Iran Attacked by Israel Start WWIII!


by ayatoilet1

Here's a list of the first seven targets:

1. First and foremost directly invade Baku, Azerbaijan. Azeri’s have leased out air bases to Israel and are said to have established “deep” intelligence linkages with Israel. They are also Israel’s current oil supplier. And Azeri’s are now financing U.S. congressmen to garner U.S. support for invading Iran and grabbing Iranian Azerbaijan. Baku is also the source of the BP pipeline shipping oil from the Caspian Sea (from Iranian territory) to Turkey – and is now bankrolling all of Britain with over 3 million barrels of oil a day – replacing North Sea oil income for the Brits. Also, Azeris would be grateful, since they are living under a brutal dictatorship backed by the West, so there would be minimal domestic resistance. Baku is less than 100 Km from Iran’s northern border and Azerbaijan is buffered by Georgia from Russia and Turkey. It’s basically defenseless, an easy pick - but a valuable prize in any Israeli inspired war. Iran basically HAS to invade Azerbaijan, before Azerbaijan invades Iran.

2. Then have a naval landing invasion of Dubai, UAE. Dubai has been cleverly placed as a transition point for all sanctioned goods shipped to Iran. Dubai has prospered on the back of Iranian deprivation through global sanctions. It was basically financed on the back of Iran. Its time Iran took title for what it has financed. By taking Dubai, a major cog in the global financial markets would be absorbed by Iran, and since Israel is basically bank rolled by Jewish financiers from Wall Street and the City of London – this would be a major blow to Israel and its backers. Dubai is less than 50 Km from Iranian territory, and has a population of less than 2 million, with a good number of Iranians among them; and the domestic population could be freed after capture to set up a democratic system they have not had under the brutal oppression of British backed Sheikhdoms. It’s basically defenseless, but another valuable prize in any Israeli inspired war. Iran must invade Dubai in order to safe guard its future supplies. Dubai’s strategic location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf is key to controlling the region.

3. I am guessing that with all this noise in the background, locals in Bahrain will quickly rise to liberate their country with Iranian support. This is currently a major port for U.S. naval operations, with a majority Shia population. Taking over Bahrain would be a major coup, and thus diminish U.S. capacity to support Israel under any attack scenario. This could be done under the 2013 Shiite Spring program, where Iran plays a supporting role in enabling local Shiite populations to take over key levers of government. Bahrain’s ruling family and army are basically impotent, if Saudi Arabia does not interfere as it did last year. But Iran could easily distract Saudi Arabia, and thus enable Bahrain’s liberation (see #4). Bahrain is never-the-less vital because it will shift America’s ability to participate in the war quickly.

4. With Iraq’s Shiites behind Iran, Iranian forces could enter Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. This is Shia dominated region of Saudi Arabia but also the location of the Majority of its oil and gas resources and its major oil export ports. Grabbing this region would basically put Saudi Arabia out of business. This would include the cities of Dammam: Capital of Eastern Province, the main seaport and the fifth largest city of Saudi Arabia and the Largest oasis in the world; Khobar: Major center for commerce; Dhahran: Oil industry center, site of Saudi Aramco headquarters. Its home to a major base of Royal Saudi Air Force and the most prestigious Saudi university, KFUPM; Qatif: Large oasis on the coast of the Persian Gulf; Jubail: One of two major industrial cities in Saudi Arabia; Abqaiq: Home for major and largest oil and gas processing plants; Ras Tanura: Major petroleum refining center, home for the largest oil refinery in the world, and many offshore oil platforms. Also main oil exporting seaport’ Udhailiyah: Major oil producing and processing plants; Shayba in the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter), close to the border with the United Arab Emirates; Khafji: Main industrial city, very close to the border with Kuwait. Occupied by the Iraqi forces during the Persian Gulf War. Hafar Al-Batin: The largest city in the North-East of Saudi Arabia, it is 90 km near Kuwait and it has more than 35 villages. King Khalid Military City is 60 km South to it. All these cities have Shiite majorities who could join Iranian ‘liberators’. For Iran’s allies – China and Russia winning over this region will be ample reward for supporting Iran in the war. It will give them control over basically half of the world’s oil resources and change the whole strategic calculus of the 21st century.

