Lets have a Referendum


Lets have a Referendum
by capt_ayhab

It is spring break and yours truly have few free days on his hands. Thanks to TA’s to whom I am for ever indebted to, I usually spend periods like this in pondering on how to tackle the next wave of inquiring minds.

This spring break  however is rather different or should I say special. Not that I do not care about  the responsibility that I carry in respect to what I have been trusted when it comes to fulfilling my duties. But it is special in respect to the events that has been dominating my mind.

Events that accrued in past few months not only caught us Iranians by surprise but it also caught the entire western SO CALLED freedom hugging, democracy BUILDING human rights bombarding western self proclaimed countries with their pant down[so to speak].

To cut the long train of thoughts short I have come of with this brilliant [in spite of my dumbness] idea. Why not we in this IC hold a mock[wishing to be true] referendum . I mean we have just most recently voted for the most desirable female youngster of our people. Just this most recently we had a blog of all the heart throb male pick of the day.  WHY NOT vote for what we like to see happen to our country and the people of 75 million who live there?

Here is the ballet:

1.    Air Tight suffocating sanction on a nation that suffers 20% unemployment rate and 25% inflation rate.

2.    Surgical military attack on nuclear installations with potential AND near disastrous certain nuclear fall out on the entire nation of 75 million with more disastrous effect than Hiroshima and Nagasaki EXPERIMENT.

3.    All out war [aka Total War] on the nation of Iran with certain predictable result of millions upon millions of innocent deaths and displacement [aka Iraq].

4.    Continued diplomatic dialogue, despite the fact we are negotiating with an utterly and purely criminal entity called IR.

5.    Rubber stamping the so called western humanistic , particularly UNCLENCHED fist of Mr. Obama who is yet to enable himself to separate the US policy from that of dictated to HIM by entities such as AIPAC and the Zionist ilk who control this country, [whether we like to admit it or not].

6. All of the above.

7. None of the above.

Cast your vote and just imagine that you are voting for a pretty actress or a hunk of an actor. After all future of some 75 million innocent people is at stakes here


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by jamshid on

Your pro-regime stance does not surprise me. For the past few months, the regime's actions have quite down people like you, but you are back at it, showing off your "fantastic" government of IRI. Here are my respones:

"The Islamic Republic, unlike Vietnam, is a capitalistic system. "

The IRI is far from being a capitalist system. Don't you know the difference between a "serfdom" and capitalism? The IRI is more like a serfdom than a true capitalist society.

"in the core of the system, there are no true differences between the Islamic Republic and other developing nations."

And why should we be compared to "developing nations" in 2010? Why can't be at least like another South Korea? I'll tell you why. It is the same reason I have told you before. That the "gedaa parvari" and "haghir parvari" culture of mollahs has gotten into you. You are proud to be your least. But most others aren't.

"The country has been doing very well in infrastructure, education, and energy"

I am sorry to say this to you using such harsh words Abarmard, but only an IGNORANT would say something like this.

Infrastructure? Take a look at these pictures and tell me where is the infrastructure? //raya2.mihanblog.com/post/1717

Education? Iran is number one in brain drain in the whole world. Our best men and women are "educating" foreign people thanks to the hell hole that the IRI has made out of Iran. Again your akhoond gedaaparvari culture tells you to be proud of the least.

Energy? Thanks to the IRI's incompetence in foreign and domestic affairs, Iran can't even build its own refinary. If you think "doing well" is to export our oil for one dollar to India and then import it back at five dollars in refined form, then you know why we are doing so terribly in the energy sector: Because icompetents like you are in charge in Iran and running the country.

"The landscape for businesses and firms to succeed in a vibrant, dynamic, culturally matured nation of Iran is tremendous"

Maybe for a haaji with the right contacts, yes, but for anyone else, it is impossible to do any business that could be larger than a medium business, without the sepaah coming in and asking for its "baaj". I have been there and done that. You seem to be mistaking your haaji type family and entourage as the average family in Iran. You are wrong.

"The fact that the country lacks investment is not because of the government policies but US policies..."

