Ahmadinejad to speak at UN today

by azadi5

The show starts around 1pm eastern time. you can watch the live comedy here



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summary of AN's speech at UN

by azadi5 on

so, i listened to his 30 minute rambling live. he opened up by prayers as usual and sending condolences to the victims of natural disasters, specially in somalia and pakistan (no mention of japan).

a good chunk of his speech was blaming everything wrong in the world, from slavery, wars, sep 11, misery on the western powers.

as soon as he mentions holocaust and starts going on about its legitimacy more than half of the people in the assembly left.

then he starts painting an idealist picture of world peace and prosperity for all, this all sounds nice until he mentions Mehdi and his coming to bring about this ideal world.

he also mentioned the awaking of people in middle east, europe and americas to the injustice upon them. then it's over.

nothing really new here compared to last time.

there was no mashai in his posse but moslehi and two other stooges were there clapping for him at the end of his speech.