5. Afghanistan. This has long been considered a part of Iran – by both Iranians and Afghans. The key here is NOT to take over Afghanistan, but to set up a direct corridor to China, so China can bring troops over to defend Iran. China is Iran’s military ally now – as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Treaty. An attack on Iran would be considered an attack on China under the treaty. Thus, China would mobilize and want to bring troops in as soon as possible. Likely Iran will hand off the occupation of Afghanistan to the Chinese (not to dilute its own resources).

6. Tajikistan. This too has long been considered a part of Iran – by both Iranians and Tajiks. Any linkage between Iran and China would not only have to traverse Afghanistan, but ideally also pass through Tajikistan to connect to Kahgar – a major city on China’s west. Again this would be a vital corridor to China. Likely Iran will hand off the occupation of Tajikistan to the Chinese (not to dilute its own resources).

7. Qatar ; Having won the right to host the 2022 world cup, a grab of Qatar would make Iran the new hosts. The Qatarese can spend all the money, and then Iran can just grab the country. After all we all know that all the money spent will be going to firms run by Brits and Israelis – everything from the Architects, to seats, to stadium displays, to communication equipment – all THAT is going to be spent on companies outside Qatar! Right!! But in the end, hosting the world cup after this war will be like Hitler’s Olympics a global TV spectacle affirming the rise of the SCO.

And the Bonus attack with nuclear warhead Missiles (purchased from Ukraine already in Iranian hands) will be: Haifa in Israel. Haifa is the nerve center of Israeli military-industrial complex; and several key military and naval bases too. In some ways, taking Haifa is more important than Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – because of its logistical importance. And Haifa is now the center of Israel’s booming oil and gas production industry. Grabbing Haifa would put Iran firmly in control of the largest oil and gas fields discovered in the 21st century (so far). In addition, Haifa is the center of the world’s Bahai faith – that for sure would be a major prize. Unlike other places it’s IS NOT defenseless, but considering the fact that Iran also has missiles and rockets – it would be an ideal target for focused aerial attacks that Israel could not defend against. It’s impossible to defend against aerial attacks (ask the Americans – they still haven’t figured it out, despite spending literally billions of dollars on what Reagan called the missile shield program, it has never worked). Haifa is NOT too far from Lebanon’s border and it’s a site that Iranian Allies Hezbollah would have to take over after an aerial bombing campaign. Absorbing Haifa would be a major blow to Israel.

And by this point, Iran would also have formally involved 7 allies in the war that it has already entered into clear alliances with:

1. Syria (Alawite Dominated)2. Hezbollah (Shiite Brethren)3. Hamas4. China (SCO member)5. Russia (SCO member)6. Pakistan

7. Iraq (Shiite Brethren)

So then, the question has to be what would the rest of the world do? Where would they begin their counter attack? With almost half of the world’s oil resources in Iran/China/Russia’s hands at this stage, how would the west grab it back? Could they? Will the West risk an all-out war against the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Treaty alliance? And if the West decides it’s not worth it, it will change the whole strategic calculus of the 21st century, and actually position China in a dominant role going forward.

(In case you did not know, Iran has a formal military alliance with Russia and China, and it is called the SCO; and note that in this day and age of sanctions it is China especially that is bank rolling Iran. If you don't think the Chinese will NOT get involved, think again).

Is this really what Netenhayu is dreaming of? An all-out World War III?? Is this what everyone wants?

My advice: a simpler Iranian led surgical attack on Iran's leadership, and the toppling of the regime, replaced by an open secular, transparent, pro-western democracy. Very simple, very easy. Iranians need to deal with Iran's issues, not Israelis. All out war will be bad for everyone!! I am sure.


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By the way, I write these

by vildemose on

By the way, I write these blogs for provocation...for the types of comments you provide. But also to make people think what the implications of some ideas and statements are. In some ways they are less blogs and more questions...driven at the audience... My goal is to provoke deeper thinking and analysis (both by me - but also more widely by readers).  

