A Strong Iranian-American Candidate for Congress


A Strong Iranian-American Candidate for Congress

San Francisco, California, (November 2, 2011) -- Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD) released the following statement today regarding Banafsheh Akhlaghi’s run for Congress in California’s 2nd Congressional District:

“As an organization that was founded on the mission to increase Iranian-American participation in the American political process, we are very excited about Banafsheh Akhlaghi’s run for Congress.

As Americans, at a time when our middle class -- and with it, our democracy – have been weakening for over a decade, we desperately need someone as tough as Banafsheh to stand up for “the 99%” and the great principles that our country stands for. We need someone like Banafsheh to advocate for more jobs, a stronger economy, a stable housing market and better education and healthcare systems.

It is also time for us to help elect the first American of Iranian descent to Congress to help represent our perspective in Washington.

Our community has done so much to get ready for this moment. We have done so at the grassroots level with decades of economic, academic, professional and scientific contributions; at the organizational level with hundreds of cultural, professional and social not-for-profit groups doing our part to make a positive difference; and at the level of political participation by voting in greater numbers, volunteering, and contributing to candidates and causes -- in other words, “putting our money where our mouth is”.

What makes us most excited, however, are Banafsheh’s qualifications and character. Over the past decade, Banafsheh has been leading a life of service, standing up for the very values that this country stands for. She is known for her passion for people and for The Constitution. And she has proven herself as a woman of high integrity and strong character. In fact, we believe that Banafsheh is one of the most highly qualified Americans of Iranian descent to ever run for Congress, which is why we have been privately encouraging her to run for years.

Having said that, no campaign for Congress is ever easy. This campaign can only be won with a lot of support from a lot of people. This is the time for Americans of Iranian descent -- and others -- to roll up our sleeves and support this campaign. Not tomorrow or the day after, but today. The next two months are very critical since only those campaigns that can raise substantial funds will be viable. As always, there are many ways to get involved, but the easiest and most urgent way to support this campaign is through campaign donations. Donate generously!”

NOTE: To make a donation, get involved, or for additional information about Banafsheh or her campaign visit the official website of her campaign at //banafshehakhlaghiforcongress.org/.

About Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats – BAIAD
Founded in 2004, Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats is the first chartered Iranian-American Democratic organization in the history of the San Francisco Bay Area.

BAIAD is a non-religious, not-for-profit organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of Iranian-Americans by encouraging active participation in American democracy and empowering the Iranian-American political voice and influence.

BAIAD is a chartered Democratic Club and is officially recognized by the Santa Clara County and Alameda County Democratic Parties.

Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats
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Contact: Mehdi Safipour
Tel: (408) 857-2709
Email: info1@baiad.org
URL: www.baiad.org


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Anahid Hojjati

Bruce, this is a new 2nd district that indeed includes

by Anahid Hojjati on

old district 6. Check other blog about Banafsheh, I had a comment there that explained this redistricting.


2nd District or 6th?

by bahmani on

You and the website say 2nd District. And that Lynn Woolsey was the congresswoman. That is incorrect, Lynn Woolsey was from the 6th District.

The 2nd District is staunchly Republican (Trans. Redneck), and I would doubt a newbie Iranian Democrat would even blip in this district.

Clarify please.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


Dear Mehdi / BAIAD

by MM on

Thank you for posting this blog on Banafsheh's campaign.  After reading her website, may I suggest a couple of points.

* She has done a fantastic job on HR issues whether regarding Iraqis or iranians, but her campaign needs to emphasize more voter-issues of interest so as to compliment her accomplishments; e.g., jobs, deficit, entitlements or taxes.

* Her smile needs to be more genuine.  Please look up the Duchenne's smile and crow's feet.  If she cannot control the upwards cheek movement and "the crow's feet" around her eyes, then resort to more of a casual/social smile.

Good luck.  We need folks like her.

Anahid Hojjati

thanks BAIAD, I am excited

by Anahid Hojjati on

about this campaign. your blog made a good point about how at times like now, we need representatives like ms. akhlaghi. 

Nader Vanaki

بیشتر برای city council ساخته شده

Nader Vanaki

اگه برام پارکینگ پرمیت صادر کنه که جلوی مغازه ام در داون تاون پارک کنم بهش رآی میدم.