What does it mean to be an Iranian today?

What does it mean to be an Iranian today?
by Arthimis

Iranian or Persian = Of or pertaining to Iran (Persia) , its inhabitants, or their language.

Doorood bar hamegi Iranian Raasteen,

I am writing this blog to raise a very important and fundamental question about our own Identity as an individual and a nation as ONE !

What does it truly mean to be Iranian (Persian) and how have other nations
influenced and forced Iranian culture to deviate from authenticism.

Despite of our once upon a time glorious past, as a nation in 21st century, we must strive to preserve the values, standards, cuisines,
history, cultures, and industries Iran has originated.

To find our National Identity is the first question we all must ask ourselves if we want to truly free ourselves and not continue being a
nation who has been drowned and surrendered to external influences and forces.

Let's have a civilized and respectful debate on this important subject ...

Aazaad va Peerooz Baad Iran va Irani


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Tough question

by Cost-of-Progress on

Today, being Irannian means:

- being scattered all over the world because we cannot stand the occupying regime in our motherland, so we expend our professional energy helping other countries get ahead while the leaches in our country suck on the blood of our people.

- having to elaborate to others (non-Iranians) that this regime and the monkey doubling as president do NOT represent Iran or Iranians. To say that it is not typical for us to brutalize our own people in the streets or rape them in prisons because they do not agree with regime's sick agenda.

-  to see an ever expanding brain drain of our nation - those with means and those without it have left, and continue to leave their homeland to places where some of us would not have dreamed of going before.

- that Eye-ranians are not ay-rabs  (even I wonder sometimes...........)





Sargord Pirouz

Your map

by Sargord Pirouz on

I see the included image in this post is a map of Irān-e Bozorg.

Duties of citizenship? I would say the very first test to apply would be whether or not the person took the time to vote in the June election. Those who voted pass, those who did not do not pass.


Thank you all...

by Arthimis on

So far, I'm loving all your comments/opinions... :-)

It is truly interesting to know how we think of ourselves (personally) and other Iranians today...

This question deserves a national attention in my humble opinion...

Peace and Love


I'll take a stab at it!

by Omid B on

What does it mean to be Iranian? I think it means enjoying dogh, wearing cheap plastic sandals to the dashoui, crying on command for Imam Hossein, talking about politics while waiting in line for barbari, having eyes frozen in space while eating handfuls of tokhmeh, and thinking Ingilis is the root of all our problems.





What does it mean to be an Iranian today?

by SamSamIIII on



 Arthmisia dear friend;

Identity?. It depends, wether the subject is about "Iran>Iranian" as it,s contemporary form post-conquest or "Iran" as it,s legacy & true concept . Now if the former is the topic then I,m forced to give it to you al a carte as folows;

"Iranian", a loaded term mis-used & abused by us(me too) a nation who practices absolute pretence to a glorious legacy in the past in which she has no committed connection with and exercises absolute pacifism & ignorance toward the heritage/language/values/icons & true concept behind that very same term "Iran" that she so ostentatiously and conveniently claimes her lineage to .

So , what does it mean to be Iranian? ..well In short, other than it sounds cool like the other term "Perssssian",not much, it,s a borrowed term thru force of habit,   because most Iran-haters that I know call themselves Iranians too like our own Ommatie leader seyed ali & our banni abbass and banni ommayeh crowd back home  . 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


So basically what your telling me is...

by Shah.Heir on

instead of undergoing painstaking backbreaking research and delivering us a well written briefing on what you have discovered you want me to tell you ? borroo baba, borroooo...

aint you know ???


okay for starters, being Iranian means being able to weasel your way out of work and having some poor bloke do it for you. ;0)