Iranian people changed the Quds Day into the Iran Day


Iranian people changed the Quds Day into the Iran Day
by Azadeh Azad

The following are most of the slogans used by the Iranian people on September 18, 2009, the day they changed the Quds Day into the Iran Day. The varied nature of these slogans seems to speak of the varied layers of people who are part of the Iranian Civil Rights Movement.


- Confession, torture, has no more weight

Ahmadi has no choice but to resign!

- Poor dictator the movement goes on!

- Ahmadi misses enough votes he’s brought them on bus!

- Long live Mir-Hossein Long live Karrubi

- Not Gaza, Not Lebanon I sacrifice my life for Iran!

- Leadership, leadership, this is the last message

The Iranian Green Movement is ready for insurrection!

- Salute to Montazeri Greetings Sanei

- Real Basijis were Hemmat and Bakeri

- Give me back my Iranian flag!

- Shame on you Basiji Let go of freeloading!

- Shame on you dictator Let go of the kingship!

- The blood in our veins Is the gift to our nation!

- You killed the homeland’s youth Death to you, death to you!

- If Karrubi is arrested Iran will kick up a row!

- We are not from Kufah To leave Hossein alone!

- Dictator, this is our last message

Iranian green nation is ready for insurrection!

- People why don’t you do something Iran has become Palestine!

- Our votes are lost Iran has become Palestine!

- Zealous Iran Support, Support!

- You are dirt and dust You are enemy of this land!

- Political prisoner Should be freed!


Slogans in Tehran's 7-Tir Square gathering:

- Zealous Karrubi His life for the nation

- Enough of the liar Where is Akbar Hashemi!

- Ya Hossein Mir-Hossei

- Gun, Tank, rape Has no more weight!

- Gun, tank, Basiji Has no more weight!

- We are not from Kufah To take money to stand up!


Slogans by Tehran people:

- Forces of Order Support, Support!

- Death to dictator Is cry of our nation!

- Our shame, our shame Our "Sound & Image"(TV!)

- Real clerics Montaseri, Sanei

Woe! If Sanei Give a Fatwa for Jihad!

- We are men and women of fight Fight us, we’ll fight back!

- Karrubi the idol-breaker Break the big idol!

- Palestine, where are you Come and see Kahrizak (jail!)

- Chavez, China and Putin Three friends of tyrants!

- Shame on you, leadership Let go of the country!

- Whether Iran or Gaza Enough of killing people!

- Iran is full of crime Gaza, come for support!

- Poor dictator The game goes on!


مربوط به روز 27 شهریور 1388 روز قدس سابق که تبدیل به روز ایران شد

اعتراف، شکنجه، ديگر اثر ندارد، احمدی به جز استعفاء راه دگر ندارد!!!

ديکتاتور بيچاره، نهضت ادامه داره!!!