In that vein, you did a great job.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Soosan Khanoom

Interesting blog dear Ayat .. thanks!

by Soosan Khanoom on

Good to read all these seven reasons which may well be true !


Peace in the middle east is not a good business especially for the right wing Israelis.   They do anything they can to pre occupied world with the threat of war and the actual wars ..

They have the money.

They have the power

They have the weapons

They have the American kids to get killed on their behalf 

and , oh, they have  God on their side too... so they RULE!!!

The rest of us better get used to it but this, too, shall pass .. what goes up must come down !! I am just hoping that during my lifetime I witness their falls...  


AO - you are right ...

by ayatoilet1 on

The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes that China won't do a damn thing! They are about to pick a fight with Japan over some China Sea dispute though and that might be interesting to watch.

I love Faramrz's comment. Lets invade Hawaii!! Better move. That made me laugh.

By the way, I write these blogs for provocation...for the types of comments you provide. But also to make people think what the implications of some ideas and statements are. In some ways they are less blogs and more questions...driven at the audience... My goal is to provoke deeper thinking and analysis (both by me - but also more widely by readers).

And if you think about it, don't you think there would be 'wider' regional consequences of an Israeli attack? When the IRI talks so much about assymetric response - what might that imply? Its an important question. Its not just going to be about Iran and it? Might the Israeli's engage lebanon too (where Hezbollah is)?

Dr. Mohandes

We are attacking Playboy mansion

by Dr. Mohandes on

Are in faramarz?
Who is with me??:))

Let's add some drama to this most serious blog of all time..

Yeehheeeeee woooohooooooo I love soosan khanoom:))))))) 


Can we invade Hawaii instead?

by Faramarz on



Why rule over a bunch of backward "Koor-o-Kachal!"

Let's think big and out of the box. Sign me up if we are going to invade the Amalfi Coast or the Riviera.

Anonymous Observer

Reality Ayat, Reality...

by Anonymous Observer on

How is China going to confront the U.S. in the Persian Gulf?  The United States has 11 aircraft carriers, 18 Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines and 42 Los Angeles Class nuclear powered fast attack submarines.  And I'm not mentioning its allies and their armada.  The United States also has tens of thousands of nuclear warheads that can strike every inch of China.  China has one aircraft carrier that has no aircraft on it (seriously, it doesn't) and missiles that can barely reach the west coast of the United States.  Also, China gets into a conflict with the U.S., and its entire economy will collapse, as it will be ending trade realtions with its largest trade partner.

So, tell us exactly--step by step-how China will defeat the United States and take over the Persian Gulf.  

We're all ears. 

PS- I don't know why your blog is not featured.  Perhaps it's a repetitive subject?!  Don't know... 


Vlidemose & AO - I submit ...

by ayatoilet1 on

I submit to you, that controlling over 50% of the world's oil reserves - is temptation enough. It would change the whole strategic calculus of the West and redefine everything. i.e. put the chinese firmly in charge. Right now, China's ball (proverbially) are in U.S. hands because U.S. contols all this oil. China and Russia could use Iran very cleeverly to play out their own strategic objectives.

But of course you and AO know best...


 Dude, 1950's are over.

by vildemose on

 Dude, 1950's are over. This is the brave new FLAT world where all that matters are the Banjamins. China is going to jeopardize feeding 2 billion people with a growing middle class over Iran?!!! For what?!!! Are you insane? The same goes for the Rusian mafia. They'll just back whoever pays more.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


AO - I am trying to make a larger point ...

by ayatoilet1 on

My point quite simply is that an attack would have serious regional consequences, and would not stop at Iran alone. It could spill over easily. There is nothing paranoid or deranged about this point - the fact is the concept of an attack in itself is demented.

And I am using the number 7 because it is more meaningful for Iranians than the number 10; and I find breaking topics up this way has value. AO don't make more of it then it is  - its only a blog, and its done the right thing provoke thought, comments, opinions, excitement etc. That is the purpose of it. You need drama in everyting!!

