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Why is it becoming a norm in our lives that , despite and in spite of claiming to be the most enlightened and the most progressives[I am yet to grasp] that we fight so vigorously any criticism of any one group that we support, while we sit so forgivingly[made up word] silent when our opposition is getting dragged into the mud, slandered, pissed on, and fucked over by the so called enlightened one?

What is it the we are following? What is it that we believe in? Do we even belive in ourselves so much so that we can carry on a civilized and logical discussion/debate
without having to resort to shitting on each other?

Here is what I like to happen:

I like to piss on Ahmadinejads soul without being called a Monarchistic.

I like to crap on Reza Pahlavi without being called an IR baseeji.

I Like to expose crimes of IR without being called a CIA agent.

I like to expose Israels crimes in past 60 years without being labeled antisemitic.

I like to talk about torture in Gitmo without Dick and the daughter crucifying me.

I like to tell you that WE the US started two wars to serve our master in the war industry without being called a Progressive Liberal.

I like to tell you that  let us put some white fat boys who ran this majestic country to ground on trial without being called.............KAM AVORDAM[Hannity needed]

I like to tell you how I hate this broken government of US of A without being called……… Heck you are only a naturalized citizen.

I like many more things, but that is between me and myself


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Right you are

by KouroshS on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

KouroshS Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

No problem. I just feel bad that my suggestion would have resulted in headache for my  friends.

The advantage of buying the CD is that you get peace of mind. You pay ~30 $ but the chance of a virus being on it are next to none. 

If you do get the CD don't get McAfee since it missed the virus in the first place. I know several people whose computers got infected by worms while having McAfee,



by KouroshS on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

KouroshS Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't know what happened since I was not there. Obviously somehow the virus got in. I am glad it got fixed.  I apologize if my suggestion resulted in the problem. It was not my intention.

I have used that link to install AVG on my own machines and for other people many times. I would never make a suggestion that would hurt you or any of my friends on IC. Again I am sorry it happened but I really don't know why or how.

Anyway, the other option for an anti-virus is to buy one from a place like BestBuy or Staples. Then you get a CD or DVD with the thing on it. NO chance of getting malware since they seller is on the hook for it. 


Tashif biareen lotfan

by capt_ayhab on



by KouroshS on

You maybe right. However, I don't recall actually doing that. As far as using that trick, it is so right, it can be so damn frustrating. It is like playing wack-a-mole trying to get it off screen.

I did it through the link you provided aziz. again, Now that i think about it, i highly doubt if i actually clicked on anything else. It was half way through downloading that all of a sudden i noticed the security tool's logo.

Since i just bought my new dell, i called them up first and they were able to successfully remove it, at least i hope. It was cool, they did it through an screen sharing mode, and he Took control of my computer (with an indian accent), All the while the PC was running in the safe mode. I am using.... window 7... Thanks for all the info and help.



by capt_ayhab on

If you decided to use the malwarebytes, after you download and installed, first down load the UPDATES.

then reboot in SAFE mode and run the anti malware/anti virus. Works quite effectively.




One suggestion

by capt_ayhab on


Try [malwarebytes]. 

I found it to be very powerful. Not only it takes care of virus but it cleans up all HEXkey and registry files.

Came recommended from technology center at the university I teach.

Download the free version works quite effectively.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Kourosh jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Just to be clear

Do you need help with fixing your machine? If so I will see what I can do.

Also I don't know about filehippo.com. Let me try it out. I have a machine just for this sort of thing! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Kourosh jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have downloaded 100's of things from Cnet without any infections. I doubt if came from Cnet. You may have clicked on an ad by mistake and downloaded it. The trick they use is to pretend to be a legitimate tool and get people to download them.

So there are two issues:

1) How do you get it downloaded on to your machine?  Did you click on the link I gave or did you search for AVG on google or anothe engine? You need to be very careful that the link is in fact what it is supposed to be. I think you clicked on the ad on top of the page. The ads are by third parties and are not safe. Unfortunately they are well disguised. If Cnet is allowing these ads I am both shocked and apologize. 

2) How to get rid of it. It can be a pain. That is what I hate about McAfee it is useless. You need to get AVG or Avast or a specialized removal tool. Then run it on your machine in "safe mode".  What operating system are you running?


VFK jaan

by KouroshS on

Eyy akh... Ay daad.

I went to the cnet site the other night and started downloading AVG not Avast (i wish i did, like el rushmo... sorry el capitano here LOL) cheshme shoma rooze bad nabine... Just when was i doing that i got hit by a new worm called "security tool". messed around with it for a while, all to no avail,

 for a while that  i did have something close to a connection to the internet and could look up some things on the google, i read a couple of postings in how to deal with it. That did not work either, until it completely took over.   and i guess even my pre-installed mcAfee was not good either. I am running a trial version of it for now. Making the story short, I had to have a dell technition do the honors for me and clean the system up. This thing is so sneaky.

