When Iranian “intellectuals” become agents of our country’s backwardness

When Iranian “intellectuals” become agents of our country’s backwardness
by Azadeh Azad

 The above statement is by Dr. Saroukhani, a prof of sociology at the University of Tehran. It is part of an interview he gave for a first regional conference on Social Thought and Sociology in the Contemporary Middle-East” (Tehran, May 2011)


 His assertions are thoroughly unscientific (i.e., BS), in contradiction with philosophy of science and methodological foundations of sociology. And he is not the only one!

This is the entire interview:


 So, whenever you ask yourself why there is no fundamental transformation in the Iranian political system from a religious dictatorship to a secular democracy, think of this “intellectual!” and others like him as contributing agents of our country’s backwardness.  

About the Science of sociology:



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Intellectuals vs thinkers?!

by Arj on

In our culture, the conept of intellectuality, for most part, is attributed to challenging tradition and traditional thought. Whereas, this guy and his likes are nothing but championing tradition and blatently advocate its take over of modern science! How does that make him an intellectual, one wonders?!

P.S. At least the likes of Shariati and Al Ahmad tried to pass themselves as intellectuals by posing to challenge traditions! 

Bahram G

A different perspective

by Bahram G on

It is a fact of human nature, irrespective of one's educational credentials, to offer his services to a bidder at a price. Simply put, every person has a price, as the saying goes. Some require very little to sell themselves/services, while others may demand a great deal. There are, however, those rare men and women who are not for sale. These Individuals are the jewels of the human race.Being intellectual is no guarantee for honesty and uprightness. One can be complete illiterate, yet be a paragon of human virtues. The converse is also the case as historical documents are replete with such cases.Consider lawyers. A lawyers first and foremost loyalty is to his client and not to any principle or truth. some of the most "gifted and educated" lawyers in the US will gladly take on the most depraved of criminal as client if the person meets their price.This sociologist may indeed believe the trash he is dispensing. Equally likely the religious system has met his price. He has got a well-paying job and wants to keep it and he may aspire for even higher positions. It is also possible that the man eases his conscience by trying to rationalize selling himself and betraying truth.



by Cost-of-Progress on

is not necessarily technological only. When you tolerate institutionalized rape, lashings, murder, inequaility, public exterminations, Lack of tolerences for other belief systems, state-sponsored looting of resuorces, and an all out mafia style government, there's a good chance you're living or in a backward "system". 

With intellectuals like this, who needs a dumb person?




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Depends what you call an intellectual

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We need to get away from "humanities" intellectuals and get to real ones. Recent Iranian "thinkers" have turned out "too zard" for most part. Or dead if they had a brain like Kasravi. Therefore we should move on.

So long as people look to an-tellectuals we are not going to get anywhere. Give it up! Go for real sciences and art. For example Mathematics; Physics; Engineering on one side. Then Poetry; Painting and Theater on the other side. The whole phylosophy and religion thing has not served us well and will not serve or so sever it. Throw out the charlatans and let in people with real talent. We have so many great scientists and artists. Why do we pay attention to charlatans?

We are not actually that backwards except for in humanities. Right now Iran is able to put a spaceship in orbit. No thanks to our "sociologists". 


Of course

by Cost-of-Progress on

Why do you think we are so backward now? As long as we have these people on top of the social food chain, we will remain backward.

Many of these elements contributed to the foundation of the brutal theocracy we have today. Some of these folks, however, are thriving in it, while a good number have figured out what a hand they were dealt when they played that game. Nevertheless, they are equally responsible for the destruction of our nation. I hold them responsible for being STUPID!

Just imagine what ordinary folks are like in their thinking if this is the "intellectual"? 




Azadeh Azad

Also : Sociology is Not a Normative Discipline

by Azadeh Azad on

Sociology is not a normative discipline; therefore it cannot be inspired by Religion or contain religious concepts. There is a difference between Sociology of Religion (or Sociology of Islam) and the absurd idea of Bagher Saroukhani about a Religious Sociology (or rather an Islamic Sociology.)