This is the most BS thing I have ever heard. Then why isn't Argentine or Japan or Turkey or Korea or Saudi or the rest of the world is not suffering from lack of investment? Why is it only Iran, North Korea and Cuba?

"Come to think of it, Iran is far a head from many countries..."

Many countries, like some of the poorest countries in Africa? Again, it goes back to the well entranched culture of gedaa parvari va hegharat parvari and being happy with the least. Iran's GNP is one of the worst, considering the vast amount of oil it has.

Now, here is your gem:

"The government takes care of unemployed, poor, and disabled as much as any other systems in the world, and more"

Are you kidding me? The IRI does not even care for the war veterans who were dismembered or otherwise injured during the Iran-Iraq war, unless you happen to have connections. Prostitution is rampant and drug addiction is tearing the society apart. Unemployment is more than 30 percent, poverty is widespread, and you piece of GARBAGE have the audacity to come in this forum and advertise the opposite with the special "moozi gari" you have learnt from the mollah culture around you?

If I could, I would wipe that smile off your face and any other bacheh akhoond who are living off Iran's riches in the West and driving their Mercedes and BMWs, and like the leaches that they are, want the regime to continue its existance so they can continue lving off people's byetomaal.



Dear jamshid

by Abarmard on

I am not sure what you mean by your question. The Islamic Republic, unlike Vietnam, is a capitalistic system. They have less of an ideology when it comes to many things. They however are using/promoting Islam to differentiate their systems with the rest. However, in the core of the system, there are no true differences between the Islamic Republic and other developing nations. (Talking business only)

The country has been doing very well in infrastructure, education, and energy. Also health care and medication is among the developed countries. There are many areas of economy that lacking infrastructure because of lack of foreign direct investment or FDI. Those are easily fixable. The landscape for businesses and firms to succeed in a vibrant, dynamic, culturally matured nation of Iran is tremendous. The fact that the country lacks investment is not because of the government policies but US policies that doesn't match the aggressive Iranian approach in the regional issues.

Come to think of it, Iran is far a head from many countries that are attracting investments. You must know that it is not Iran who is playing the "bad" game but there are other issues besides economy that worries the powers. Certainly they had no way of controlling a powerful China, but they are trying to do so with Iran.

Back to your question, I am not clear as what it is that the system is sanctioning Iranians? The government takes care of unemployed, poor, and disabled as much as any other systems in the world, and more. Iranians yet have to also work to help the social system rather than stealing from it!

Let sanctions go away and see how the economy would flourish. Iran is not as corrupt as many other nations and those other countries have done OK. 



by jamshid on

I completely agree with your views on sanctions. What is your views on the existing sanctions imposed on the people of Iran?

By that I mean the economical sanctions already imposed by the IRI on its own people.


It's always easy to pay with someone else's money

by Abarmard on

Those who are stingy, many times note the amount of money that goes out of their wallet, and in order to keep their money, they promote spending other people's money.

Similarly for those who promote sanctions, they are promoting paying from someone else's pocket so they can save their own. Nothing but selfish bastards. Sorry for being impolite.


Dear Samsam

by capt_ayhab on

I do clearly see your point and do rather agree with it.

Let us assume no dialogue accrues, what is the option? I mean the western powers either have to wash their hands from morally helping any sort of movement in Iran or have to take a substantive step in helping[moral support] the people on the streets .

Even though I am a  liberal  but I categorically disapprove Mr. Obama's lack of strong moral support of Iran. His top agenda has been nuclear issue, undermining the will of people of Iran.

Thanks for insightful comment.



DK Jan

by capt_ayhab on

I am glad that you noticed the sarcasm mixed with bit of satire in the blog. But I assure you this is not a joke.

I for one really love to get a feel of the ladies and gentlemen of the site as to what some really like to see to happen. 



Rostam, pal

by SamSamIIII on


I reckon the slogan No war  No sanctions No dialogue must have pissed the arabo ommatie  Moft-bokhor_Manbar-bebousan so much so that her lachak is on fire since without war & sanctions they cant rip Iran off thru haji mafia black markets and without dialogue they cant get their visa to transfer the loot outside for tokhmo tareh Qadess ;::)). I gotte be thankfull though, since lately she hasn,t blogged to advise JJ for my removal from the site. Cheers pal!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Darius Kadivar

Capt Started the Joke ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I Know the Feeling It's hard to belong to a Minority ...



