Thank you

by asefati

Thank you

I am going to take this blogging opportunity to thank to Jamsheed jaan, and other owners and managers for bringing on this site.
I have been checking out this site since the 90s and to be honest with you I am hooked on it. I am a moderately a conservative but fair and logical and there are times when I see a some articles and posts here on that I don’t agree with but still I feel I belong to no other Iranian online community than this one.

So if you like this site as much as I do and feel the same way I do, lets reply to this post by saying “thank you”

Ba Sepas,
Zendeh Baad Iran va Irani


Ali Sefati


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Re : A. Parsa , FYI

by Souri on

" Could someone please tell me why jj is leaving and what happens to from now on? We deserve to know these things and I have not seem them anywhere. Perhaps I have not looked hard enough."

Hope this will answer your curiosity :


and Yes , me too I like and thank JJ and Foaad and others for bringing this site for us.


I am also

by Tahirih on

loving this site.





by A.Parsa (not verified) on

I, too, like, but I am wondering why JJ who has done so much good work in it is now leaving.
Of course I have seen things in that I did not like, but I have seen more that I liked and I commend jj and whoever was helping him.
Could someone please tell me why jj is leaving and what happens to from now on? We deserve to know these things and I have not seem them anywhere. Perhaps I have not looked hard enough. Thanks again jj.


Well said Asefati, This is

by desi on

Well said Asefati,

This is my new vice.  It's much healthier and thought provoking.  

Desi/aka skatermom 


thank you everyone. BTW I meant Jahanshah

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Thank you everyone.

Yes I meant Jahanshah not Jamsheed

thank you for correcting me



Thank you IC!

by azarin at library (not verified) on

Thank you Jahanshah for this great virtual place! Thank you IC! Thank you Mr. Sefati for this reminder...Azarin


چه تشکری ؟


چه تشکری ؟ وظیفه ش بوده ! حالا به خاطر کاری که کرده شنبه اول نوامبر یه آبجو و یه استکان عرق کیشمیش مهمون منه، شاید یه سیخ کبابم اضافه کردم.

از شوخی‌ گذشته جهانشاه جان دستت درد نکنه، همینطور کلیه بر و بچه های دست اندر کار ایرانیان دات کام


Manoucher Avaznia

So do I.

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I said this before, and again repeat.

And from saying, I won't retreat.

In few decades, out of motherland

No other flame's, given me more heat.

None of other sites, has given me voice

Nor any one else, has been a treat. 


Cheers JJ and coleagues


ebi amirhosseini

Dear Sefati

by ebi amirhosseini on

Can't agree more!



constructive suggestions are welcome

by admin on

as to what we could do better. We may not have the resources to implement everything but it's good to know. And thank you all for reading.


a big "Thank You" from me too!

by IRANdokht on

It's hard to remember what I did all day, every day before my habit started...

This is the best website I know!  I love it and appreciate all the time, effort and resources that the nice people here are allocating for this virtual home away from home for all of us ghorbatis  ;-)

Sepaas :0)


American Wife

Absolutely agree...

by American Wife on

And if you're in the Southern California area, check out Majid's blog.   Several members of IC have organized a get-together to thank JJ for his tremendous efforts on and to send him on his way to Mexico with much love and appreciation.

We hope to see you there as well!


I second your motion Mr. Sefati!

by Khar on


BTW, Did you mean Jahanshah or Jamsheed?