So. I don't know if my downloading of that free stuff had anything to do with it or was it something else. The time overlap was just so weird. ya know. That indian fellow made a few recommendations and i was also introduced to a site call filehippo.com which offers free scanning and that is that!

What to do you suggest my man? Hey. I think that is a good idea. You should:) Kim commando wants competition desparately:)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Captain

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am happy to be of help to my friends on IC. Maybe we should start a blog for computer talk? No politics just computer related stuff!


VPK Gherami

by capt_ayhab on

I really appreciate all the trouble you went through with providing the links. I have installed Avast and seem like it is finding all the infections.

Thanks a million salar



VPK jan

by KouroshS on

Thanks for those links:) 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear KouroshS

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You may download them from cnet which guarantees them free of problems:






Regarding Windows:

You are stuck with them unless: you find a place like MicroCenter or in CA Fryes; get a Windows box and install something else on it but then you are paying for Windows anyway; or go on ebay and find someone who is selling one; you build your own.

You may build a decent PC for 200-300 $ and put Linux on it for free!Or pay me 200$ per hour consulting fee:-} I will advise Iranians majjani!




by KouroshS on

So how do we get our hands on those free Anti-viruses? download off some website?

You are right about that Vista. I had it for 15 months, and of course i worked my PC to death, but finally after 15 months and aan expired warranty the initial memory problem had spread to the mama board. Now i am using win 7. So many manufacturers out there are installing it and unless you can buy a pricier computer, if your budgetting under 1000$ for it,  you really are stuck with windows. I am using dell myself. but i shopped around and notice all major brands have windows installed on them as well.


Dear VPK

by capt_ayhab on

Thank you so kindly for your reply. I did have the latest McAfee running but this bugger got through 

I am running Bite Defender in the safe mode now and so far it has found 3 Java Scrpits. After that I am going to try Avest and AVG.

McAfee is for the birds

Thanks again 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Anti Virus

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear Captain:

I have not used Bit Defender howeverr it gets mixed reviews on Cnet. If you want to use something I suggest you read the reviews on: www.cnet.com and on Amazon. Make sure there are enough reviews > 10 or 20 to make it statistically meaningful. I do not touch anything that gets less than 4 out of 5 stars. I do use windows on some machines and without any infections. The last
infection I got was in the late 1990s because I did not update anti
virus. I have used the following anti-viruses.


  • AVG - free
  • Avast - free
  • Avira - free
  • Norton - pay
  • McAfree -pay

In my experience there is no reason to pay for one. Both AVG and Avast free do a fine job. You do have to use common sense.

  • Make sure your antivirus is up to date.
  • Never run anything without first scanning it. 
  • Never open n attachment without first saving and scanning it.

But your best bet is to use an operating system that is not Windows. If you do have to use Windows then us XP. Do not go to anything newer. Not just for virus but also because they suck. Vista uses twice as much memory as XP and gives you nothing for it. Windows 7 has not been out long enough to get the bugs out.


Dear VPK

by capt_ayhab on

What do you think of Bit Defender anti virus? is it as good as they say it is



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Do I have to scream? I use Linux and my computer has NOT been infected. Give up on the old Windows BS. It is a Zionist and Islamist plot :-) Seriously as long as you use Wind - doze you are begging for infections.

It is like going to Share-no in the old days without protection.


Mr. benross Edited

by capt_ayhab on

Sincerely appreciate your time and comment on this humble piece.

particularly in doing a fine job in proving the main point of this thread, being, in your book it is alright to say anything about anyone so as long as it is not about Jegheye Homayouni e shah wanna be correct? :-)




Dear Mr. mullah kosh

by capt_ayhab on

I am afraid sir you have missed an small detail in the blog. 

The word [I] has been used metaphorically to replace[freedom of expression]

But could you kindly show me how and why would you think that I am referring to Mr. Reza Pahlavi as being a criminal? My objection to the gentleman has always been his lack of qualification and his opportunistic nature in recent events trying to catch a ride on the backs of people on the streets of Iran.

Secondly You by chastising me for holding an opinion, inferring from some blogs that I have written in total support of Iranian people and their struggle during past 31 years which has to light in past several months as my support of Mr. Mousavi? Which is perfect example of what the thread is trying to say.

My support has always been and always will be with the wish of the people on the streets, in the prisons, under the forced chador, in the universities, and everyone who came out chanting[ Marg bar dictator], and[na sharghi na gharbi.... JOMHORIE IRANI] No more and no less.

Allow me quote directly from the thread[I like to crap on Reza Pahlavi without being called an IR baseeji.]

Regards and thanks for your time and comment.



