Don't Forget to Watch Spain Vs. Germany Tomorrow

by asefati

The title for Euro 2008 is to be decided tomorrow when two European soccer powerhouses are going at it. My favorite team Spain is going to face my old favorite team Germany.

I liked Germany back in 80s when they had Klinsman, Luthar Mattews, and Rudy Fuller playing for them. I still remember when they beat Maradona’s Argentinia and won the world cup in 1990.

The reason I liked them was that they were a very powerful tactical team. But in 90s rest of the world was able to catch up and as the result they have never been the same again.

In this Euro 2008 tournament, Germany played well although I am not as impressed by them as I am impressed by the Spaniards. Spain has not lost a single game for the past 20 games. Yes that is last 20 games including their qualifying games and their friendly matches.

They have an excellent team, solid defense, world’s best goalkeeper, Iker Casssias. He has only allowed two goals I the entire tournament. But the German’s defense is shaky. Turkey scored two goals last game and Turks were not even playing with all their players as 6 of their players were either injured or suspended.

I have put my money on Spain as I think they have a more consistent and technical team, better defense, good midfield, and a lethal offense. What do you all think?


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Niki Tehranchi

Truly embarassing

by Niki Tehranchi on

The pre-game "artistic show" was embarassingly pretentious, boring and just plain dumb. Although I am sure they got oogads of Euros to do it, they managed to make the whole production looked so cheap, like a bad 80s video (is there any other kind?) or an old Mike Myers SNL skit with his character Sprockets.  And it didn't seem to end either. To be followed by the dismal Enrique Iglesias, backed up by his "dead look in the eyes" go-go dancers was going from bad to worse.


I was very relieved when the game finally started and it was very enjoyable to watch. 


The opening ceremony for the

by TheMrs on

The opening ceremony for the final game truely sucked!


Italy deserved to be there if it wasn,t for

by samsam1111 on

master of disaster roberto Donadoni the head coach...It was a waste of a great team...I,m partial to Italy ..Remember world cup 1974..I was a kid..Rivera & Riviera..cried when they lost to Brazil..

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on


Solh va Doosti



finally a real post

by soccer fan (not verified) on

really sick and tired of the racists posts on this site good to see nice sports posts finally.

Yah I think its gonna go to Spain but never underestimate the Germans.