Love, Loss & Grief

Azadeh Azad
by Azadeh Azad



When we speak of

loving someone,

what we mean is

that in that person

the love acts

as a mirror

for that place

within us

which is



That being

becomes the


with ourselves.


When the mirror


the grief we feel

is the loss

of the contact

with that place

within us

which is



©2008, Azadeh Azad


The following is a short experimental video based on the above poem, which I directed for the anniversary of my beloved sister's death in May 22 of 1986 at the age of 22.

Being my first attempt, the video is obviously dilettantish. Judith McDowell, a well-known Canadian actor, plays the role of Creator Goddess in Heaven, and Yassmeena Charania, a volunteer student, plays the role of my late sister in Heaven. She was the only volunteer who looked Iranian; but she had difficulty remembering her lines!


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Orang Gholikhani

love is a poem

by Orang Gholikhani on

I liked your poem and remind me this one:


رهگذر شعر چیست


چند کلمه در باد


همه چیز است و هیچ


آینه احساس تو ست


هر چه میخواهی برگیر





Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Azadeh,

I found your poem very moving. But knowing that you've lost your sister and this poem is written in her memory, it makes it even more moving for me. It is my favorite lines:

That being

becomes the


with ourselves.

What you say is so true...I have two older sisters, and like you, I think there's an invisible thread between sisters made of love and compassion, which impacts their lives and shapes their beings, passing through their hearts. 

I know I have no clue about how you feel, but I hope that you have kept all those blissful souvenirs of your sister in an imaginary valise in the backyard of your sadness, so as soon as the sorrow leaks from the holes of your heart, you could open this magic box to grab one memory of joy and happiness. 

Sorry again for your loss,




love is eternal...

by friend (not verified) on

azadeh jan,
after loosing my father i discovered we never loose our family, there is always a part of them that is alive in us. all we need to do is just to find it or rather see it in ourselves and nurture it. i found comfort in that.
do i make any sense? probably not!



by Sadden (not verified) on

There is no enjoyment in Loss & Grief.

The broken mirror is the reflection of the shattered heart.
A shattered heart, even if is mended,
never will be free of burning reflection of the past.

Sadden by your loss...