could you do this as a rule of thumb, please? For me? ;oP

As you know, for a long time after you came here last year, simply because you were vociferously in support of the Gazans and in general what I'd call anti-Colonialist and left-leaning, like me, and like Niloufar and many others, that you were accused A LOT of being pro-IRI. Which is the most ridiculous nonsense on God's earth. And I wound up explaining you and defending you once. Because people just went DEAF on you, as folks often do, especially when under duress. But a lot of them wouldn't if you'd enunciate better  :o)


IMHO,Ayhab,  there's only one reasonable stance overall toward the current situation in Iran. Both internal IRI violence to its people and external violence to Iran are loathesome. This seems so basic that it should be ideology-free  So anyone who agrees has to get the message across clearlly. And the messages on other topics too.AYh ab, you're supposed to CATCH the whale. It's supposed to be 'thar SHE blows', not 'thar HE blows'...sigh...

My two cents.


PS I edited out a paragraph, Ayhab, where I mentioned you'd told NP on her blog that Israel might be responsible for all wars in the past 61 years. I believe you meant to say all the bloodshed in the Middle East although not ('IF NOT') in the world. It was the 'IF NOT' that threw me because it's ambiguous. So in case you saw this post before I, I already 'got it'... :o)


Was Rosie

Nice cozy thread among friends-especially 'IRI" and No Fear

by Was Rosie on

As a few people here know, I had to leave several months ago and my return to VISIT may be perplexing. Unfortunately I can't explain right here. So I'll just proceed.


No Fear and 'IRI", yes and no, Niloufar. A lot of what they have to say IS important--theoretically-expats DO have a somewhat cloudy sense of things in Iran for numerous reasons: the separation from the homeland, and the American or whateverization, and their (usually) being middle class so it's hard for most of them to really understand peasants and workers (like ANY middle class ANYWHERE). And so it's very fortunate when people come here who can see and explain the perspective of the MANY supporters of the Regime. But something's not 'kosher' with these two.


How can 'IRI' be expected to get a hearing here when, while  telling others they're out of touch because they're part of a certain group, she constantly speaks of 'we' as though she were spokesperson of the hardliner Regime and all Iran today?So 'we' (my 'group') criticize you (as in y'all) of having groupmind. How disingenous.

Further, given the overwhelming majority feelings here toward the Regime and ESPECIALLY since the Uprising last summer,why does this person come with the name 'IRI', so patently offensive, even hurtful, while claiming to want dialog? This person doesn't want dialog. This person is obstructionist.  And if this is not an intentional tactic, this person has missing pieces. Oops, sorry 'IRI", same mistake as on the previous thread: YOU are obstructionist and/or have missing pieces.

'IRI', your behavior on the Israel/Iran thread was...well I'm tired of talking about it, especially to you, but I have to. My last post to you on that thread asked you to address several questions AFTER YOU SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED ME.  You didn't answer the Jewish American guy who came to find out whether people thought AN was building a bomb, because he doesn't want an attack by Israel or US and wanted to understand--you basically told him it's none of his business, please leave. Then a little later you basically told him he sits with his granny at supper and plans how to bomb babies (post deleted--and this language comes from the ORIGINAL), and then you ended when he left patting yourself on the back for being 'cultured'.

You wouldn't answer his question, when he left you spewed about how HE won't answer questions like some SPEECH you HAD to have half-memorized; you didn't answer my questions there, and now you' tellAyhab below that he doesn't answer your questions. So this one question I asked you on that thread I'll ask you here: WHY DID YOU SAY I'D BE HAPPY IF I GOT MONEY? I want to know what it is about me that makes you think I'll only be happy if I get MONEY?

You're anti-Semitic , just like the harderliner Regime whose mouthpiece you like to sound like (and again, I asked you before, where do you live? Kalamazoo?) On that other thread your anti-Semitism was seminal but here it's merely one indication of all the wonder that is you. Now if I'm wrong, and you're NOT anti-Semitic, you PROVE IT BY ANSWERING MY QUESTION. Why did you say I'd only be happy if I got MONEY?