And When You decide to be serious Captain Jaan Try convincing them on the issue of Human rights :

DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)

Good Luck !



@Rostam: The meaning of lashkhor

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Lashkhor is vulture in English. Vultures are scavenging birds, feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals, and this definition suits perfectly those of us here in the West willing to have Iranians killed en masse in Iran to later go and claim our share of the cacass.


Thanks Marge

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I must say you are more of a man than many of these cyber wariors.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hello I'm a patriot, but I want to starve Iranians.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I will wake up and get my espresso coffee. I will come back and take my shoes off and sit at my desk to read online about Ahmadinejad. Then I'll blog about how bad Iran is these days and needs saving by outsiders like me. Then I'll go pee because of the espresso. I'll eat some cake, then I'll tell the Iranians to do it. I'm in exile, but I know what is right for Iran. I want there to be a web record of Iranians asking for starvation of Iranians and even bombing. I'm an Iranian patriot. You might think I'm Israeli, more than some born there, but it's just reality. Before I die I want to see a revolution, and I welcome it at any cost.

I will advocate this and not shed a tear for Iranians when the war starts. I will go to the shops and buy my cheap chicken and bread, knowing that Iranians probably won't have access to the same. I will go to the park to get some exercise and walk, when I know that I supported a policy that barred Iranians from enjoying the same things, but so what? It's my right.

I will have sex with my wife (she stayed with me all these years, if you can believe it). I will roll over and fall asleep and immediately dream. Iranians probably won't have these little pleasures when the war starts, but I don't think about that. I think about myself. I think about a revolution before I roll over and die.  

I will use the IRI to hide behind my policies which cause pain for Iranians. It's the right thing.  




:Read between the lines my friend

:Yes to War, Yes to Sanctions, No to Dialogue

یعنی‌ اینکه انقدر از آخوندا بدم میاد که حتا به حال ملت خودم هم رحم ندارم...

:No to War, Yes to Sanctions, No to Dialogue

یعنی‌ اینکه حتا انقدر نمیتونم بفهمم که بابا تحریم فقط رژیم رو کمک میکنه...

:No to War, No to Sanction, Yes to Dialogue

یعنی‌ اینکه بابا مارو به حال خودمون بذارید تا خودمون و فک و فامیلامون همینطور بتونیم از کیسهٔ IRI بخوریم... چرا میخواید دکان مارو بهم بزنید؟

:No to War, No to Sanctions, No to Dialogue

یعنی‌ اینکه مشروعیت بی‌ مشروعیت. حالا هی‌ زور بزنید که این رژیم رو در دید همه مشروع کنید... بابا مفتخوری بستتون دیگه، چقدر میخواید بخورید و بچاپید؟ برید گورتون رو جمع کنید برید.


Take it like a man???

by Rostam on

یک مشت دریوزه که با بیشعوری خودشون دارن مملکت رو به ورطهً جنگ و تحریم میکشانند و از اون طرف هم با زرنگی مخصوص خودشو ن مدام افکار مردم رو از جنایات رژیم به جریانات نامربوط دیگه منحرف میکنن... بعد هم مثل این خانوم «مارج» میان اینجا با بیشرمی و پررویی به هر کی که به فکر میهنش هست تهمت جنگ طلبی میزنن و در کنار هم از اعضای گروه خودشون تعریف و تمجید میکنن.

خدا ملت در بند ایران رو از این لاشخورهایی که بویی از شرافت نبردن نجات بده.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It really is not up to either us or people of Iran to decide what the US does. The US will do whatever it determines will be in its own interest. Those of us who are US citizens may have a very small voice but the rest get none. Did any of us get asked about the Iraq war? Of course not and the same goes for Iran policy.

