Team America & Iranian Democracy


by Beenam

The United States lost their battle against Ghana in South Africa (RSA) tonight, RSA time. Yet there is little reason for regret or anger as Soccer or more suitable Football, is not the National Sport in the United States of America. For quite some time now, the Americans have been learning, slowly but surely, the game of Football to compete at the most viewed sporting event in the World. Furthermore, the American team was knocked out in the second round not in the initial group stage; unfortunate for the Italians that their team did not share a similar fate. Iran did not make it to the World Cup and many reports went out that major key stars on Team Melli were "retired" after their last qualifying match, which many of the team members wore green arm bands in to show their solidarity with the protestors back home. How do you know there is absolutely no freedom in your country? When you wear a certain color to show support for human rights, are made to take it off and still get the back heel of a donkey for listening to instructions. Iranians living in Iran have learned much in regards to democracy. They've learned that the road to freedom is best traveled on discretely. Iranians in the states complaining about the lack of Sheer o Khorshid flags at the protests need to understand the implications of what they're asserting. Without anything but a green banner in hand, young Iranians were imprisoned, tortured and made to confess to outrageous claims that have no possible way of being true. Imagine what would have happened to them if they were holding up the old Iranian Flag? The Iranians living in the diaspora, have to start learning from those inside the country. After all, many of these Iranians live in democratic countries. One would think the entire Iranian diaspora would be whole heartedly democratic in every sense. This is not the case. Many Iranians, in particular those living in Los Angeles, need to relax and in a display of solidarity, put their differences aside to work with other ideologically different Iranians opposed to the Islamic Republic. Lets worry about who gets what later and think of how to remove the oppressors from power. If the Americans learned to play Football well, a sport that has almost had no value in the their country, the Iranian diaspora can learn to be more democratic.


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I THINK I understand what you're trying to say...

by Mahrokh on

This probably isn't the message you were trying to convey, but either way, I didn't see the United States citizens support the American soccer team as whole heartedly as they should have, just as I don't see as much of a unification of Iranians in the diaspora, as you say, abroad. If they could combine efforts to support their country and remember that preserving their country's representation is more important than the sport (or political party) they are playing, then the situation in Iran would probably see chances of improvement. But until the petty differences of those spoiled Iranians who enjoy democratic freedoms and take advantage of them everyday, including myself, are resolved, the situation faces little hope for resolve. 

Ali P.

Who complained?

by Ali P. on

"People in the states complaining about the lack of Sheer o Khorshid flags
at the protests"

I have seen people's disagreement about displaying that flag in rallies abroad, but never heard anyone complaining about absence of that flag on streets of Iran.

But then again, that's just me.