احمدی کم آورده-با اتوبوس آورده،

میرحسین زنده باد-کروبی پاینده باد،

نه غزه-نه لبنان-جانم فدای ایران ،

رهبری! رهبری! این آخرین پیامه. جنبش سبز ایران آمادۀ قیامه! ،

“سلام بر منتظری، درود بر صانعی” ،

“بسیجی واقعی همت بود و باکری”،

“پرچم ایران منو پس بده” ، بسیجی حیا کن، مفتخوری رو رها کن ،

خونی که در رگ ماست هدیه به ملت ماست ،

کشتی جوانان وطن،الله اکبر-

مرگ بر تو، مرگ بر تو،

یاحسین میرحسین ،

کروبی دستگیر بشه ایران قیامت میشه! ،

منتظری زنده باد، صانعی پاینده باد ،

ما اهل کوفه نیستیم، حسین تنها بماند ،

دیکتاتور این آخرین پیام است، ملت سبز ایران آماده قیام است ،

مردم چرا نشستید ایران شده فلسطین ،

ایران باغیرت ، حمایت ، حمایت ،

خس و خاشاک تویی- دشمن این خاک تویی ،

زندانی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد

توپ تانگ بسیجی دیگر اثر ندارد ،

دیکتاتور حیا کن سلطنت و رها کن ،

رأی ما گم شده، ایران فلسطین شده ،

شعار تجمع هفت تیر: کروبی با غیرت جانش فدای ملت ،

بسه دیگه دروغگو، اکبر هاشمی کو ،

یا حسین میر حسین،

توپ تانک تجاوز دیگر اثر ندارد،

مـا اهـل کـوفـه نـیـسـتـیـم پـول بـگـیـریـم بـایـسـتـیـم! ،

شعار مردم تهران : نیروی انتظامی ، حمایت ، حمایت ،

مرگ بر دیکتاتور- فریاد ملت ماست ،

“ننگ ما، ننگ ما، صدا و سیمای ما” ،

“ روحانی واقعی؛ منتظری، صانعی” ،

“ وای اگر صانعی حکم جهادم دهد ” ،

” ما زن و مرد جنگیم بجنگ تا بجنگیم” ،

” کروبی بت شکن بت بزرگ رو بشکن” ،

“ما اهل کوفه نیستیم ، پول بگیریم بایستیم” ،

“اعتراف ، شکنجه دیگر اثر ندارد” ، “

فلسطین کجایی؟ ، کهریزک و ببینی؟ ” ،

“موسوی زنده باد ، کروبی پاینده باد” ،

“چاوز و چین و پوتین، ۳ یاور ظالمین” ،

رهبری حیا کن مملکت و رها کن

چه ایران چه غزه کشتن مردم بسه

ایران شده جنایت غزه بیا حمایت

دیکتاتور بیچاره بازی ادامه داره


Azadeh Azad

Song of Azadi by a Tajik

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, dear Vildemose, for the great link.

Dear MG, people living in Iran are the true heralds of Azadi. And here is a song for Azadi of Iran by a Tajik sumpathiser. 


mostafa ghanbari

So far so close

by mostafa ghanbari on


I do hope our fight will be a wise fight, as we have no right to commit any more mistake. We have already a lot of old wounds all over  our worn out bodies and withered souls.. let's do it clean and wise. It is the high time to rise once for good. Let's use the victory as a remedy to heal our old,old and deep wounds. It is... it is so far, it is... it is so close.

Azadeh you seemed to me as the herald of Azadi. Are you?

Thanks a lot.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks for this great compilation of our people's voices & cries

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!



by Khar on

Paayandeh Iran and the Green Movement.


Thank you, Vildemose

by yolanda on

Thank you, Vildemose. for the very cool video! Thank you, Azadeh Azad, for the cool cartoon a couple of weeks ago. You are multi-talented!


People started to realize that IRI uses Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah to divert attention from the crimes they (IRI) committed on their own people.





Terrific job of

by vildemose on

Terrific job of translating. Thanks.

The Iranian anti-regime protesters ripped down a Hezbollah sign yesterday as the crowd cheered them on:

Azadeh Azad

Green movement at this stage

by Azadeh Azad on

You're welcome dear Princess, Yolanda & Anahid.

Dear Anahid:

 A civil rights movement is about fighting for rights that a nation's inhabitants wish to enjoy by law. It does not have to be carried out by only specific parts of people. Also, the green movement, at this stage, is  happening within the framework of the regime, without yet questioning the Islamic Republic as a system.  But given the brutal nature of this regime, the slogans will hopefully evolve into a demand for its overthrow.

We shall overcome,


Babak Khorramdin

پوتین. چاوز. نصراالله دشمن ملت ما

Babak Khorramdin

این نماز باطله پیش نماز قاتله

"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."


Jahanshah Rashidian

Despite the threat of

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Despite the threat of hardliners and advice of reformists, the slogans smell an upcoming revolution, a revolution which sweeps away the whole regime to the dustbin of history.  


Thank you for

by yolanda on

Thank you for translating the slogans! I read them all and the protesters are so brave and politically savvy!

My favorite one is

Not Gaza, Not Lebanon I sacrifice my life for Iran!

Thank you!!!!



Thanks you, Azadeh!

by Princess on

Is it just me or do other people get tears in their eyes when they go through these slogans?

Thanks for compiling and sharing these. 


Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Azadeh jan. This is Revolution not Civil Rights Movement

by Anahid Hojjati on

Azadeh jan, thanks for writing slogans used in both Farsi and English.  It is good to know all these so as you write in your blog:"

The varied nature of these slogans seems to speak of the varied layers of people who are part of the Iranian Civil Rights Movement."

The only thing I disagree with you is that I call what is happening in Iran a revolution not a civil rights movement.  Civil rights to me is when specific part or parts of people are looking for their rights such as blacks in US. In Iran, movement is not limited to part or parts of population. Any way,this blog is not place to argue if we should call it civil rights movement or revolution, I just wanted to thank you for your blog.