'Some day at some point we can all meet. For now we understand you can't make everybody happy'you say here to your friend Mahmood Photo Op.Right, you hoped you'd make them happy with that choice of name. What you want (orwhat you wind up DOING if you're merely bumbling) is to antagonize people to polarize them so then they LOOK intolerant and you can 'denounce' them so maybe some poor schnook--google it, it's Yiddush--'Iranican'reading this will swallow your line. Probably some lost kid looking for a place in the world, middle class and educated but ultimately not that different from the ones recruited as Basij.

The pity is that a lot of what you have to say is important. Or it would be if it didn't come from you.

//  (beginning with first post from Malachi toward bottom and 'IRI's 'answer' to his question).


As for you, No Fear. Ditto, although I find your presentation more sophisticated than 'IRI's'. But you call THESE people on THIS website DELUSIONAL for not giving you a fair hearing with your picture of Ahmadinejad's finger pointing at them? WHO IS DELUSIONAL, them or you?

And No Fear, are you friggin' SERIOUS???? That any one of these people would hop on a free speech website under the auspices of that man on your avatar? WHO IS DELUSIONAL? Or is that for their confused kids reading? (Oh god,I hope they're out playing basketball and not reading you...)


You get real, you two. If you want almost anyone here to take a WORD you say seriously. Or if they already do take you seriously, to not take you DANGEROUSLY.


Mazloom Jan

by capt_ayhab on

[what they all got in return were the regime's line of thinking again and again with no rational reasoning at the end!]

There is the heart of the matter my dear hamvatan. But what I think is that we, opposition to this regime, should stand our grounds firmly and with patience, if we are to be any help to people of Iran. Trust me I do feel your frustration and anger.

Steadfast my friend, there is so much at steaks.



Mr. Parsi ............never out of line

by capt_ayhab on

As civil and courteous you have always been, it is always a delight to have a dialogue with you.

I hope I have been the same  to you, since I hold great deal respect both for you and your ideas, even though we might not agree on all points.

Enjoy your Saturday and your weekend.



Mardom Mazloom

i want to hear what they have to say about them.

by Mardom Mazloom on

Good luck!

With these specimen what you can have at the best is a dialogue of the deaf! So many people here tried to engage them in logical discussions and what they all got in return were the regime's line of thinking again and again with no rational reasoning at the end! In some cases their comments are simply zany, but these guys either don't care or have their head under the sand to understand what they are saying.

As a response; what they try to do is just to slip on no-sense in some paragraphs by highlighting some meaningless sentences that they judge important! As they were paid to output n blah-blah per day! This behaviour is also the same than other Fascists on this site advocating hate and/or war. It's captivating how two extreme ends of the political rope resemble each other!!

In the other hand, it's infuriating, when you see your brothers and sisters being tortured, raped and murdered and these people making fun of these deaths or trying to explain things as no crime has been perpetuated by IRI.

Some people can live beside such inhumanity, like those who lived sideline Jews in Ghettos, and others react against them. It's just a matter of character.

Niloufar Parsi

captain khan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i hope i was not out of line. no offence meant. i was reflecting my own inhibitions in truth.

great choice of picture, btw!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

why wouldn't you let them speak for themselves? those are good questions you raise. i want to hear what they have to say about them.


Ms. Parsi

by Spear on

writes, "why can't iranians have a dialogue with iranians my good captain?"

Other than the obvious, some Iranians, like the ones who you're referring to (namely, no fear) would not hesitate one second to lock you up and condemn you to prison for having a different opinion. Of course they can't do that on the internet, but if I were in Iran and said exactly how I felt in an effort to have "dialogue," I'd be kicked in the face, rounded up and tossed into jail where I'd be raped. That's why it's difficult to have honest and GENUINE "dialogue" with this crowd. Sure, on the internet, all they can do is hurl veiled threats ("work within the system, don't brake the rules"), but when they have you in person, there is little room for respectful "dialogue," and a whole lot of open space for brute force.

Can you have dialogue with a Nazi? Could a Jew in 1943 have dialogue with a Nazi in Berlin? The only difference in my opinion between a Nazi and a Hezbollahi is that the Nazis were actually competent and powerful, militarily and economically. Other than that, they are both brainwashed, with one worshipping a bastardized diety figure, one a megalomaniac mortal. But it's not even about worshipping "Allah" with this gang of mafia mullahs/IRGC -- it's all about power and money, and the more the merrier, even if that means grossly neglecting the national interests of the Iranian people.

