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These guys picked the youngest of these new Kurdish guerilla groups, PJAK, the Free Life for Kurdistan party, and drove up to their outpost on the Iranian border to see how their female fighters are helping their people draft a definitive answer to the Kurdish Question that's vexed Middle-Eastern politics for the last century. And hopefully find an answer to the Kurdish Question. Which is, What the fuck is the Kurdish Question?

Yes what is the question? Are they getting ready to invade Iran? If so why?

This link is the first part of three part video.


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First Amendment


by First Amendment on

It's a national shame that the regime failed to exploit the absence of the cold war to address and try to solve the Kurdish question.........Reform is a must..........and it's undoubtedly coming...........


"What the fuck is the Kurdish Question?"

by Rea on

No more, no less than 4 countries, 26 mil people (low estimate).

Simple questions beg simple answers. Yet, am not fond of PKK, far from it.

Nader Vanaki

US again a mockery

by Nader Vanaki on

During this whole trip this guy does not shed his US comic book geek attitude.  That is more reason to conclude that this piece will never get any attention in the US, since there never is any serious effort in learning the world outside.


Kurds & Iran

by MaryamJoon on

Kurdish is an Iranian language.  Iran is an ancient country.  And Kurds have long been a part of Iran since ancient times.  The only place in the world where a "Kurdistan" officially existed (until Saddam was driven out) is Iran.

Iraq is a new country whose borders were drawn by the British after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  The Kurds ended up in Iraq because it was a part of old Iranian lands (even the names 'Iraq, Irak, & Aragh' are Iranian names as is "Baghdad").    

Turkey is a new country (90 years young); and before that was a part of the Ottoman Empire; and before that a part of Iran; Assyria; Armenia; Greece and Arab rulers.  Turkey has one of the most fragmented, bloody, and inconsistent histories of any country.  [It's history is actually different from Iran's in many ways: When Iran was taken over by different rulers they almost always adopted Persianate civilization and become great patrons of Iranian culture.]  

There honestly should be no real "Kurdistan question" for Iran. Iran is the only place that recognized a Kurdistan since ancient times; Iran is an ancient country; Kurds are an Iranian people; Kurdish is an Iranian language; and the separatists need to be reminded of that.  And Iranian-Kurds need to be reminded that the people from Iraq that try to recruit them are doing so at the behest of foreign governments.  

Kurds are lovely Iranian people - but the militants in Iraq are a different story.   

As for the Kurds in Turkey: Pretty recently in history they tried to make everyone a Turk in Turkey (many of the people in Turkey are not real ethnic Turks).  The Kurds were having none of it; and they have legitimate grievances against Turkey.