Mr. Amirkabear

by capt_ayhab on

Amen to those my dear hamvatan AMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN



P/S You YOUNG buck you ;-)


Thanks and apology

by capt_ayhab on

Sincere thanks and apology to each and everyone for your comments, your time and support.

Right after I submitted this blog I had to take a trip due to some emergency and I did not return till couple of hours ago.

Thank you all and I appreciate your time and comments.


P/S My computer had been infected as well....... May or may not be related to IC. Till I correct the problem I am running in SAFE MODE preventing the possible spread.

Darius Kadivar

VPK jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I hear you.

I answered you on Benross' blog  For the record rather than here so as not to highjack capt's blog.






Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Darius jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Just to make my position clear.

I am mostly opposed to mixing religion and government. I could live with a Monarchist constitution if:

  • It clearly states separation of religion and government. The old constitution does not and would therefore have to be revised.
  • It limits the power of the monarch similar to that in Belgium.


I did support the old constitution and Bakhtiar in 1978 and would again if I could go back in time. However after 30+ years of religious nightmare I think it is time to get religion out of the constitution: Monarchy or Republic is not the problem. It is religion getting in the government that I truly object to.

I also have said many times that the Pahlavis did a lot for Iran. I have the highest reard specially for Reza Shah. If the Shah was more like his father we would not be here now.

I just don't want a monarchy with a powerful monarch like Khamenei. That would be a disaster or rather just continue the disaster. 

With respect. VPK


Dear Capt

by amirkabear4u on

Believe and hate keeps a man alive.

- I LOVE to expose the truth about Iranian politics AND I WILL.

- I LOVE to see RP in court for the things he has done against Iran but thinking fighting IRI and I WILL.

- I LOVE to see mullahs and their families in court and I WILL.

- I LOVE to see Iran in peace and I WILL.

I am 50 and go to gym 3 times a week and feel young.

Fairness and Equality in Justice

Darius Kadivar

VPK, Benross and MM you all 3 have legitimate arguments

by Darius Kadivar on

Without wanting to interfere in this debate on Capt's blog but given the debate between you three on the issue of the monarchy vs Republic and their respective constitutions ...

May I just remind everyone that the Constitution of 1906 was drafted upon the Constitution of Belgium's Monarchy:

RESTORATION: Belgium King Baudouin takes Oath Amidst Republican Animosity (31st July ,1950)

itself inspired by the British Constitution and it's Bill of Rights:

RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'

I think what needs to be understood is that a Constitution is not a definitive final draft as such. It outlines a number of fundemental rights that should remain unchanged ( or as the French would say are "immuable") such as the laws that protect the Rights of the individual which today are known as the Universal Human Rights and in Secular States the Separation of State and Church.

A Democratic Constitution is then built Upon these fundemental laws but can evolve through amendments voted by an Elected Parliment from one generation to another based on the social realities of the time.

I think it is important to realize that a Constitution is not a definitive rigid draft as such but something that evolves and is flexible while maintaining the fundemental laws upon which it was built intact.

One of the major debates in Republican France today under Sarkozy's Presidency has been that Sarkozy's Presidential style "a l'Americaine" has proved problematic with the Republican Constitution of our current 5th Republic where the President should appear as above politics and delegates current affairs to his Prime Minister.

However Sarkozy tried to change this status quo shortly after being elected President by centralizing all powers and interfering in all matters leaving the Prime Minister impotent and insignificant like the American Vice Presidents usally are. The Result has been that Sarkozy's popularity which at the time of his election was superior to any other President of the 5th Republic including De Gaulle slumped in a matter of months after Sarkozy took office.

The Debate in France's political establishment today is whether or not France should adopt a Parlimentary System of Government like most other European Nations ( irrelevant of whether they are Republics or Constitutional Monarchies) where the President has only a Symbolic role while the Prime Minister is actively involved in the affairs of the State and therefore equally takes all the Praise or all the Critics based on his or her success' without jeapordizing the President's Status as protector of the Constitution and therefore hurting the State's institutions.

If tomorrow the French choose to revise the Constition it will have to be with a Referandum as it has been for the current  draft known as the 5th Constitution. However the Fundemental laws that initially define the democratic nature of the Constitution will not and cannot be changed based on the Referendum's result.

This explains why a Constitution is never a definitive draft but one that evolves. It is concieved as something Alive whose  heart beats at the pulse of the Nation at large.

This is true for all other Democratic Systems of Government be them Monarchies like Great Britain, or Belgium as it is for the French Republic or the German Federal Republic.

It appears to me that the existing Constitution of 1906 can serve as a fundemental text but needs to be updated in a new or revised draft that would satisfy the political needs of our times.

The Belgian Constitution contemporary of the 1906 must have evolved since over the decades. As a Constitutionalst myself I am not certain that the 1906 Constitution of Iran would be fit to our times in it's entirerty but it could serve as a framework towards a much more transparent Constitution that reinforces the citizen's rights while clearly defining the roles of the King the Prime Minister and Parliment. If Iranians choose a Republic instead the Constitution of 1906 remains a fundemental text nevertheless and could also be used in many aspects of the new draft.