If we want to be realistic we should prepare for the possibility. Not because we want it but because it may happen and we better have our eyes open.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

"Take it like a man"

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Our armchair patriots at iranian.com are getting aggressive. Don't worry boys, the war is coming. Get to the champagne and cigars. Enough of this blog BS.

Don't feed the monster Captain. 



by jamshid on

"You are cordially dis-invited from participating in any and all of my threads"

Thank you for your cordial offer. However, I must insist in rejecting your dis-invitation offer. For as long as you are blogging in a public forum, anyone has the right to invite him/herself to participate and possibly refute or critisize your views. That's why it is called a public forum.

However, knowing your views, I don't expect you to understand this simplest of  issues. You want to be able to spread all the information and/or misinformation that you wish, but without anyone having the right to refute or criticize them. How convenient!

So I repeat it to you mister: if you don't want to hear opposing views, you'd better blog in your own private forum, not in a public forum such as IC.

You wrote, "You have a foul mouth of slandering and name calling"

Well, I looked at my comments directed at you, and can't find any foul mouthed words. But let's do take a look at your foul mouthing and name callings, shall we? Here is the list:

Your knowledge base is poorly limited to few innuendos and hearsay...

You represent the poorest of any form of debate...

you lack the comprehension to grasp the issue...

Your vile and slanderous criticism...

Hopefully you have the smarts to understand...

Now, who has the foul mouth, me or you? Either way, the issue here is not foul mouthing, rather it is your incapacity to reply to criticism in a civil and intelligent manner. Instead, you get frustrated and angry at the critic and then it is you yourself who reverts to slandering and name calling, as you have done against me in this blog.

Mark my words capt_ahyab: When you present your views in a public forum, if I find my views to be different than yours and want those different views to be heard by others, I will not hesitate to "invite" myself in, and post my opposing views in your blog.

In some corners of the world, they call this "freedom of speech", a notion that it seems you are alien with.

There is already enough suffocation of freedom of speech in Iran, we are not going to allow that suffocation to be transferred to the free Western societies as well, no matter how much this might be frustrating to you or others.


Capt_Ayhab , your statement defeats

by SamSamIIII on

 its own purpose.

NO war, NO sanction YES dialogue with Human rights on top of the agenda."

Think very hard about what you are saying here & take your time doing it. With due respect ,do you see the hidden hypocracy in that statement which is ultimately asking for the same hated foreign power/s whom you preach against constantly to bring human rights & democracy via political force & interference.

War or political threats/pressure are 2 faces of the same coin of Foreign intervention. Is that what you want? . knowing your views, I,m sure you are not since that might put you next to those who want foreign intervention.

So tell me then, what exactly do you want & mean by  dialogue if not for interference ?. The only natural fruit of Dialogue with no interference is called giving legitimacy. & doing that is to legitimize occupation of Pan-Ommah. so I beg to disagree;

NO war   No Sanctions   No Dialogue


btw* there has been dialogue for 30 yrs & it will go on, as long as there are still haj kebobi traders in charge in Iran. & who is gone bring human rights to Iran? ..China,UK, Merkel or Obama? or may be Putin's Russia? ;). 


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Mr. jamshid

by capt_ayhab on

You are cordially dis-invited from participating in any and all of my threads. For the following reasons:

1. You have a foul mouth of slandering and name calling.

2. Your knowledge base is poorly limited to few innuendos and hearsay.

3. You represent the poorest of any form of debate that any intelligent person can put forth.

4. You do not read the blog, and when you do , you lack the comprehension  to grasp the issue that is being discussed.

5.  Your vile and slanderous criticism is not welcome in my posts.

6. I refuse to bring myself to your level.

7. This should serve as my last invitation for you  to LEAVE my blog gracefully.

8. Hopefully you have the smarts to understand what I am asking you to do SIR.

Best regards and fair well




by jamshid on

Grow up and be an adult. When you publish your opinion in a public forum, be mature enough to be ready for criticism. And when you are criticized, take it like a man, instead of calling it mud slinging, name calling, etc.

If you disagree, may I suggest you publish your views in your own private site instead of a public forum?

Have a nice day.


