The winking waitress


bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

the other day maryam and me went for our weekly dose of pasta to our favorite restaurant.

i was surprised to see a new waitress serving us. a very charming and attractive 40ish woman with shoulder length black hair complimenting her olive-colored skin. her accent told me she was italian. how delicious.

as she approached our table she looked at me and gave me a very sexy wink. didn't she notice maryam sitting beside me? what a nerve!  so i wicked back, with a ton of guilt (and half a smile) of course. she had the most beautiful eyes. the type that smiled at you even when they were swimming in tears. how extraordinary!  

we ordered our food and as she was leaving, she gave me another wink and i gave her a good one back. as i looked around i saw the other diners, specially men, were also looking at her and giving her winks. how cheap and disgusting!  i thought i was her favorite.

i looked around and saw everyone was now winking at each other as if winking was contagious like yawning. i turned to maryam and was horrified catching her winking at some other people at the table to our left. i asked her why she was winking at strangers and she informed me that she was simply returning their winks. how odd!  

i looked around again and it was quite a surrealistic sight, to see half the eyeballs in the restaurant protruding out of their sockets and other half half shut, ensuring a perfect wink. some men were actually half standing and winking to make sure they were not missed by their intended wink target.

as the winking thing was getting out of hand and no one was any longer paying any attention to food in front of them, the chef went to every table and asked everyone to stop winking and also explained that the new waitress had a nervous twitch which made her wink involuntarily and he informed us that she was sent home, for good. how cruel! 


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this is really funny!

by Monda on

bajenagh naghi jan i just translated your piece for my colleagues and we're having a ball here about it :O))) I hope your dinner was delicious as well?


bajenaghe naghi

thank you my friends

by bajenaghe naghi on

 for reading this blog and taking the extra time to comment.   . .  .   shazdeh asdolah mirza, wink wink, nudge nudge, you know what i mean!  . . . .        ebi jan, thank you for the lovely video. i think she winked five times. as the prime minister winston churchill's neighbors's gardner once said: "better a winker than a wanker be." or was it the other way around?  . . . .        princess jan, man ham cheshm daram ham ghalb. hanooz ke namordam ;-) . . . .         i have a crush on alex trebek jan, when i was learning english as a second language, my teacher left the class in a hurry to give birth to her first baby. that was on the same day that she was going to teach us all about paragraphs.  i never learnt  when and where to use the things. i will try to learn and use them more often. i promise.     

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It's still the best way to flirt

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

nice blog BN Jan!! Can I just please make a suggestion? I say this because I love your blogs, and no other reason. Can you please separate the blog a bit? It makes it easier to read. I have dyslexia (I think) and long paragraphs are difficult to follow for me. I'm sorry :( Thanks again.



by Princess on

BN jan, 

Akhe dige shoma ham hamintor?  :) 

ebi amirhosseini

Bajenaghe AZIZ !!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Stop winking,behave yourself !.


She was from Alaska not Italy :


Ebi aka Haaji

Shazde Asdola Mirza

wink wink, nudge nudge: good one BN jaan

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)