My Iranian of the day Tala Raassi


by azadi5

Tala Raassi is a fashion designer currently residing in USA. She has an interesting story of being at the receiving end of 40 lashes at the age of 16 and in Iran for attending a party. Now, she has taken that brutality and fighting it through her designs. More power to her. here is her website

and here is her story from

There's a memory that has defined my life: I'm standing in line in a long, dark hallway, handcuffed to a friend, while listening to the horrifying sound of two other friends screaming out in pain. I'm in a jail in Iran's capital, Tehran, and I'm about to be served my punishment: 40 lashes. My friends emerge from a room down the hall, tears streaming down their faces and blood staining the backs of their shirts. I can barely breathe as I wait for the guards to call my name. Finally, it's my turn. My friend and I, still cuffed, enter the torture room together.

Two expressionless, middle-aged female guards, each dressed in a chador, or long black robe, remove our cuffs, then instruct us to lie facedown on a pair of bare mattresses. We will be lashed on our backs. The guards grab two black leather whips and dip them in water, to make the lashes sting. I turn my head and see them raise the whips high in the air, then I squeeze my eyes tight, terrified.

The first of 40 lashes comes down hard across my back. I feel a shock of searing pain. I'm wearing a cotton T-shirt, which you'd think would be preferable to wearing nothing at all, but I soon learn that it's actually worse. As the lashes come down one after another, the T-shirt starts to stick to the cuts on my back; the whip pulls the shirt away from the welts after each lashing, intensifying the pain. I keep thinking, I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm a good student; I come from a great family. I'm not a criminal.

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her day will come and pass

by i_support_khamenie on

she too will get old one day.....she too will look back one day and ponder life's meaning...

she will think of how her cultured friends are nowhere to be seen when she is alone and most vulnerable...then she will call out to the Lord and beseech Him to come to her aid.....

she too will call out to Imam Ali and Imam Hussein on her toughest days and make promises that she would do this or that...then it would all dawn on her that without God there is no happiness and satisfaction


Got the wrong idea

by Iraniandudee3 on

How are you getting back at the islamists by Getting half naked and Americanizing yourself up the ars? I seriously wonder sometimes what the fuck these people are smoking.


Sargord you really are funny sometimes

by Marjaneh on

just one thing. I think it's one lokhtee woman. Not sure though, all quite blurry

Anonymous Observer

Sargord the American

by Anonymous Observer on

It's not "lochtee".  In Persian, we say "lokhtee".  "Lochtee" is probably a Navajo Indian word that you learned growing up near the Indian reservation in Santa Fe, NM. 


Smart designs; even a

by vildemose on

Smart designs; even a resort collection; now' that's great differentiation/diversification from the run of the mill desinger swimsuits. Good for her. Don't envy her becasue she is smart designer.


Sargord you are

by MRX1 on

a messed up guy man (You need help!). You are hearthless with no passion, no humanity, no compassion specialy towards fellow Iranian,  always on the wrong side of the fence. How would you like if you or your sister or your mother was being lashed forty times? do you think it's right thing to do lashing another human being specialy a teenager? guess it's ok, since apparently you approved  execution of a simple school teacher  few days a go simply because his crime was being out spoken. It probably bothers the shit out of you that despite the harsh treatment this woman recieved from the hands of people you worship every day, that she is making some thing out of her self.

you are dispecable and revloting man.A disgrace to an Iranian army that's assuming you every served in the army.  I never comment about any body on this web site but you are some thing else. reminds of saying "To kaz mehant digran bighamy nashayd ke namat nahand adami" 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Sargord alaki, on the link it says  PLEASE WAIT once it's loadede you'll see a swimsuit collections for the ladies and since summer is around the corner what a great gift for the .....

or just let your mother or wife order stuffs from her store, that's IF you've ANY.          

P.S  is lokhti ,And nothing wrong and in decent about it.just because you jump in the houz with your pijama!they don't have to here in u.s of A.

OMG  marge please don't ORDER ANY.       Maziar

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is a great substitute or padding

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

for talents and creativity. Hey, everyone else is doing it! Roxana Saberi wasn't the only one who enjoyed this loos baazi. 

Sargord Pirouz

I click on the web link, and

by Sargord Pirouz on

I click on the web link, and I'm met with the sight of three "lochtee" women. 

"Lochtee" women seem to be quite the fad here, these days at IC.