My own take

by capt_ayhab on

I have no problem with political solution to the issue dialogue. However the human rights issue must be on top of the agenda.

Failure of Mr. Obamas clear stance on human rights issue in Iran and his failure in strong and unconditional  support[moral] of the wish of Iranian people[movement] has cost him popularity in Iran.

NO war, NO sanction YES dialogue, with Human rights on top of the agenda.




by capt_ayhab on

I do not get into[since I have been back] mud slinging and name calling since I find it utterly uncivilized, childish and counter productive.

In that respect I will not make any exception to your name calling comments.

Thanks for your visit nonetheless.





by jamshid on

In your unintellgent and pro-nezaam minded list, you have purposefully omitted many other good and viable options that the people of Iran are entitled to.

In my opinion, through your work in this site, you are trying to propogate an atmosphere of in-action and un-involvement among Iranians.

You seem to be comfortable with IRI's advantages over the opposition:

The IRI is entitled to use violence, but the opposition is not. The IRI is entitled to enlist the help of foreign powers such as China and Russia, but the opposition is not. The IRI is entitled to use Iran's oil money to spread its propaganda, but the opposition is not. The IRI is entitled to impose economical SANCTIONS on the people of Iran, but the opposition is not entitled to demand sanctions even only against the heads of state. The IRI's leaders are entitled to have the credibility of an aura of independence, but the opposition leaders are all neocons and zionists.

Closet individuals like yourself, who are spreading misinformation on the non-reformist opposition and advertising an atmosphere of hopelessness and surrender among Iranians, have done as much damage to the Iranians' hope and quest for freedom, as the likes of Ahamdinejad have, each in its own unique ways.


I agree with mardom too

by mullah-kosh on

Air tight sanctions against the top cadre of the regime, and the top generals of IRGC. By air tight, I mean, don't let them move a penny around, even in Dubai where it is become their playing grounds. I have seen their wives shop in mall of dubai.

Bring court warrants from the International court against those who have killed innocent iranians. Go after them, and their families in Canada, and Western Europe.

No dialogue with the regime. It is become very apparent that the current regime in Iran does not want dialogue. Fascists regime need an external enemy, and in the context of game theory, no matter what US offers at this time, it will not be good enough, it will only embolden the government in Iran.



by SamSamIIII on


I have pointed out few times & worth repeating here, true patriots solution as always is;

No War  No Sanctions  No Dialogue 

Delegitimize the Ommatie regime & head personnel, empower/enlighten  the people thru Kiaani based cultural & media flow . & always remember that no foreign army or sanctions can match the Power and spirit of Kiaan which when awakened, no tokhme-Qadess can stop it.

You want a preview of what that spirit can do?. Look at charshanbeh-souri & see how Cyrus & kiaani icons dead for the last 2 mileniums thru their immortal spirit still giving a helping hand & an occasion every yr to their true sons & daughters for a calling to rise up against Zahaak. 

So it is No#7



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Is MOOSIRvaPiaz suggestion available as a choice?

by Bavafa on

If so, that would be my vote.



correction and apology

by capt_ayhab on

Due to recent announced illness[infection] of my baby companion[computer] many options have been turned off including but not limited to spell checker.

So I hereby ask you to [be jegheyehe olihazrat Khamenie and olihazrat  Ahmadinejad] do not nit pick till further notice. 

AteenTIONNNNNNNN. sargord



It is not up to us to decide for iranians


Especially those of us who have been exiled for many years and are out of touch with recent trends in Iran.

We must listen to the voices of the majority who live inside and support them in whatever path they choose.

Sargord Pirouz

Is this a ballot? Or a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Is this a ballot? Or a ballet? (Maybe you should recall your TAs.)

I vote:

8) Live and let live. 

Mardom Mazloom

My vote

by Mardom Mazloom on


 I agree with MRX1 who also said in Mein Früd's n-ieme tight-tight sanction blog what I say from the beginning.: A) Stop recognizing the illegitimate IRI, B) Freeze Mullahs assets around the world, C) catch any of these coackroaches who leave Iran and those who are suspected for crimes against humanity should face a trial.