In Memmory of Ali N..... My Nephew


In  Memmory of Ali N..... My Nephew
by capt_ayhab

It was three years ago to date,  the phone call came in, a call that every family dreads ….

Call of a young man in family having been murdered, viciously and in cold blood.

The call was from my baby sister, about her son, her boy, her Ali her 27 year old soon to gbe married to his sweet heart. Her pride and joy, soon to graduate with highest degree in civil engineering from Sharif University.

Ali N. an industrious engineer, a brilliant writer, a soft spoken romantic poet. A young man with a smile that brightened life. A man with all the hopes of future gleaming in his eyes. With a soul that was bigger than this entire universe.

What do you say to a mother a sister who has lost such a boy? How do you attempt to sooth her pain? What do you say to a father who was planning his son’s wedding, who instead has to plan a funeral? What do you say to younger brother who has lost his hero, his buddy, his role model, his help and hope in future? What do you say to soon to be beautiful bride who is in black and shattered for her man?

How do you look into their eyes without breaking to pieces? How do you help a mother and a  father whose tears are dried up, their soul broken, their hearts in shreds and their lives ruined?

Ali, Daie jun, There is not a day since you have been gone that I do not feel your presence. There is not a day that goes by without us crying for your mother, you father, my sister, and my lawful bother. Only thing that helps us through is your memory, your poetry, your eloquent writings, you smiling pictures and sounds of your laughter that rings in our dreams.

Your soul was bigger than life itself, your spirit didn’t belong on this cesspool of greed, lies, deceptions and corruption called earthly life.  You went to where you belong, place where no one can hurt you again, where your soul is in peace and harmony, surrounded by beauty, love, affection and purity.

BUT you left behind a shattered mother, broken father, lonely brother, crying bride and dozens and dozens of aunts uncles, cousins and friends who miss you so dearly.

I  so miss you Ali, I so miss you, please say hello to Grand Papa.

نفرت چشمها را نزدیک بین میکند ، خشم آستیگمات
ترس آنها را پف میدهد، دروغ آنها را از حدقه بیرون میزند
پنهان کاری آنها را فراری میکند ، مهربانی آنها را چروک دار
امنیت آنها را قرمز میکند ، فاصله آنها را سفید
عشق چشمها را روشن میکند ، صبر آرام بخش
Ali N.
Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last name is being withheld to protect my sisters privacy. 


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Farah Rusta

دوست عزیز

Farah Rusta



از غم شما دیر خبردار شدم ولی امیدوارم این شعر رودکی تسلی‌ بخش آلام شما باشد. با عرض تسلیت و عذر تأخیر.


ای آنکه غمگنی وسزاواری
وندر نهان سرشک همی باری

از بهر آن کجا برم نامش
ترسم زبخت انده و دشواری

رفت آنکه رفت، و آمد آنک آمد
بود آنچه بود، خيـره چه غم داری؟!

هموار کرد خواهی گيـتی را؟
گيـتی است« کی پذيـرد همواری؟

مستی مکن که نشنود اومستی
زاری مکن که نشنود او زاری

شو تا قيـامت آيـد زاری کن
کی رفته را به زاری باز آری؟

آزار بيـش بيـنی زيـن گردون
گر تو به هر بهانه بيـازاری

گويـی گماشته ست بلايـی او
بر هر که تو دل بر او بگماری

ابری پديـد نی و، کسوفی نی
بگرفت ماه و گشت جهان تاری

فرمان کنی و يـا نکنی، ترسم
بر خويـشتن ظفرندهی باری

تا بشکنی سپاه غمان بر دل
آن به که می بيـاری و بگساری

اندر بلای سخت پديـد آرند
فضل و بزرگ مردی و سالاری





فضول باشی‌


فضول باشی‌ جان

فدای معرفتت سالار



Fouzul Bashi

Dear Captain

by Fouzul Bashi on

My sincere deep sympathies to you and your family for such a sad loss, Sir 



Dears Ms. Parsi, Mr.'s Fathollah, Shazdeh & IMF

by capt_ayhab on

From bottom of my heart, and from my sister and her family I truly appreciate your beautiful and heart warming comments.

God bless you all, and your beautiful families.



Dear Capt_Ayhab

by on

My condolences to you and your family for the loss of your loved one. May his heart soar like an Eagle!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

am so sorry for your loss. that is a truly moving description. we never really Know fear of loss until we have children. words cannot describe the impact of such a loss.

your observations are truly wonderful. some of the deepest thoughts i have ever read on this site.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Captain Ayhab, please accept our sympathy and sorrow

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

We can only hope that time and strenght can soften the effects of this brutal blow to your family.


Capt_A: Exactly my

by vildemose on

Capt_A: Exactly my sentiments. You said it eloquently.


Bless his soul

by Fatollah on

I am sorry for your loss and heartfelt sorrow.

Bless his soul, hope he is in a better place.


an observation and heartfelt thanks

by capt_ayhab on

In our hectic days to day lives, we often are so engulfed in finding our differences with people who surround us that we fail to see the deep commonalities that we share with people.

Here in this diverse, challenging, abrasive at times, loving and affectionate at others, community called IC ,  we debate, we get angry at one another, we even disrespect each other at times, just to try and make a point that [our] way of thinking is somehow superior to[others]

What we fail to see, [of which I am the guiltiest] is how much we, as frail, vulnerable, emotional, hating and mostly loving people have in common with each other. And that is,  we feel the pain alike, as we enjoy the pleasures alike.

