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Azadeh jaan if you want to use words as links it is simple.  First I don't know if you're using iPad or a Window based PC.  iPad can be finicky and I don't know all the stuff that goes on with Apple and iPad.  For iPad you can use the internet to search and ask your questions and see what others have been able to do.

In i.com sometimes the comment section freezes and you see HTML codes before it unfreezes and goes to the "rich-text" mode.  You just have to be patient and wait until you're in rich-text modes where you can see the toolbar right below the comment section.  Same in blogs. 

Now you are either using i.com's blog and comment section to write your piece or using Word to write your piece and then copy and paste into i.com.  I recommend you using i.com or if you want to copy and paste, copy and paste from Word into "Notepad" and then copy and paste from Notepad into i.com.  Notepad is just text without formating. It can be found under Start then All Programs and then Accessories and it is under Accessories.

Now when you're in i.com and want to use the comment section or a blog, look for toolbar buttons under the comment section.  You see they have some buttons like in Word for Bolding, Italicizing, copy, paste, etc.  One of them is a "chain" and another one a broken chain.  The chain is the hyperlink tool and broken chain to break the hyperlink.

To turn a word into a link, first hightlight the word or words, second click on the chain button, a window will pop up, third copy the link you want to use by going to the address section on top of the Internet Explorer, highlighting the link and then fourth hit and hold Ctrl and C keys on the keyboard at the same time to copy the link, fifth go the popped up window and click in the box that says "Link URL"  and then sixth hit and hold Ctrl and V keys on the keyboard at the same time to paste the link, and finally click "Insert" to make it final.

If you're in Word, go to the drop down menu Insert and then the tool button "Hyperlink" which usually has a picture of a chain and the earth and the same thing happens a window will pop up and you copy and paste your link in the address section and then hit Ok. 

It's very easy you just have to look for the chain tool button, highlight the word and then click the chain button and insert your address and click OK.  You can also bold or italicize your fonts using the i.com's toolbar right below the comment section, though their underline font button don't work.  Good luck!

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