Overture to Spring

Azadeh Azad
by Azadeh Azad



I hear

at the boundary of winter

a nudging of sprouts

to the warm applause

of the sun.


I sing

pouring fresh water

into the slime birdbath

as the slick contingency

of the soil burns

into my voice.


inside the house

I see butterfly spirits

waltz in through the walls

their slim frames

colours of sumac and sunrise



at night

dreams of rivers

of burning wild rue

at the instant of the equinox

lace through my bones.


I am waiting

aching to see goldfinches

in the conifers of my garden

drink-seeking landing

fluffing in the birdbath

their shadow-play

shaping the light

to the contours

of my day.


©2008, Azadeh Azad


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Thank you :-)

by Azadeh.Azad (not verified) on

Thank you :-)


I admit it

by Hard To Please (not verified) on

Ok, I adimit it! I liked it!



by always a fan (not verified) on

I'm waiting for spring too. Great poem. Vivid imagery. Warms my heart. Thank you.