Tell me, what difference is there between the Anglo-British Oil Company (bp) who raped Iran's resources for 60 years and the IRGC and the mullahs, who have stolen billions upon billions of dollars from the Iranian nation over 31 years? One is a foreign thief and the other is a homegrown thief. To me, they're both the same = theives, and should not be the beneficiary of our support, under any circumstances.

Would I support the British government in 1919 as they were raping Iran, if while they were raping us, in order to maintain their greedy grip on Iran, they managed to intentionally involve us in a war against a 3rd party? Would I support the British as they waged war against a 3rd party on our soil? No way, and for the same reason, I wouldn't support my homegrown thieves -- they're no better than the theives from England, regardless of their birth certificates! 

Ms. Parsi, you can try to whitewash the crimes of the Hezbollahis under the banner of national security and "dialogue," but there has been way too much water (or blood) under the bridge of Islamic Republic. The die-hard hezbollahis that are in control of Iran right now don't care about dialogue, they just wanna have their way with Iran (and her wealth of resources), or else. And you don't have to be a genuis to understand what "or else" means, as in oppression.

Why are the IRGC raping Iranian men and women in prisons all over Iran if they really wanna have "dialogue" with the Iranian people? Rape is an act of violence and aggression, not an invitation of diplomacy! Why are they prosecuting green protestors who only wanted to have a fair election WITHIN THE SYSTEM?

No, you can't have "dialogue" with tyrannts and their agents, who have 31 years worth of precious blood of innocents on their wicked hands. The only language they understand is brute force, I'm very sad to say.

IRI represents political Islam, not Iran


Ms. Parsi

by capt_ayhab on

[so here we have a couple of outright regime supporters who get what you are saying in this blog, and want to talk to you and i see you shun them. i know what the pressure is like here. but i hope they - the bomb-iran mob - are not intimidating you.]

Neither one of us are here because we are light heart-ed nor we are here because we can not fend our positions.

What we are NOT here is to waste time and energy. So when you see refusal from engagement with certain characters, be certain that it is not out of shyness, but is it to utilize the energy in more productive manners.

One can not type humanity into inhumane.


Niloufar Parsi

captain khan

by Niloufar Parsi on

well you are courageous to take on such a tough subject. it is a 'lose-lose' move in that you are certain to get it from both camps!

the atmosphere in this place is not conducive to a frank discussion on 'doubt', as the pouncing can be hurtful. for quite some time i have been feeling that there is too much propaganda against iran on this site. when norooz came and a goodhearted blogger started listing positive qualities, i was quite encouraged and flattered by the 'real' category nomination. however, it also made me realise that i was not being 'real' if i did not start speaking out against anti-iranian tendencies here. you know, it is not even being 'anti-iranian' that was the issue. more than that, the fantasy world constructed about how the 'real' iran is anti-arab, anti-islam, and anti anyhing that is actually going on in and around iran! our neighbours are afghans and pakistanis and arabs as well as the turks and turkic countries. iran is not america. iranians in america are naturally americanised. the process of getting the passport is called 'naturalisation' in the uk. this is all fine. we are all just people living all over the place. but why pretend that some american-iranian constructed version of iran - and one that comes form a minority if iranian-americans - is the 'real' iran? so when i use the term 'anti-iranian' above, i mean it in that sense. these guys are not against iran. they just don't know - and a number don't want to know - what iran really is. otherwise they would not support attacks against iranians.

so here we have a couple of outright regime supporters who get what you are saying in this blog, and want to talk to you and i see you shun them. i know what the pressure is like here. but i hope they - the bomb-iran mob - are not intimidating you.

i for one want dialogue between iran and her foes, and if i am not mistaken you do too. why can't iranians have a dialogue with iranians my good captain?


Mardom Mazloom

Capt'ne jan,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Harf in baba No Iran ro goosh nakon. He dares to say:

ou despise the monarchists ( rightfully ) and you are also against any war against Iran. A person like you will have NO problem , participating , actively, in the internal politic of Iran. You just have to be smart about it and respect a few rules.

