Husband Murder on the Rise in Iran

by azadi5

According to this article, the percentage of wives killing their husbands has been increasing in Iran in the last decade. This act is called Marticide.

It says that 22% of murders within a family occurred by wives killing their husbands, and 27% for vice-versa. Seeing the video of that woman stabbing a guy to death on the street makes me wonder what is becoming of our country. It seems that there is much less regard for the human life compared to before. You see people and media jump into defending women who commit crimes like that but I think most people are not seeing the bigger picture and tragedy here, that a once polite and civil society has slowly been turning into a society with rules of jungle. It was not used to be like this.

In a recent trip to Iran I got a sense that people care less about others than before, and I'm not talking just about people who don't know each other on the street. Friends and families steal, defraud, abuse, and lie to each other. Trusting others was almost like a joke, I felt that a lot of people have become paranoid and think that others are trying to harm them in some way. A simple misunderstanding would lead into a huge fight. It's really messed up, and changing this course is not easy.


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Actually for as bad as the acts are,It seems more like a rising #'s in the women with BALLS where they lessen the numbers of men in Iran and hopefuly get rid of MARD SALARI.           Maziar



by yolanda on

Both uxoricide and mariticide are bad! If the couples don't get along, go ahead and get a divorce instead of killing each other! If one side kills the other side, one person is dead, the killer spouse has to go to jail......and then the kids are orphaned! It is lose-lose situation!

Thank you for your blog!



by oktaby on

Let them have the upper hand for a while.

My recommendation, humbly, to Iranian women is to step it up. Kill early and kill often. Do not hesitate and limit yourselves to husbands. Be decisive with IRR men, their followers and rest of gutless wonders that have let the namard take over Iran.




by yolanda on

I heard it is hard for women to get a divorce in Iran....I wonder if that has someting to do with the rise of mariticide over there.

Thank you for your blog!