My grandfather, Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa


My grandfather, Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa
by ashafa

Today is a sad day. Today, my beloved grandfather, Baba Shafa, passed away. My tears are rolling, my body is aching and my heart is heavy. This is a sad day. What a loss for entire generations. A man larger than life, relentless, never stopping, never shying away from putting pen to paper. One man, one fountain pen. He influenced the life of so many, with his fountain pen. He searched and wrote, he got angry and wrote - everytime he felt it, he wrote it. His fountain pen was his most powerful weapon. His only regret was to not have had time to write his latest book, that he just finished writing in Persian, in French. He passed away at home, in his bed, as he wanted. He knew his time was up, and did not want to go in the hospital. He was released from the hospital last Wednesday, and in the early hours of Saturday, April 17th, passed away in his home, in Paris.

I spoke to him last week, while in the hospital. He barely had strength to speak, but he gathered enough strength to speak to me, and his voice was the voice I knew, not the weakened voice of the past few weeks. He knew his time was up. I promised him I would write that book that he had told me to write a long time ago. I promised him I would personally get Tavalody Digar translated. Today, I write from the heart. I will miss my grandfather so much.

Many will be writing of his accomplishments, of his contributions to culture, to the truth, to humanity. Many will list all of his titles, his doctorates, his numerous books, his positions, his medals given by heads of state. Many will attest to the difference he made in each person's life. I am grateful to all of them. 

But above all, I miss you, Baba Shafa. 

Love you,
Atossa, your granddaughter

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A great Iranian

by ziaian on

I present my  condoleances to you, Atusa, and to other members of Ostàd Shodja Eddin Shafa's family. I have had the honor of many letters he corresponded to me, from the time he was in charge of Ketàbxaneye Pahlavi until our years in exile. His services to Iran's cultural life makes him amongst the greatest Iranians of all time.

Dr Shodja Eddin Ziaian


Bonjour Tristesse

by ashafa on

1 hamvatan


1 hamvatan

سعدیا مرد نکونام نمیرد هرگز
‫مرده ان است که نامش به نکوئی نبرند

‫افشای ۱۴۰۰ سال انحراف، تبعیض، دروغ، تقیه، دکانداری به نام دین و
مذهب، زنبارگی رهبران مذهبی، قتل و کشتار، تجاوز و دزدی و رباخواری.
‫ این استاد بزرگوار بالاترین خدمت را برای ایرانیان و تاریخ بر جای گذاشت.
شجاع الدین شفا با اثاری که از خود بر جا گذاشت، هرگز نخواهد مرد.
‫روحش شاد





پاینده باد ایران


A great scholar

by jamshid on

My condolences to you and to your family. Ostaad Shafa was one of the greatest scholars of our time and he and his pen will be missed greatly. But his name and his work shall remain with us as a guiding light in these dark days of our country.


The Path

by Ferfereh on

Ostad Shafa showed us the path to the truth, and everyone of us is thankful for it.

Ostad Shafa, you will be missed.






بينشمندی ميهن دوست

ارامش روان برای اين همراه کيان و دل اسايی برای نزديکان و دوستانش ارزو دارم.
که او چو شايسته و پاليده  از ازمون پيشياری ميهن و راه کيان پيروز برامد و نامش جاودانه شد.

روانش شاد و خدايش رهنما

Sahameddin Ghiassi

To Mr. Shafa's son

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

I was student in the Firuz Baharam High school and a son of Mr. Shafa was there as student, too. In the time Mr. Hakim Elahi was the principal of the school. Any way my best sympathy to the son of Mr. Shafa, I do not know his first name. I remember only his last name and I remember also his joks.

Maryam Hojjat

Condolences to you Atossa

by Maryam Hojjat on

Your Grandfather is alive always with what he contributed to world & particularly to IRANIANS.  May he rests in peace.

Payandeh IRAN & TRUE Iranians 


My condolences

by benross on

My condolences

Mardom Mazloom

My deepest condolences,

by Mardom Mazloom on

I read many books of zendeh-yad Shojaeddin Shafa, and it is a clear evidence that his name will stay in our history as a visionary.

I have the privilege to own two of his libraries in house that I bought at his office in Iena. There shelf are full of his books and other great authors.



A light in the dark

by divaneh on

Dear Atossa, please accept my condolences. The great man spent a life time educating others and will live through his works and in our minds.

Ali P.

One of the greatest Iranian scholars, ever!

by Ali P. on

My condolences.


Ali P.


My condolences dear Atossa

by IRANdokht on

Your grand father was a great scholar with many credentials and achievements. He has contributed so much to our literature and he's a source of national pride.

We mourn his loss with you. Roohash shad



If he left a good name

by Cost-of-Progress on

That's all that matters. People die, names remain... for a while...then thay die away too.

Be happy...




Peter Pan

A grandpa to all

by Peter Pan on

His meager remains will be buried deep, as his vision, and thoughts will stay high for generations to come.