Given the strong historical relations between Europe and Iran in the past century I given the Parlimentary nature of Democratic States in Europe, I personally believe that the Constitutional Monarchy would best fit our own political mindsets rather than attempting to Re Invent the Wheel.

This is where the Restoration of the Monarchy can play a constructive role in filling the Gap created between the Political Elite and the People in the past 30 years of the current Theocracy that calls itself a Republic.

However the acceptable Conditions upon which the eventuality of such a Restoration would take place need to be clarified and defined without ambiguity.

Contrary to Benross ( even if I understand his reserves on this question) I believe that Iran's Former Crown Prince has been particularly clear in this regard which can be summed as this:

1) A referendum aimed at choosing which system of government we want for our future Democratic State.

2) If people choose a Republic: Reza Pahlavi Will Not run as President. He may accept any other political or advisory role if People wish him to participate in any capacity to the nation's political or civic life: Ambassador, Mayor of Tehran, Prime Minister or Minister of Ecology ... Whatever ...

3) If People choose to Restore the Monarchy in it's Constitutional Form Only. Then the Former Crown Prince will certainly accept to become King. Why should he Refuse ?  

So for those who think that Reza Pahlavi could become Iran's Next President, I believe that is a wishful thinking. But that does not mean that he cannot find common ground with Republicans for that matter.

As he has clearly stated he sees as his only goal the Freedom of Iran from the current religious theocracy and seeing Iranians go to the Polls. After that his own political future will ONLY depend on the People's choice.

As such and maybe this is what differs my assessment from those of Benross on Reza Pahlavi's strategy or would be role. And that is that I do not see him as a Leader but a Catalyst for regime change or one who can contribute to unifying Iranians on a common project for change and not merely a spearleader or Political figurehead.

To Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's Credit, he seems to be better understood far more today than he did prior to the Election protests at least in the Diaspora. This may be due to a change of mood in regard to the realities of the clerical regime and it's unreformability but also the lack of charisma or credibility of the "selected" leaders of the green movement who continue to seek an alternative to revolution hoping to refom it from within.

However seeing the Crown Prince or anyother Political leadership for that matter merely Surfing on his or her "Popularity" is not enough and this is where I join Benross on the fact that more clarity should be brought to this debate over the conditions of regime change but also that of an eventual referendum.

There is clearly a vacum of leadership today which is growing day by day. I think that Iranians would benefit to see more unity and dialogue between the various political figureheads be them in Diaspora's exiled Democratic opposition, the Intelligenstia and those opposition forces within Iran today.

That demands an intellectual courage on behalf of everyone and symbolic gestures of solidarity to send a strong message both to the people but also to the current regime that Iranians will remain firmly united beyond political and ideological differences.

That is why I would like to see people like Akbar Ganji, Shirin Ebadi, Mohsen Kadivar, or Mohsen Sazegara show public support if not directly to Reza Pahlavi as Crown Prince but at least to Reza Pahlavi as an Iranian citizen and opposition figurehead.

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

As others have to date:

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ...by DK

And joining ranks since:

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Defecting Revolutionary Guard's confession ... by DK

But seeing Ganji, Soroush, Ebadi and why not even Trita Parsi stubbornly Co play "Solitaire" instead of "Solidare" ( aka as in Solidarity) is truly counter Productive and will get us nowhere.

An Iranian Solidarnosc is Not just an Option but an Utmost Necessity today more than ever.

But that will depend on everyone's good will. Apart from Reza Pahlavi, I do not see this good will and transparency in others and particularly amongst our Republican Friends who still seem to demand apologies from Monarchists for being who they are and believing in what they want to believe. 

We cannot have a vibrant opposition or movement as a credible alternative to this horrible Theocracy by being exclusive instead of inclusive.

That is why We ALL Need to Get OUR PRIORITIES Straight ! 

Otherwise the Only People who will benefit from our divisions will be the Tyrants ruling Iran today just as they manipulatively did during the Gaza Crisis of no relevance to our struggle.

Let's Spill the tears That deserve to be Spilled and which matter to us and our People's Struggles First and Then think generously on how to help others.

Doing Otherwise would be the REAL Hypocrisy !

My Humble Opinion,




Point noted

by benross on

I produced the bulk of this discussion in a separate blog because I don't think captain's blog deserves it. I retire from here now.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

benross Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You don't have it, you didn't experience it, then you can't speak for majority of Iranians.

I don't claim to speak for majority of Iranians. No body but elected representatives should speak for other people. I am not an elected representative of Iran and neither are you. So of course I don't speak for Iranian pople just for myself. If one day I become the president of Iran then I will speak for the majority but not today.