Finally, I am wondering why the editors did NOT put this on the front page of the site....its over 1000 viewings so far, far beyond most front page blogs. It would be cool to relocate it.


War is terrible...

by hirre on

But considering the fact that if the IR gets nukes, then we will have a new North Korea and you have to add atleast 30-40 years before something perhaps changes again... During these years more iranians will die than a conventional war.

If you think about it logically, the only way the IR can guarantee themselves that a foregin power doesn't attack is if they have nukes. That's the only possible way to stop a foregin attack and still continue with the same regime, and the IR has to get it quickly, time is running out. You don't need over 2000 centrifuges etc for power generation in a country where the size of its population is  around Germany's population size. Except for this IR also continues to defy the inspectors and tries to hide its nuclear activity in military sites...

Think of it, would you take the chance on what the IR says, that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes? In every single aspect of life the IR has lied, why would you trust it now? Because you are afraid civilians will die during a war? Sure, a lot of civilians might die during a short period, but is it okay for even more people to die in a longer timespan with the IR in power? Is it okey for more people to die "silently" than this one chance, one chance to send the IR to hell?

Anonymous Observer

Listen dude

by Anonymous Observer on

This hysteria that you're creating is exactly what people like Netanyahu want.  The whole idea of WWIII if Iran is attacked is a ploy by people like Netanyahu to drag the U.S. into an attack on Iran with the argument that overwhelming force is needed to get the "job" done without giving the IR a chance to retaliate.  One has to be really dumb to fall for that grabage, and Obama has so far seen right through it.  

The fact of the matter is, and this is precisely what Obama understands that: 1) Israel does not have the military capability to attack Iran on its own, and 2) the IR is totally incabale of anything offensive in nature with its antiquated military hardware.  Knowing those two facts, Obama has figured that nothing will happen short of U.S. military involvement, and that is exactly how he's keeping things.  The man is smart.

As far the rest of the hyperbole in your comments, it's just a mishmash of obsolete revolutionary victim-to-hero rhetoric, fearmongering, Third World conspiracy theory, wishful thinking and pure fantasy.  

A couple of things for you to keep in mind: 1) do you really think that China will confront the U.S.---its largest economic partner--over Iran?  Seriously, do you believe that?  Dude, 1950's are over.  This is the brave new FLAT world where all that matters are the Banjamins.  China is going to jeopardize feeding 2 billion people with a growing middle class over Iran?!!!  For what?!!!  Are you insane?  The same goes for the Rusian mafia.  They'll just back whoever pays more.  

2) Are you claiming that the IR is going to waltz into Afghanistan, with a 120,000 U.S. troops and take it over?!!!  And Qatar, with the largest U.S. military base in it, or Bahrain, with the headquarters of the U.S. 5th Fleet, or the UAE with the French Naval base?  Are you insane dude?  How are they going the get there?  By air?!!!  The U.S. will just allow those trasnport flights over the Persian Gulf?!!  Or by ship, going through two U.S. aircraft carrier groups?  You've GOT to be kidding, right?!!! 

Anyway, I do have to say that I'm totally fascinitaed by your constant use of number 7 in your blogs.  Given that 7 a mythologically significant figure, I'm curious as to the thought process that gives rise to its use.  You should have yourself checked out by a paranormal investigator.  You may be possessed by an ancient Sumerian diety.    

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

If only they (whom ever) can Attack ghom,mashhad and shaab-dol azim....

More than half of the problem will be solved.



ayatoilett: You seem to be

by vildemose on

ayatoilett: You seem to be as equally eager as Netenyaboo to start a war. What is wrong with you?? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


AO - I have a few more points

by ayatoilet1 on

The way Netenyahu is dealing with all this is inherently destabilizing. In fact it will force the IRI to develop its assymetrical war plans more extensively, and as I suggest indirectly in the article ... increase their destablizing influence in its neighboring countries in preparation for war. This is fundamentally not good for anyone. For Iran to expand its networks in Saudi Arabia for example is fundamentally destablilizing and will result in no good...and the creation of extended Mafia networks that would otherwise NOT exist if IRI was not threatened.