While, the number of journalists held in IRI is the highest recorded in the world for the past year. These same journalists who once worked on IRI's news agencies and are now jailed just because they expressed facts and nothing more. No Iran has either some bullets left in his brain or wants everybody to be killed.


Capt aziz: thank you for

by vildemose on

Capt aziz: thank you for being the voice of reason.

hamsade ghadimi

dear capt

by hamsade ghadimi on

thanks for the clarification.  i wonder if any imprisoned green demonstrator in evin is secretly wishing an attack on iran.  desparate people sometimes resort to (or yearn for) desparate actions.  i prefer to change their minds (the warmongers) through civil discourse.  if not, i would reluctantly tolerate them as one would do in a democracy.  by the way, i hope you were not implying that i'm a monarchist. :)


Mrs. vildemose, Mr. Spear

by capt_ayhab on

All I can say is that you two have humbled me with your heartwarming and generous support and compliment.

I truly appreciate you both.



Artimis e Azziz

by capt_ayhab on

Due apology for delay in complete response to your well written comment and thank you ever so kindly for your generous compliment and kind words.

You note[ but to label people as Iran and Iranian haters just because they oppose
the current criminal regime (occupying Iran and killing, imprisoning and torturing innocent Iranians since 1979!!) really brings you into a very unfortunate spot light here !!

You have an excellent point. As I mentioned to our dear hamvatan Hamsadeh Ghadimi, I never intended and will never intend to categorize any one who opposes Islamic Hokomat as traitors. It is actually total opposite.

Point of my comments and blog has been and always will be toward people who support military attack on Iran and Iranians.

Opposing Hokomat e Ealami, with everything we have available is a national duty to every single Iranian woman man and children. With the same token, opposing any military action against our people is the highest of all national duties upon every single person, be it Iranian or otherwise.


Best regard




Dear Hamsadeh Ghadimi

by capt_ayhab on

Firstly my sincerest apology for such a delay in responding to you directly, It has not been avoidable.

Secondly I owe you and perhaps many of out decent and Iran loving Monarchist if I have come across of broad brushing all of them in one category.

This has only been due to my amateurish writing style and nothing else. Many of my closest friend are Monarchist who are in total opposition to any foreign interference in our country.

I should have been more specific by saying [ few element in those groups], generalization was never my intent.

best regards.



NO fear

by KouroshS on

Ha! Not nearly as convenient asit is for your masters to engage in violence and whitewash the heck out of it.

come on now. Let's be honest here!

No Fear

Kourosh in wonderland ...

by No Fear on

I guess i have to add paranoia to vertues such as , hypocrisy, racism, arrogance, treason and self righteousness to the resume of the new democratic front for Iran.

Yes , i am the big bad wolf. How convenient is it for you to just bury your head in the snow....

I wonder ...



My o My

by KouroshS on

 I guess Vildmose is right!!! This fellow is all over the place trying to get information out of Our dear capitan or anyone of us for that matter. That ought to be the new cover for Under the radar IRI agents , By coming to forums such as IC and pretending that They are simply trying to engage people in the politics of our country... LOOOL... Jallal Khalegh... Bebin donyaro toro be hazrate abbas...

Yet at the same time they will do their best to dig as much information out as possible. I guess he has been trained By the Utmost, Super-duper Pros in Iran, Who showed him how to set the Trap and Get things ready. Yeahh.. Here is a secular blog... you just go right ahead and follow that for a week... Aha right.... Knowing that talking about secularism in its genuine form, is like Going up to a High Ranking Hojjii eslam and pulling down your pants and ... telling him donya daste kie...

DOn't you realize that It is not the Senior El presidente who can authorize how much freedom one should or is allowed to have if such is not envisioned and enshrined in the constitution of a country? You people still run around and Blabber about how His monkiness has granted freedom like never before and we should be Grateful for it???

Notice that it is recommended that one needs to Be "smart about" it. and Respect a few rules... God only know what those rules are and what actually happens if you do not. Beghole yeki... Khodeti! Join Our voices with those who are sworn supporters of the "Brick and Foundation" layer of The IRI. Yeah sure. why not.

Help us going after those who stole fron iran! Areh. so we can enrich our bank accounts in europe and canada even further, leaving you with a dele khosh Ke You are active in the political affairs of your country!

