by Arthimis

My Blog with the title of " Ex-CIA Spy to Congress : Help Iranians Topple Regime" was published earlier and I had a comment from Yolanda as well , but later was entirely deleted by iranian.com without any good reason!!!!!

I would like to know why?? Who did I disrespect?? The Islamic Republic??? There was not a single word of profanity or disrespect to anyone (including I.R.) in my "DELETED BLOG"!!! You know it and I know it!!!

That's not cool people!!! Whoever you are running the show here !!! Especially if you claim you are an Iranian who loves and cares about Iran and Iranians!!!

Happy New Year to you too !!!

Free Iran and Iranians!


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Admin - Thanks for the explanation, however....

by MM on

it would be good to have a consistent policy and stick with it. 

I once put together a series of three back to back videos as a blog w/a short comment, and it was deleted for belonging in the news section.  Meanwhile we see strings of up to 10 videos and numerous links in one blog, and that is ok for a different contributor?  I am sure that others can dig more examples.  Meanwhile, I have seen others get away with what Artimis did with a warning in the blog not to do it again.

Make your rules and stick with them.


Dear Admin.,Thanks for your

by Arthimis on

Dear Admin.,Thanks for your explanation! However, there is an argument if that really was an official NEWS by a real News Organization as I recieved it by an e-mail which by the way, I did leave the name at the end of that blog! Plus, with your magical power you could have simply transfered it to your news section!!

Anyway, I would like to believe you won't delete it again if I post it in your "News" section!

Free Iran and Iranians! 


It's very important to have an answer

by divaneh on

and we got it already.


News belongs in news section

by admin on

I left you a comment on that blog. News and articles from other sites should be posted only in the news section or they will be removed.

Thanks for understanding


Do NOT delete this! Thank

by Arthimis on

Do NOT delete this! Thank you.