When my father passed away one year before Ali's murder, I was sad, I was pained, but there was something natural about it. He, as much as I miss him, had a prosperous, fruitful and full life. But Ali didn't neither did Maziar’s brother, vildemose's bother, nor did many many 10's of thousands of young men who walked the minefields and who stood in front of charging tanks, armed with only their valor and love of our country.

This is the commonality that we need to seek, and not the difference. Commonality that we have, all of us, in one way or the other, where we all have been touched and have given sacrifice to our nation.




Dear Captain, Maziar and Vildemose

by divaneh on

I was sorry to read about your loss of loved ones. My condolences to you and your families. Rooheshan Shaad.


Maziar and Vildemose aziz

by Mehrban on

My heart goes out to both of you.  


Dears, Monda, Abarmard, DK, Ebi , Mehrban

by capt_ayhab on

Dears,  Monda, Abarmard, DK, Ebi , Mehrban

I am grateful for your beautiful and heartfelt comments.

God Bless you all and your kindness.



Monda jan: thank you

by vildemose on

Monda jan: thank you sweetheart. I appreciate and cherish your kind heart.


Maziar jan: You are not

by vildemose on

Maziar jan: You are not alone. I share your pain and grief. The senseless war took so many of our loved ones needlessly for a diabolic monster like Khomeini.

 Hang in there for now. Justice will prevail. I'm certain of that. In some ways, it already has...


vildemose, Maziar58, capt_ayhab va everyone else

by Monda on

My sincere condolences to all of you and your loved ones.

I hope you find this useful:



علی‌. پ. جان


علی‌. پ.  جان

سپاسگزارم از چکامه بسیار زیبا و بجا




Thank you for the beautiful

by vildemose on

Thank you for the beautiful poem. I will share it with my mom.


Mrs. vildemose

by capt_ayhab on

I am deeply sorry for your loss. It absolutely devastates the parents. Death of a young person is a TRAGEDY in any language.

Allow me share the poem my sister just sent me with you and your beautiful mother and family.

وه که جدا نمی شود نقش تو ازخیال من

       تا چه شود به عاقبت در طلب تو حال من




Hope this would be your last pain

by Abarmard on

Stay strong


My condolences

by Mehrban on

So sorry about the loss your nephew Ali.  I know that in some ways one never fully recovers from loss of loved ones.  But time can help lessen the pain while remembering the good memories.  Captn jaan, take care of yourself and your sister.


Dear Capt-A: A moving

by vildemose on

Dear Capt-A: A moving tribute to your nephew. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you can visit your sister more often; nothing will ease her pain like a love of a brother.There’s no emotion that rivals the intensity of grieving a loved one. It’s unfathomably depressing, and ebbs and flows from getting easier to being harder to handle, depending on the day.

 As you said, there is no pain like losing one's child. I can attest to  that because I saw how  my mother suffered the loss of  his beautiful son,  barely 21 year old in the diabolic  Iraq-Iran war. She's never been the same nor any of our family members. The pain never ceases; you can only manage it; sometimes better than others.




Ali P.


by Ali P. on

همیشه مؤمن                                                                                             

 تو برو سفر سلامت                                                                   

من نخور که دوری                               
 برای من شده عادت
 ای طلوع اولین دوست                                                                           
 ای رفیق آخر من
                   به سلامت ، سفرت خوش                          
 ای یگانه یاور من                                                                                             
مقصدت هر جا که باشه
هر جای دنیا که باشی                                                                   

اونور مرز شقایق
 پشت لحظه ها که باشی
خاطرت باشه که قلبت                           
سپر بلای من بود                                                 

تنها دست تو

. .                             
 دست بی ریای من بود


From bottom of my heart

by capt_ayhab on

From bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone for your beautiful and heartfelt sympathy and comments.

As a parent, I can ONLY attempt to feel the pain my sister and her husband are going through. But no pain, no amount of misery and sorrow can come close to pain of losing a child.

You know, they say that Heaven will call her most beautiful child to join her YOUNG. Then heaven must be one cruel and unloving monster. How could it take away someone's child?

World should have an unbreakable rule, NO parent should have to bury their child.  It should be children's duty to bury their parents, not the other way around.

Thank you all again, from me, my sister, her husband and Ali's surviving brother, Omid.

Most respectfully


Darius Kadivar

Tasliat Capt' Jaan...

by Darius Kadivar on

ebi amirhosseini

کاپیتان جان

ebi amirhosseini

کاشکی نوگل ما چون گل بستان بودی

که چو رفتی گذرش سوی گلستان بودی

کاش چاهی که در او یوسف ما افکندند

راه بازآمدنش جانب کنعان بودی

کاشکی آنکه نهان کشت ز ما یک تن را

بر سرش راه سرچشمهٔ حیوان بودی

شب هجران چه دراز است خصوصا این شب

کاش روزی ز پس این شب هجران بودی

چه قدر گریه توان کرد در این غم به دو چشم

کاش سر تا قدمم دیده گریان بودی

آنکه بر مرکب چوبین بنشست و بدواند

کاش اینجا دگرش فرصت جولان بودی

Ebi aka Haaji


Master Maziar

by capt_ayhab on

He was murdered during so called peace time of 3 years ago.

I so feel your pain and your sacrifice. 



Ayririq - Jodaie

by capt_ayhab on


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

CAPT- from the picture where was taken of your beloved Ali all I can see is mithan and howayze (near sussangerd).....

where they gathered my brother's crushed body (RUNNED OVER BY IRAQI TANKS)and delivered him in BLACK TRASH BAG to my family to burry him during sensless  Iran- Iraq war.

may god punish all those resposible hands of all these non sences crimes.          Maziar


He loved that tune :(

by capt_ayhab on