My Old School Fellow Chum (tr.)

Azadeh Azad
by Azadeh Azad

I offer this translation to those who support the Iranian people's struggle for freedom and democracy, but do not speak Persian.

My old school fellow chum 

by Mansour Tehrani


My old school fellow chum

You're with me and walk with me

Teacher's rod over our heads

You're my choked feeling and sigh

Engraved are my name and yours

On the bod of this blackboard

Scars of torment and force

On our bodies have remained.


Grassland of our boorishness

All its grass are only weeds

Be it virtuous or bad

It's people's hearts have perished

My hands and your hands have to

Rip and tear down these curtains

Who other than you and I

Could relieve our afflictions.


My old school fellow chum!


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