 Az hame mohem TAr... Press Freedom... YOU mean pressing harder than they are pressing Now??? Mashalah They have all the freedom in the world To press as much as they want...

I am glad that He is smart enough to bring up the idea of Reducing Incompetent clergies! here let us just go all the way and turn that into an elimination process...


No Fear


by No Fear on

My sincere wish for all Iranians are to get them envolved in the politics of our homeland. You despise the monarchists ( rightfully ) and you are also against any war against Iran.

A person like you will have NO problem , participating , actively, in the internal politic of Iran. You just have to be smart about it and respect a few rules. If you want those rules to be changed, then support those who have the best chance of changing them within the system. Just recently, Ahmadinejad talked about " referendum". Do you like this idea? How about getting back to those who stole from Iran? Or fighting for more press freedom.

Do you want to reduce the incompetent clergies from the government and leave the job for university graduates? If yes, would you take the streets and shout about it, or would you do it the smart way?

There are many ways that you could contribute, actively. Than to be a mere voice on IC.



Much Fear

by vildemose on

IRI has many fake/bogus so-called opposition sites/groups as fronts to identify those who are against the regime. Please beware!

 Even IRI's "human right" organization is a fake one. So, much fear, try to peddle your stuff somewhere else...



by capt_ayhab on

I love the name Reza, My  only son owns one in his middle name.



P/S Us Azari's have the habit of first, middle and last name. Khareji hasteem masalan ;-)


Californian Home?

by capt_ayhab on

Guess again and I will get back to you later.

Meanwhile................If you have read enough of my posts, you should know that these stuff do not work on me. You need to come up with better tactics.

Please do not tell me that that I have OVER estimated you

! <Exclamation mark



No Fear

Capt. ....

by No Fear on

You said;

What I am here is to be a voice. A voice to suppressed Iranian people, granted if they humble me with their permission.

Are you being suppressed in the comfort of your californian home? You being a voice for People of Iran , is pathetic. Do you even notice the undertone insult that you carry with your arrogance? I don't want to be rude to a fellow iranian, but hypocracy has its limit.

Tell me which secular blogger or organization you are a member of , and have supported financially in Iran? There are quite a few bloggers who are advocating secularism openly, and there are organizations ( Anjomans ) that are secularists yet not advocating their stance openly. Are you aware of them? If not, why aren't you aware of them?  see the point im trying to make?

here is a secularist blogger website in Iran. Follow his blog for a week or two, and you get to know all other genuine Iranian secularist movements without licking the boots of neo cons and their warmongering ideologies.


After doing so, come over to this site and tell me , if during any previous administrations in IR , there was any president who allowed this much freedom more than Ahmadinejad is doing today.



gentelmen and gentle ladies

by capt_ayhab on

I only  wish that you could imagine how humble you have made me feel.




Dear Capt_Ayhab !

by Arthimis on

Dear Capt_Ayhab,

Not too long ago, we exchanged Happy Nou-Rooz kind messages here together Sir...

You are indeed a talented writer on so many levels, it indicates your level of academic education and ... However, with all due respect ham-meehan,  but to label people as Iran and Iranian haters just because they oppose the current criminal regime (occupying Iran and killing, imprisoning and torturing innocent Iranians since 1979!!) really brings you into a very unfortunate spot light here !!!

Your intellect and talents are coming from your mind, thoughts and ego! As a nation we are way past that....... Too many years, too many intellectuals and too many failures on all levels for all of us...........

Enough is Enough, Are we ever going to connect with our inner CONSCIOUSNESS and reach a UNITY against WRONG at some point all together???????Or are we going to continue this bad behavior and energies by continuing to insult one another like bunch of children???? (That is about all of us, myself included and everyone else that reads this...)

What else this blog and similar blogs by your oppositions here and out there, TRULY serve for the GOOD OF IRAN AND TRUE IRANIANS????Honestly Nothing!!!These stuff here justs feeds our egos that is coming from very deep wounds in our souls... We need to heal ourselves and others... We need to come toward the Light

Hope we all going to wake up at some point, sooner than later! There may NOT ba a later for any or all of us!!!!


Reza (And don't worry, NOT Pahlavi...) :-)

Awareness, Consiousness, Love and Peace