GOOGLE BOMB STORY ("arabian gulf")

by asghar62

"In November 2004, National Geographic published a new edition of their World Atlas.

In it, they had used the bogus name of Arabian Gulf in addition to the correct name Persian Gulf, to mark the body of water in southern Iran.

Furthermore, they had used Arabic names on a few Iranian islands. ..."

Read more here:


And then do the following:

1) Search for 'arabian gulf' in
2) Click on the first entry in the result list
3) Now read the text carefully and enjoy!!!! :-D


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to alitabesh

by Anonymouskurd (not verified) on

to alitabesh, kordestani and salar are kurds but very patriotic and loyal to IRAN. Iran is the land of kurds!!!


persian gulf

by Anonymous on

persian gulf is best


To babak52

by Aria (not verified) on

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Persian Gulf

by alitabesh on

I suggest those of you who took a pride and being friends to Omid Kordestani, Salar Kamangar (two well known Iranians at Google) and their family need to ask these two men to use their influence and remove the Arabian Gulf. Although, both are from Kurdish families which never wanted to be part of Iran.

You may also sign the petition at the site below:



Irandokht: the nice post is written by a Mullah supporter

by babak52 (not verified) on

open your eyes.

The NIAC/CASMII members have gotten the order from Ahmadinejad to push Iranian heritage. That's why you see asghar with his famous picture talking about Persian Gulf.

He is an islamist. Dont fall for it.


Way To GO!!!

by IRANdokht on

What a way to ruin someone's nice and uplifting post

if you see someone is using foul language, what tempts you to top that? you're proving that you can do worse?

vaghan keh



To Babak 52

by vatan parast (not verified) on

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Persian Gulf

by AnonymousMe (not verified) on

Thanks. This was created, as you mentioned when NGS abused the correct name of Persian Gulf.

Babak, you are an idiot.


big deal

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Your friendly and thoughtful IRI folks have been shaving the top soil of your mother land, Iran, and selling it to other countries.
Maybe we need to read this again, "they have been selling your soil, my land, where our fathers and their fathers have been buried, who fought and died for that land, to non-Iranians.
Besides that, any natural resources from wood to uranium and precious metals, and everything else that can be extracted from that soil has been and is being sold to outsiders.
Now you want to bitch and moan about a name change of body of a water?

Oh yeah, I want the name to remain but sell my fucking country inch by inch like many kings and rulers before you.


To Vatan Na Parast

by Babak52 (not verified) on

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Persian Gulf Forever

by vatan parast (not verified) on

It is very weird and odd that Arabs do not care about the 5 millions jews that rape their mothers and sisters in Palestine every single day. And, they care more about the changing the name of PERSIAN GULF with no success. It is time that they invest their money and influences to give an end to the raping act exposed to the people in Palastine. Iranians are the descendent of one of the worlds' greatest civilization, the Persian empire for over 2500 years since the time of cyrus the great. Persian Gulf is a historical name that can not be change. It always has been Persian Gulf, and will always remain, Persian.


PLease sign the petion

by Babak15 (not verified) on


Arabian what?

by Daryush on

Arabian What? A simple message to all Arab friends: Don't mess with a super power.


Be United all Iranian

by M.Hojjat (not verified) on

That what we oppositions need to do. Be united to overcome any obstacle even topple IRI.


more search results...

by IRANdokht on

This is great! in one of the search results you read:

Did you mean: Persian Gulf

Your search - arabian gulf - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "arabian gulf".


- Make sure you're not using National Geographic as your
- Try consulting a historian to find out more about "Persian"
- Stand up, take a deep breath, and think about the original name of
the Gulf.

Google Answers

for expert help with your search.



Iranians are so smart and computer-savvy B-)




by IRANdokht on

here's the result of the search


The Gulf You Are Looking For Does Not Exist. Try Persian Gulf.

The gulf you are looking for is unavailable. No body of water by that name has ever existed. The correct name is Persian Gulf, which always has been, and will always remain, Persian.

now that's what they should have done from the beginning! :-)

Thank you