What’s up with Muslim men beheading their wives?


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by Bitter Divorced Man


I don’t watch TV anymore.  Too much violence; and I’m not talking about violence in PBS shows like NOVA or Nature, where crocodiles bite into wildebeests’ legs and tearing them apart.  That’s good violence.  I’m talking about the news.  It looks like when I had a TV connection any time I turned on to news someone had killed somebody, or they were in the process of doing it on a TV show.  The last movie I saw on TV was about a psychologist who ate his victims.  That’s when I stopped going to my psychologist.  I didn’t want to be eaten by him.  I wasn’t making much progress anyway.

I don’t even actively read the news anymore.  What good would it make anyway?  It’s too much stress, but they have a tendency to come to me anyway, as if I need all the additional pressure.  I mean think about it, the last time I followed this beheading issue was almost a year ago when I read that a Muslim man beheaded his wife in New York.  Just hearing the word “beheading” by itself was enough to put me back several months in my way to recovery, not to mention that they also had two children together.  I mean, think about it, these two kids will grow up no matter what, and they will find out, sooner or later, that their father cut off their mother’s head.  What a nightmare!  I’m sure at some point they’ll visit their father in prison and will ask him, “Daddy we love you but did you have to cut our mammy’s head?”  Well, I’m going to lose some more sleep tonight thinking about this, after all these months, no doubt about it.  As a matter of fact I haven’t slept well for several years now, ever since that baby got stuck in an 8-inch well casing for two days several years ago.  Well, let’s not talk about who might have thrown her in that hole to begin with, or the sad news that one of the rescuers eventually committed suicide and the other one was sentence to fifteen years imprisonment for charges of sexual exploitation of a child and sexual assault, but let’s just say did I need to be glued to TV hours after hours for over two days?  

Or, take the case of that woman who drowned her two children in a lake and blamed it on a black guy.  O.K. fine!  I can handle the woman killing her own children, but did she have to blame it on a black guy?  How low can it get!  And then there was a female teacher who had sex with one of her male students and had two children with him.  Yeah, poor woman!  I’m sure she suffered while she was making those babies.  So, there were things like that, that made me stop watching the news in general and stop reading the paper when it got too disturbing.

So alright, back to what I was saying, what’s up with Muslim men beheading their wives?  Is there a religion reason for it?  Why is it a tradition in Islam?  Is there a Surah somewhere in Quran that demands this kind of family relationship?  The only place in Quran that I can find a reference to this issue is in Surah 47-2 Muhammad, “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; at length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: until the war lays down its burdens.”  It is talking about Unbelievers and fighting.  So, I understand that married people fight a lot and at times the wife doesn’t seem to believe a word the husband is saying, and that makes her an “unbeliever”, or maybe the wife fucked around and “deserves” death, but does it have to be beheading?  Can’t he just stick a knife into her heart and get it over with?  Gee, this is too disturbing to even talk about.  This Surah is meant for Muslims to behead thier enemies, not thier wives.  I know if a good Muslim goes to heaven he’ll get 70, or 72, virgins for good deeds, but this is not meant for men who behead their wives.  Or, maybe, some Muslim men think, okay, my wife is giving me a lot of bull shit, I just cut her head off and I’ll get some virgins later.

Well, it’s a puzzle alright!  I think a credible Ayatollah needs to issue a fatwa telling Muslim men, beheading women is not there in Quran.


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by yolanda on


    Thank you for the very informative article! You are a great writer and a great guy! Don't stop writing!

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

you're a great writer. your stories always make me laugh even if it's about beheading.  what gets me is why these killers always fight their execution?  why do they prefer to stay in jail next to bubba for the rest of their life?  i think it's much more sensible if they committed suicide afterward.  i think part of your answer regarding this particular guy is that honor killing is acceptable in his country (i believe he was pakistani), and in a moment of insanity he thought that he was still in pakistan (not to mention that he happened to behead his wife at that same moment).



by yolanda on

Thank you for the recap of all those "talk of the town" high profile news stories. I remember all of them 'cause I am a current event person!

    I think the Muslim TV founder was too angry with his wife that he decided to kill his wife in the cruelist way he could think of! I feel sorry for the 2 innocent kids 'cause they are orphaned now! They will be scarred by their mom's violent death!

    Wow! Koran is very specific; it gives the step-by-step instructions..