And and will actually provoke the IRI to accellerate its Nuclear program and continue to buy black market nukes - not slow it down. If their enrichment process was originally designed for low level enrichment for power plants, they will add capacity to increase the program. You have to understand the Mullahs and their mentality, they will only respond more aggresively.  Again, this is not good.

Like they say, you can get more bees with honey then a fly squatter. Its the wrong approach. This will increase repression, and increase militarism. There are better ways to get the intended results.


AO - You forget what actually happened in the Iran-Iraq War

by ayatoilet1 on

1) Iran's army and air force was decimated of its officers and pilots (remember Nojeh, and just look arround the U.S. at how many military men left Iran)

2) Iran could have over run Iraq many times, but (big But) Iraq used chemical warfare everytime Iranians broke through

3) Iran was sanctioned, and could not get spare parts for many Western made arms

4) Iraq had immense global support. Financed by U.S., France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. Iran had no backers at all

5) Do not underestimate Iran today. 8 years of war, really seasoned Iranians wariors. They have developed a really high quality military-industrial system. In some ways, the war was actually the very worse strategic move for the west, because in the end it strengthened the Mullahs - not weakened them. Even western military analysts are impressed by the scale, scope and professionalism of Iran's military. Again don't under estimate them.

6) They have built and are building their own equipment including planes, missiles, tanks etc. The museum pieces have been torn apart, copied etc. They proved to be very useful.

7) One very important point (and I don't talk about it here in the blog, although its in previous blogs) is that a war today, would result in the balkanization of Iran. And if the nuclear program is used as the pre-text for war, then both issues (the balkanization and nuclear excuse) will result in Iranians as a whole (whether they like the regime or not) basically getting their backs up and feeling like they need to fight for the country and their pride. It will NOT be war against Iran's current military, but against the whole nation of Iran. Do not underestimate Iranian patriotism.

8) Do not underestimate Iranians or Iranian capabilities. Don't call anything Iranian - incompetent. In fact, as much as I dislike the Mullahs, I think Iranians must be proud of how Iran fought with meager resources and with world-wide sanctions against the rest of the world. In fact, Iran's military did extremely well (shah-kar kardan) against all the odds, when Saddam Hussein was told to and positioned to take over all if Iran's oil resources.  Sometimes it is NOT the organization with greatest resources that wins, a little creativity, focus and commitment can go a long way. When this period of history is analyzed in centuries to come, the Mullahs for all their short-comings will be remembered for saving Iran from a viscous attack from the rest of the world in 1980; and for out smarting Jimmy Carter and in the end defeating every one of their enemies (including Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, and Jimmy Carter) -- and doing it all with the resources of America's tax payers (i.e. trillions of dollars and over 4000 american lives) and their Republican leadership. They are extremely shrewd. In fact they have so far beaten everyone. Again, I don't profess to support them, but at least I am honest enough to cite the truth. 

It is precisely your attitude that makes people like Netenyahu so brazen and irresponsible. Don't underestimate the impact of a potential war. An invasion 10 years ago would have worked, in fact I was publicly supportive of it. But today, it would be a dumb mistake. Times have changed. Hopefully someone is listening today.   

(Be more respectful of me, your heritage, and Iranians in general). Eat some more toropcheh and face your rear towards Tel Aviv. This posture by Bibi is completely wrong. The focus has to be on quiet, careful, regime change - not overt war.

Anonymous Observer

The IR is so incomptenet

by Anonymous Observer on

that it allowed a little s**t army like Iraq invade its territory when it (the IR) had the 4th best equipped military on the planet --left over from Shah's time. Two of its aircraft tried to enter Saudi airspace once and both got shot down by the Saudi Airforce.  And now, when all it has left are a bunch of museum piece F-4's and F-5's, a bunch of T-72's and a collection of 1960's North Korean missles, it's going to invade seven countries?!! I said, try my advice below... 


 LOL.   All

by vildemose on



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir