Win Win Situation for all Iranians and I.R. regime!

by Arthimis

Despite its possible unrealistic
details, two Ideal solutions come to mind which could benefit and save
all sides involved here!!!

1-All these Major (hypocrite) World Powers/Governments (Western and
other Major Industrialists) who for their own national interests have
been doing a PERFECT BUSINESS (in Trillions of dollars of benefit) with "The Satanic Republic" for the past 30 years must stop doing business  (at least for just few days) as
a a major sign and final warning that the free world truly does not
accept such criminal actions toward innocent citizens of Iran, a nation
with over 2500 years of grand civilization!

If these countries want to have Peace for their own citizens and do
business with Iranians in the future, they must come to our immidiate
help NOW!


2- Major World Powers  must issue a "Major and Final Warning/NOTICE"
to all those higher officials operating inside the Islamic Regime now!
(High Clerics, Revolutionary Guards, Police, Basijis, Security and
Armed Forces Officers and any High Officials with any power...) That by
switching sides NOW toward protection of Iranian People, Correct
Practices of Human Rights, International Laws and Democracy in Iran,
they will be guaranteed an Amnesty and Fair Trial which in worst case
would lead to prision time only, instead of their immidiate executions by
Democratic Iranian Government's firing squads!

Otherwise no power in the world could guarantee the safety of them
and their families in the upcoming days and months when they are all
arrested by Iranian Freedom Fighters inside Iran and Democratic
International communities outside Iran!

Note: In my humble opinion, The second solution can be extremely effective!


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by Arthimis on

Hey, let's give the Satanic Republic a promise like their own kind of promise as far as the guarantee goes...  (wink,wink) + LOL... 

Believe me, if I were "the Captain Of the ship", Iran, Iranians, you and me would not be in such miserable shape on ... ;-)

As for your USA government and Mr. Obama, They must make a very loud and direct threat against the Satanic (islamic) Republic immidiately! Maybe you don't know them and still haven't got them, but we True Iranians do... Mullahs and fanatic Islamic forces only wake up and back up when their useless lives are threatened directly!! They can not be spoken to like normal and civilized human beings... Trust me...

Meanwhile, please enjoy your smoothie in your safe envoirnment and in front of your computer... Ciao ;-)


Nice try

by HollyUSA on

"they will be guaranteed an Amnesty and Fair Trial which in worst case
would lead to prision time only"

lol nice try. But it won't happen. Good thing you're not the Captain of the ship so to speak ;)